Do You Need RFID Protection for Your Passport?


Passport Security Wallet to Protect Your RFID-Enabled Passport Against Hacking

Traveling to foreign nations for various purposes can be fun but at the same time can be hectic and any regular travelers understand the significance of having their passports ready all the time.

Nowadays several countries offer RFID-enabled passports, which essentially means that all your personal data can be accessed from the document just by a simple scan.

With that ease of technology, it brings also an security issue for the RFID passport owner. You to be careful and actively cautious when moving around with your passport to avoid unwanted leak of passport data.

How Do You Protect Your RFID Passport?

You must treat your RFID-enabled passport as a sacred thing because unwanted persons can encrypt your information without your knowledge using a scanner.

While many governments always assure their citizens that they will take care of their security concerns regarding personal information on passports, it is imperative as an individual to put adequate measures to safeguard your data from hackers.

Remember security starts with you! The key thing in this case is to find a way of preventing hackers by blocking the radio waves so that they cannot get access regardless of the method they would use whether by a powerful scanner or any other gadget or whether they are within close range to retrieve your data from the ePassport.

A better idea is that you can improvise this by taking aluminum foil and using it to cover the RFID-enabled passport. It works wonders and protects you from unwanted persons who may have intentions of encrypting data from your passport and credit cards too. It might look unappealing to the eye but the essence here will be achieved.

You can cover your passport with aluminium foil to block the RFID signal
You can cover your passport with aluminium foil to block rfid signal

The surest ultimate way of safeguarding this from happening is by using passport security wallet. You can never go wrong with this type of wallet. They are designed to ensure that the RFID chips on the passport are not exposed such that they can be hardly accessed by strangers without your consent, especially when you are on the move.

How RFID-Blocking Wallets Secure Your Information?

You need to know that RFID chips work using radio waves technology to relay information. It thus means that it can be accessed from a distance without your knowledge.

The RFID-chip is a small rectangular shape that has a circle with a line, more or less similar to those found on credit cards.

If your passport contains this kind of chip, then you are certainly at risk because it can be read from a certain distance with a scanner. The reason is that these chips contain tiny electromagnetic fields, which allows them to trigger communication anywhere as long as the distance is favorable.

But the good news is that radio waves can be blocked, and the role of RFID block wallets is to interrupt radio waves such that a stranger can never trigger communications in an attempt of reading your personal information through RFID scanners.

These type of wallets have been designed using impermissible materials that bar or interrupt radio waves from being accessed to any scanners irrespective of the proximity.

Additional Benefits Cover Your Passport with Anti Scanning Wallet

Beside the main function to block the unwanted scanning, the additional benefit using wallets that protect from scanners is to prevent the document from wearing out.

A regular traveler knows the number of passport checks that usually takes place at airport immigration check, some hotels and other security control points.

The officials in such points keep on asking and touching this traveling document all the time hence exposing it to damage as a result of poor handling or perhaps humid weather conditions.

Cover your passport with a wallet can prevent your ePassport from damage that might result from such exchanges and exposure at customs and other check-outs.

So next time you are thinking of the better way of protecting your data from third-party hackers who use powerful passport RFID reader, look for a wallet that will protect your password and credit cards information from strangers without your knowledge.

Some personal data can be critical, and you never know when you will be the next target for these notorious hackers. You may also end up losing vital elements or linked up to illegal associations that might put you in trouble that you cannot get out of easily. That is why it always recommended to stay safe than sorry, especially when traveling to foreign nations. author Richard Bernhardt
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