Schlage Connect vs Sense – Which Smart Locks is Perfect for You?


Schlage Connect vs Sense

Choosing the right smart lock for you and your family is an important decision. Smart locks should look good, be easy to fit, easy to use and keep your home secure. In a growing market place which has a wide variety of smart locks, it can be challenging to choose from all this new technology.

Schlage is a market leader in this are, and they have produced the two models which famous in its class. They are Schlage Connect and Schlage Sense smart locks. How do we choose between these two?

This article will provide an in-depth analysis of both Schlage Connect vs. Sense, including their features, and individual pros and cons so that you can make an informed buyers’ choice, for the best smart lock for your home.

 Schlage Z-Wave ConnectSchlage Sense Smart Deadbolt
Schlage Z-Wave ConnectSchlage Sense Smart Deadbolt
Keypad TypeFingerprint Resistant Touch ScreenFingerprint Resistant Touch Screen
ConnectionZ-Wave TechnologyZ -Wave Technology, Wi-Fi (With Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter
Smart Home Compatible?Amazon Alexa enabledApple Home kit enabled
FeaturesSmartphone compatible.
Built-in Alarm Technology.
Auto Lock and Unlock feature.
Activity Log.
Built-in Alarm Technology.
Auto Lock and Unlock feature.
Activity Log.
Built-in CameraNo No
WarrantyLifetime Limited mechanical and finish warranty and 3-year electronics warrantyLifetime Limited mechanical and finish warranty and 3-year electronics warranty

Detail Comparison: Schlage Connect vs Sense

On the face of it, there may not appear to be much difference between the Schlage Connect and the Sense. But if you dig deeper, there are several nuances to help you make your choice. Primarily as the Sense is top of the range, and the Connect comes second in class.

Let’s break down both locks comparing them across major appraisal points.

Looks and Design

The Schlage Connect has a nice brushed steel finish. But the keypad will either be a major selling point or a big turn off. Black and blue keys may not appeal for those who like a minimalist style and have an appreciation for low key security. On the other hand, those who enjoy technology and gadgets may like the look of this keyboard.

The Sense being the higher end comes in two finishes, Camelot which you see above and Century which looks like the Schlage Connect. There is no denying that the Camelot brush steel finish gives the Sense a smoother and more refined look that does ooze class. The similar features throughout including the keypad mean the lock won’t stick out from afar.

In terms of design both the Connect and Sense are almost identical. The keypads have a matte finish which prevents fingerprints from staying on the keyboard. Old style entry pads could be dusted for prints by burglars. They would then be able to detect which numbers were contained within your pin and try to brute force the code and break in.

With Schlage’s fingerprint resisting keyboard this is no longer the case. Both smart locks also have a manual tumbler which can be easily connected to your deadbolt. The locks are designed to be fitted with ease and work on all Universal standard door widths.

This means you need not worry about asking a carpenter to install it, all you need is a screwdriver and 15 minutes. A manual tumbler also means that in the case of an electrical fault or a problem with the smart lock, it can be unlocked just like a regular deadbolt.

Features & Performance

A significant difference between Schlage Sense and Connect is their connectivity. Most smart locks are compatible with Z Wave technology as the Schlage’s are. Which means you should be able to quickly and easily connect your smart locks to your existing home alarm system.

But the devices that the smart locks connect to differs, which is worth paying attention to depending on your personal preference.

The Schlage Sense works well with apple devices
The Schlage Sense works well with apple devices

The Schlage Sense works best with Apple devices. So, if you are a die-hard iOS fan, this may be the smart lock for you. The Sense ties into the Apple Home Kit system, allowing you to set codes and track activity easily. You can even use Siri to tell your door to unlock. Android Users might want to consider an alternative to the Sense.

But in its favor, the Schlage Sense allows you to set, how long it takes for the smart lock to re-lock itself. Connect has a default time of 30 seconds. You can, of course, switch both smart locks off and deadbolt manually but being able to tweak settings on the Sense is a handy bonus.

Particularly if you tend to have lots of comings and goings in your house, or say you have a large party of people coming through the door.

With the Schlage Connect you would end up cursing it, as you close the door with a clang to a deadbolt in the lock position. Whereas with the Sense you could set it for a longer time.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Both locks have several features in common. They offer an illuminated touchscreen which is fingerprint proof. Will give a low battery warning and run with 4 AA batteries. Compatible with Android and iOS phones. Are both Grade 1 and have the highest-level rating for home security.

The Sense and Connect both have automatic sensors which can detect vibrations close to the door, for example, if an intruder if rummaging around outside or trying to force open a window near the door or fish your car keys through the letterbox. Sustained vibrations will trigger a shrill alarm. This gives added protection as well against forced entry.

Disadvantages of the Schlage Connect are that the motor can be noisy, and the fact that it has no option to connected to Wi-Fi means it offers limited connectivity options. Also, without the mobile application, as you can get limited information from the keypad if you want to adjust the alarm settings for example.

Disadvantages of the Schlage Sense is that you will pay more, for arguably a lock that is not too dissimilar from the cheaper Connect. Also, the fact that it is exclusively Home Kit compatible will be a big turn off for Android Users.

Control and Monitoring Features

The Sense has Wi-Fi but only with the extra cost of an additional adapter as both locks have the auto lock and unlock feature using a mobile application. You question how useful an additional Wi-Adapter would be.

Though once the Sense is connected using Wi-Fi, this means you do not need to connect using Z Wave Technology. Plus, you could connect to any voice system, whether Amazon or Apple.

Also, the Schlage Sense has built-in Bluetooth which means the lock will auto-unlock when your phone comes within 10 meters of the front door — or using your Apple TV.

The Schlage Connect is designed to be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, so for those who prefer Amazon Voice over Apple, this could swing you towards the Connect smart lock instead.

The fact that both locks use a mobile application, and have a manual tumbler, means multiple connectivity options should not be too concerning except for those who are highly technologically minded.

The Basic Differences Between Schlage Connect vs Sense

The basic differences between the Schlage Connect and the Sense are the model’s inherent design and the amount of functionality that you require from your smart lock.

The Connect provides almost all the features of the Sense, offering beautiful design, finger proof keypad, manual key tumbler, connectivity to Alexa, mobile phone application enabled, proximity and tampers sensors and the highest grade for home security. It falls short of some of the Sense’s high-end features, but this is reflected in the lower price.

The Sense is all singing and all dancing model. As well as including all the features of the Connect above, it also is Wi-Fi enabled with an additional adaptor, and its Bluetooth functions mean the door auto unlocks as you walk up to it. There are also added features which you can adjust including the time that it takes for the lock to re-engage


Schlage is famous for making high quality, durable and reliable smart locks and both the Schlage Sense and Connect reflect that high-quality craftsmanship.

For us, the Schlage Connect wins because it gives you all the functionality that you could reasonably need. Though connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and adjusting the auto lock time would be nice to have.

For most ordinary people they won’t even notice the difference. The design quality and features are almost everything you would get in the Sense but without the price tag.

The Schlage Sense will suit those for whom money is no options and want a touch of class for their Smart Lock. Arguably better looking, the additional features it provides would also suit someone who is really into their gadgets and wants the ability to tweak as many settings and options as possible.

Also, those who cannot live without their iOS phone, or are big fans of Apple products throughout their home will be best suited to choosing the Sense. author Charles Mann
Charles has a day job as an author in some tech magazines, his passion about science and technology always encourage him to learn new trends in technology business.
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