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1830 is the year when the first lawn mower was invented and leaf blowers followed after that in 1850. At that time this lawn mower used spiral blades that were between 5-8 in number. This first mower relied on pushing the mower for the blades to rotate therefore cutting the grass.

Nowadays the market is full of different of lawn mower types that you can use to trim grass and maintain your lawns. They have advanced technologically, and you can use electricity, batteries or gas to power them.

All the existing lawn mowers come with different features, merits, and capabilities. In this buying guide, we have listed the different aspects of their pros and cons.

The lawn mowers that we shall look at in this buying guide include push reel mowers, self propelled mowers, hover mowers, riding lawn mower and robot mower.

1. Push Reel Lawn Mowers

Push Lawn Mower

Push reel mowers were the first type of mowers to be used in lawn and yard care. When using this manual reel mower, all you do is push it across the area on your lawn where you want to cut grass. While pushing, there is a cylinder which will spin and as a result make the blades to rotate thereby cutting grass.

This traditional reel lawn mower is a perfect option for you who prefers using environmental friendly garden tools every time you want to care for your lawns.

Not only that this mower free of gas emission and not using electric motor, but this mower also produces less noise, so minimal chance for your neighbors to complain about the noise when you are mowing your lawn with this tools.

How Push Reel Mowers Works

This lawn mower type entirely depends on you to move from one point of your lawn or yard to the other.

It uses a blade that spins to chop grass like scissors that will leave the grass well manicured and healthy. Below is a video describing how this mower functions.

Protips: When shopping for these push mowers, you should look for one that is not heavy. The heavier this tool, the harder it will be for you to push it around your lawn.

So it is essential to look for a mower that will be easy maneuver within the lawn. You should also note that while it is important to go for a mower that has a large deck, you should also remember that a large deck increases the weight of the mower.

The secret here would therefore, be to look for a mower that has a medium deck and is lightweight.

If you are a lawn owner who is okay with doing some workout in-form of pushing a lawn mower around the yard, then it would be an excellent option to go for this lawn mower.

As long as you find a good quality push mower, cutting the grasses in your lawn will not be a challenging task.

  • These are the most environmental friendly mowers. There is no use of gas or electricity
  • Easy to carry and store.
  • They do not spread grass clippings all over the lawn while using as some lawn mowers do
  • Good option to go for especially if you are looking to exercise while taking care of your lawns and backyard
  • Only ideal for use in small-medium sized lawns that do not need a lot of grass cutting.
  • It becomes challenging to push the mower in places that have thick and tall grass. It can be frustrating using these kinds of mowers.

2. Self-propelled Lawn Mowers

Gas powered mower

This lawn mower is also known as Walk Behind Power Lawn Mower. The basic idea is similar with push lawn mower that we’ve mentioned earlier, but this lawn mower does not require you to exert your energy to pull the mower, as it has a system that propels it.

All the user has to do when using this self-propelled mower is to steer or guide it in the right direction while mowing.

Because of this self-propelling feature, these variety of mowers tend to be more expensive than mowers that require pushing in order to move them from one point of the lawn to the other.

These mowers are-vehicle like in-terms of how they move. Their drive system is designed in such a way that the user engages it by squeezing something known as a bail which then propels the mower forward. These mowers are good snow throwers and breakers.

It is ideal for individuals who prefer effortless lawn mowing rather than using their effort to push the mower around the lawn.

How to Operate Self-propelled Lawn Mower

Once you press the bail, the mower will not only start moving forward, but this action will also activate the blades to start spinning.

Since the mower has started moving, the operator will only direct or guide its movement. The blades will immediately cease spinning, and the mower will stop moving if you stop your grip or release your hand from the bar.

These mowers come in variable and single speed models. These kinds of mowers can also be a rear, front or all-wheel drive. It is simple to use these mowers that have front wheel drive system because all you have to do to turn the mower is by merely tipping and raising the front wheels a bit and the mower will be good to turn.

If your lawn is flat, then you should consider buying a self-propelled mower with front-wheel drive.

When looking at this mower you can find three options based on power source: corded one, battery powered (cordless) or gas-powered mowers that are self-propelled.

  • These mowers will help you save not just energy alone but time also. You do not have to push it in order for it to move
  • Their performance is outstanding whether your lawn is flat, steep or rugged. It is the best lawn mower for uneven ground.
  • These mowers can trim grass even in large lawns of up to 1.5 acres without experiencing problems using it
  • More expensive than the non-self-propelled machines.
  • More noise comes from the machine
  • Needs quite extensive maintenance

Protips: When looking for a mower for your yard or lawn, you should first decide whether you need something that will be propelling itself or something that is light and easy to push.

Grass cutting on the lawn can be easy and quick if the mower you use is easy to maneuver around your yard and has outstanding grass management techniques.

3. Hover Mowers

hover mower

This evolutionary mower which invented by Karl Dahlman in 1964 has a unique way to cut the grass since it uses air cushion to make this works.

With this mower, you can move the from one side to the other very easily making them ideal for use in any positions within your lawn. This is due to the air cushion makes the mower a little bit lifted up from the ground.

How does a hovering lawn mower work?

A thing for sure, they work differently from rotary lawn mowers and other types of mowers that move on wheels.

The unit of the mower gets lifted up from the ground the moment some air is pushed through the blades by the impeller. The grass only touches the blades as the rest of the mower remains afloat on the grass therefore making it easy to move the mower from one point to the next.

Most of its parts are made from plastic material which is the reason why they are very light. The only downside about hover mowers is the fact that they do not perform well when it comes to trimming flower beds or edges.

  • These are easily portable and maneuverable as they are light and can be carried easily when mowing or from the lawn to the store
  • They are a great pick for people looking for a mower that can help them on sloping lawns or lawns that have obstacles
  • Some of them are heavier than some wheeled mowers. However, a significant number of these mowers are light
  • With this mower, you are not able to create the attractive stripes for your lawn

4. Robotic Mowers

robot mowers

These mowers are yet to win the hearts of many lawn mowers because of some programming hitches that have been reported about them. This is a unit that will shave grass in the area that you have set it to do so.

If you have been looking for a mower that lets you sit and relax while it does the mowing then this you have the answer. What you need to do to use this mower is to place a wire within the area that you want the area to work on.

This wire will act as a boundary and the mower will make sure that all the grass within the set boundary is cut and manicured. This mower was made for individuals with busy schedules and people who cannot find time to do the mowing.

This mower is expensive and if you are on a budget and do not want to spend a lot of money on a mower then this is not the best option for you.

But if you are a person looking for a mower that can help mow your lawn without worrying about the price, then this is the best pick for you especially if you are always busy.

  • Time saving and you can always perform other tasks as the mower does grass cutting work on the lawn
  • These are the most environmentally friendly mowers. There is no use of gas or electricity
  • Comes with advanced technology which can helps save effort and energy
  • Storage of this mower is easy and has no problems. It is small and lights making it very easy to transport and carry to the store
  • This mower does not leave large and visible tracks on the lawn because of its small size and lightweight
  • It is expensive
  • This robot lawnmowers are slow and it cannot handle thick and tall grass without experiencing challenges. Because of its small size, it cannot handle thick and large portions of grass. The cutting widths are not large enough
  • The battery life of this mower is short therefore not able to mow on large lawns.
  • Getting spare parts is challenging, and it is also complicated to repair it if it gets damaged

5. Riding or Ride-on Lawn Mowers

riding mower

Zero turn lawn mowers or known as riding lawn mowers are designed in such a way that the operator sits on the mower and rides on the mower while it eats grass.

These mowers come with steering wheels so that the operator can maneuver easily, but compared to a walk-behind mower, ride on mowers lack grass cutting precision.

However, these mowers are still good mulching mowers that will leave your lawn looking stunning. One of the notable disadvantages of riding lawn mowers is their inability to perfectly work on areas on the lawn that have obstacles or bumps.

The other type of rideon mower that also works excellently is lawn tractor. The functioning of lawn tractors is the same as that of riding mowers but the only difference that exists between these two mowers is the design or structure.

A ride on mower is ideal for lawn owners who prefer using a mower that does not require them to use energy or push.

  • No matter the type of your lawn, these mowers will mow and manicure your lawns leaving them looking stunning without damaging grass.
  • The noise is much less than what is produced by some power mowers, electric mower, and some rear-roller mowers.
  • It is a good mower that does not damage grass and promotes lawn aeration for healthy growth of grass
  • It is not as good as some hedge trimmers as the cutting width or dimension is a bit narrow
  • The engine is not robust as it may encounter problems cutting thick and tall grass

General Tips Before Decide Which Variety of Lawn Mowers for You – Buying Guides

If you are planning to purchase a mower to support one of your lawn care activities, it is not only important to look for a mower that can get the work done but you should also consider other factors such as deck size, weight, and product registration details. You want a mower that you can easily find parts for repair just in case it breaks down.

Do not forget that the size of your lawn should also be a factor to consider in the long run as you do not want to buy a lawnmower that does not have the power to complete mowing after a few passes.

You now have the relevant information every lawn owner needs to have before going ahead to shop for a lawn mower. Make sure that the mower you are planning to buy suits you and has the important features that can enable it work to excellently even in unfavorable conditions. Get a mower that work best for type of your lawns and perfect for your lawn size.

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