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Apple Wallet Alternative

Let’s face it, mobile phones have revolutionized the world in regards to the manner in which several businesses and other related operations are carried out.

Gone are the days when mobile handsets were a preserve for making calls, receiving and replying to short text messages. As a matter of fact, these gadgets have turned the world into a small digital village.

Nevertheless, the continuous innovation of various document management mobile phones apps is becoming the order of the day. This is rather becoming advantageous to most regular travelers.

Advancement of Document Management Apps – Passbook the Pioneer

There was a utility iOS app known as Passbook which launched by Apple in September 2012, which allowed you to book your flights, your hotels check-ins, cabs, shopping and other essential aspects of traveling.

It allowed the user to add all the important information simply by scanning its QR code. In addition, Passbook also enabled users to have an easy selection of all their passes from the sidebar since it organizes them in categories. Essentially, the info icon allowed you to view all the information as well as adding them to appear as calendar events.

Passbook in a great way helped in reducing the hustles associated with accessing electronic boarding passes, coupons, and cards among others. However, advancement in technology would see Apple coming up with the Apple Wallet app, perceived to be a better improvement of Passbook since it contained more additional and epic features.

Apple Wallet

With Apple Wallet, it is rather easy to use it in bringing up passes with Passkit API, post them on a web page or even send them through mail. This app also gives you an option of setting time for an item to appear.

The wallet is an iOS app ideal for storing a wide-range of documents especially to those who like traveling the world. It is a sort of an application that helps you to organize quite a significant number of documents such as digital passes, reward cards and tickets among others.

The essence here is that you can as well use these passes for saving your movie tickets, showing reward cards as you check out in various shopping stores and check in for flights among much more.

Simply put, Apple Wallet is an app that helps you to organize your documents and store them appropriately such that it becomes easy to access them whenever need arises.

It also helps you to reduce the massive paperwork that is conventionally associated with such transactions, given that everything is now well organized on your phone and can be accessed with relative ease.

Similar Apps but for Android Users

And how about for Android users? Are there any Android apps that offer similar quality and efficiency like the Apple Wallet?

The thing is since Android is an Open Source platform, it makes some of the developers out there create some apps that almost equal with what Apple offers with Apple Wallet.

Here are some of the Android equivalent of Apple Wallet apps giving you same user experience you get from iOS wallet;

1. Pass2U Wallet

Pass2U wallet
Pass2U Wallet one of Android Apps Equivalent of Apple Wallet

This is the other idea Android app equivalent to Apple Wallet. Irrespective of whether or not you are used to the Apple Wallet before, the experience you get when using the Android’s Pass2U Wallet is sensational.

It works more or less similar to iOS in the sense that whenever you try to open the information by a simple click on any available button on any of the passes, you realize that there is an option that allows for the passes to be displayed on the lock screen.

The other great feature of this app is that it instantaneously detects and adds passes on email and web automatically.

Critics argue that you get better user experience when using this particular app than the iOS wallet. The categories in this app are also organized accordingly in the sidebar.

Furthermore, it is also easy to search for your passes and coupons which simply makes it time efficient especially when you have lots of passes, and you are in a hurry to get one.

The other great thing regarding this is that all the files contained in your Pass2U wallet can be backed up on Google drive and also restore them to your other preferable devices.

2. PassWallet – Passbook + NFC

PassWallet Passbook NFC
PassWallet Passbook + NFC

This is the other type of mobile ticketing app supported by Android and offer similar qualities and features of Apple Wallet. It imports all the admission tickets and vouchers of Passbook to make it easy for you to have them on your mobile handset.

Passbook is downloaded from Google play store then stored in PassWallet. But importantly, you should understand that this particular app is used in managing pkpass files cannot necessarily create passes from other document formats and links or web pages.

This app also makes it possible for you to create security copy of pass tickets of the Passbook such that you may have them on all your mobile devices since they are supported by Google Drive and Dropbox.

This particular app has been integrated with several companies and businesses to makes it easy and faster when it gets to carrying out transactions on such platforms.

The other great element of this particular app is that as a utility app, it allows you to organize and store digital documents on all your mobile devices. This can be to your benefit when traveling, shopping, obtaining discounts and entrances in outlets that accept Passbook system.

And more significantly, PassWallet allows scanning of QR codes of the various documents hence enabling you to avoid carrying too much paper, which is often uncomfortable.

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