Vlog Ideas and Tips for Beginners

Vlog Ideas for Beginners

Video blogging or vlogging is a form of blogging that involves the use of video clips. It can be purely video-based or a mix of videos and written commentaries. Those who create vlogs are called vloggers.

Some vloggers post videos as a form of past time or a hobby, but there are also vloggers who do it as to generate revenue. The primary source of income for these vloggers is the advertisements embedded on their videos.

Although it is possible to create a website where one can post their vlogs, the simple way to do it is by using YouTube. Vlogs are easier to find when they are uploaded on YouTube. It is also economical because YouTube provides free video hosting, which means that vloggers don’t have to pay web hosting fees no matter how many videos they post.

If you want to create your vlog channel, there are some essentials that you need to consider. This article will explain to you how to create your vlog and give you ideas on what kind of vlogs you can create depending on your interest and area of expertise.

What Should New YouTubers Prepare?

What should new YouTubers prepare

Choose your vlog camera & video editing software

If you want to create your vlog and earn money from it at the same time, you need to spend extra money on the proper equipment to do it. The first thing that you need is a great camera to capture your videos. The most commonly used cameras are SLR cameras. They catch beautiful videos, and they are very reliable.

There are also digital SLR cameras or DLSR that are more convenient since they store videos in digital format. Some vloggers use action cameras like GoPro cameras. What is right about these cameras is they are tiny, and they usually come with a stick attachment that you can use to capture videos that are otherwise impossible to do with SLR cameras. Most of these action cameras are waterproof as well.

This equipment is a great plus if you’re shooting outside since you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting water-damaged. This is the preferred camera of travel vloggers since these cameras can also be attached to drones for those fantastic overhead shots especially if you’re out capturing amazing landscapes. You need an extra budget for these rather expensive cameras. But you can start by using the camera of your mobile phone.

Some vloggers intentionally use their mobile phones as their vlogging camera since it gives a more intimate feel to their vlogs. The second thing that you will need is a video editing software. You can’t just upload your video without editing it since it may be too long.

There is a lot of video editing software available like the Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie. All that software have their advantages and disadvantages so it is better to read up on them so you can select the one that you can use quickly and will match your needs.

Create your channel

You need to create your channel in YouTube where you can post your videos. You will need to supply YouTube with all of your information. Think about what you want to achieve

Do you want to create a channel to share your daily life with subscribers? Or, do you want to have a channel that is informative and that you can use as a means of gaining some extra money? This thing will play a crucial role in your vlogging journey.

If you want to get money from your vlog, you will need to invest your time and effort to make your videos professional-looking and interesting enough to attract subscribers and rake up those views on YouTube.

Ask yourself what your passion is

This may sound like a cliche but doing something that you love will make vlogging more enjoyable. With YouTube channels, it is better to have a particular theme from which all your videos will revolve around. If you love cooking, then you can make a cooking vlog. Or if you like sports then create a vlog that is all about sports and sporting events.

If you make a vlog that is about something that you are passionate about, you won’t get bored or tired of creating new content. It will also show in your videos if you love what you are doing or if you’re doing something to earn money. Vloggers who are passionate about what they do are more interesting to watch and are more likely to succeed.

8 Vlog Ideas For Beginners

Ideas For People Who Start a Vlog

1. How to Videos

This idea is one of the most commonly searched videos on YouTube. These days, YouTube has become a significant source of information for people who want to know how to do things that are new to them. This way is an excellent idea because you’ll never run out of views for a new vlog topic. You can do video posts every day and still have new things to post about after a few years.

What is important with How-to-do videos is to make sure that your vlog is informative yet fun to watch. It shouldn’t be just a video of you monotonously telling subscribers how to do something step by step. You ran the danger of boring your audience and unintentionally pushing them to other vloggers who are also informative but exciting to watch.

Your video shouldn’t sound like a run of the mill tutorial video. If you want to grow your audience, you need to learn how to speak as if you are telling a story.

Another challenge to this type of vlogging is how to come up with favorite topics that will pique the interest of your subscribers. With so many choices of what to teach people, it might be a good idea to narrow down your topics by focusing on a particular theme. Example, you can concentrate your videos on everyday household tasks. You can create vlogs like “How to properly clean cast iron cookware” or “How to remove mildew in your bathroom tiles.”

A Make-up Tutorial is also a good video idea. This tutorial is also a good way of establishing a particular subscriber base. So, in the example above, you’re targeting homemakers or people who are not familiar with household chores.

You need to be familiar with how to properly do these tasks. It will also be great if you can add something new to these videos, something that other YouTubers who vlog about these things have not yet done. This way can add more value to your YouTube video and encourage more subscriber to subscribe to your channel.

2. Gaming Vlogs

If you ever heard about PewDiePie the most famous Youtuber in gaming niche then you probably a person who may also interest in gaming vlogs.

Gaming vlogs is a vlog that targets a particular audience, gamers. Gamers can be PC-users, they can be PlayStation users or even mobile phone gamers. The first one is doing a vlog about giving tips on video games that you love to play.

Gamers watch these kinds of vlogs so they can enrich their knowledge of a particular game so they can play better. You need to be an avid gamer so you can share valuable information that your viewers are not aware.

You can also share your experience in playing a particular game. Most YouTubers who do this play games that they’ve never played before. They tell the viewers what they think of the controls of the game, what they think of the quality of the graphics and the general gameplay.

If you are not an expert gamer, you can still put up a vlog about games. You’ll be presenting to audiences how a non-gamer feels and reacts to the game you are reviewing.

There are also expert gamers who became favorite YouTube hosts. They post videos of themselves playing games such as PUBG or Fortnite. They still rack up lots of views because their viewers want to learn how to play like them. The vlog videos give them the opportunity to watch expert gamers and learn tips and tricks that they can use to improve their gaming skills.

3. Q&A Videos

These videos are exactly how the title sounds, a Question and Answer (Q&A) vlog. You take in questions from your subscribers and answer them. Ideally, this is done via Livestream which means that you take questions while you are broadcasting in your channel. You need to be very knowledgeable for you to succeed with this kind of YouTube vlog. It will also be helpful If you have excellent speaking skills since you cannot edit live stream videos.

If you choose to do this kind of vlog idea, you can dictate what kind of questions you will be answering. Set a theme for each vlog episode so you can narrow down the questions subscribers can ask you. Like, make one episode all about Tips on How to Save Money or one episode can be “All About Game of Thrones.”

If you are not confident enough about speaking live on your channel, you can ask your subscribers to give their questions in the comments section, and you can post the answers to their questions on your next vlog episode.

4. Pranks

Pranks videos are appealing to the younger audience. These are videos that teens and more youthful love to watch. This video is a vlog that you should do with a partner or a group since it needs planning for your pranks to succeed. Some YouTubers who make prank videos enlist accomplishes who act as if they have no idea that they are being pranked.

This is a way to safely create the prank video without running the risk of offending or hurting unwilling participants. I’ve seen a lot of prank videos, and while the majority of them are funny videos, some of them go overboard, and their pranks end up hurting other people. If you decide on hosting prank videos, it is crucial that your videos are funny yet harmless.

Remember that YouTube subscribers can report your channel to YouTube if they think that your video is offensive or if it violates YouTube standards. Such videos are flagged by YouTube so that they can be removed and the channel owner penalized.

5. Taking Idea from Viral News

Viral news is a way of creating vlogs about things that are already popular. It’s a safe way to ensure that your vlogs will attract attention.

However, viral videos will mean that a ton of other YouTubers will also be doing the same thing as what you are doing so you need to make your video stand out from the rest. An example is doing a video of yourself dancing to a viral song.

6. Challenges

This kind of vlog that is similar to the viral news. The idea is to replicate an action done by the one who “challenged” you. One great challenge a few years back is the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” That was the one where people were seen pouring buckets of ice water on them. It will be ideal to research and find out where the challenge originated and what is it.

The Ice Bucket Challenge became a worldwide challenge when everyone was doing it, but nobody knew that it was not just a simple challenge. People had no idea that the Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign to promote awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) — also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease — and encourage donations for research. Everyone thought that it was just a video of people having fun by dousing themselves with ice-cold water.

7. Unboxing Products

Unboxing Products is probably the most expensive to produce among this list of vlog ideas. Unboxing is a video where you get a new product and open it for the first time. These are also called product reviews. You tell your viewers what the product is, describe to them what it looks and feels like and tell them everything you can see and think about the said product. This is mostly done with tech devices like new mobile phones or laptops.

You should be able to create a video that can tell your viewers what to expect if they purchase the product you are unboxing. This idea can be expensive at the start, but successful YouTubers who have already established their credentials or made a name for themselves usually receive free items that they can use for their vlog.

Some companies lend successful vloggers their new products so that they can use the said products on their vlogs. It is a type of video marketing that will help boost awareness about their products.

8. Food reviews

Food reviews is a vlog idea that doesn’t require you to be as technical or knowledgeable as to when you’re doing an “Unboxing” blog. You merely get food that you haven’t tasted before and created a video of you eating it for the first time. What is essential in this kind of video is to give your viewers your genuine reaction and opinion of the food you are reviewing.

To make it more interesting, do some research on the food you will be testing so you can tell your viewers about the origin of the food or some interesting trivia about the food you are tasting.

You can do this in your own house, or you can go to a restaurant or fast food place where they serve the food you will be tasting. Mark Wiens is one of the sample of Food Vloggers who success on his career.

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