The Reality of Making Money with 3D Printing Technology


make cash with 3D printer

The world is full of spectacular creations. Everything that surrounds you can be exciting if appropriately fine-tuned.

Since the invention of 3D printers, it has become quite apparent that creativity is an aspect that can reflect the ideal image of the world’s creations.

And for that reason, there is an open door for all the creative minds to really earn good money from various elements revolving around 3D printing.

3D designing technology is transforming the manner in which printing takes place. If you keenly look at many of the 3D prints around, you’ll see a considerable makeover bringing reasonable reality to this artistic work.

The good thing is that in as much as this technology is still new and developing gradually if you’re necessarily a real 3D enthusiasts then chances of becoming successful entrepreneur linger highly.

How You Can Make Money with 3D Printer

This technology is providing lots of opportunities, so you only need to find your edge and make quite a lot of money from it unknowingly.

So let’s look at some of the actual ways to make money from 3D printing and at the same time enjoying your hobby;

1. Leasing your 3D printer

3d printer is not cheap

Like it said earlier, this is a new technology that is still developing. That alone is a clear indication of high possibility that a few people presently own machines that support 3D printing.

The other things is not all people afford to buy their own 3D printer. A good 3D printer can cost you a thousand dollars, even there are some good 3D printer under $1000, still not all 3D printer enthusiast can afford it.

In this case, therefore, you can choose to find another 3D hobbyist who would love to explore their talents but does not have a professional grade printer for one reason or the other.

Some inevitably cannot afford to buy these printers, whereas others would probably require one for a one-time project hence seeing no need of spending money to obtain one.

It follows that when you find such people, you can lease the printer and allow them to use it for a particular duration and pay you accordingly.

Incidentally, this venture provides an ideal way to print and make money through 3D technology without ineludibly breaking a sweat.

And at the same time, you need to make sure that you’re giving it out to a person who understands how it functions and how to maintain it to avert cases of possible destruction and negligence.

2. Creating 3D objects and selling online

sell 3d printing object

Nowadays, the internet is revolutionizing the manner in which 3D printing businesses take place. In fact, the internet is turning the world into a global village market through e-commerce.

As it stands, it’s only a few people all over the world that can design and print a wide range of 3D objects.

In fact, this business is soon becoming one of the world’s largest especially when a bigger population will start embracing it.

This, therefore, gives you an edge if you’re an expert in this sector to create different types of these images depending on the needs of the target market and sell them online.

Several online platforms are available and can provide you with the opportunity to develop your niche and generate as much income as possible by selling items.

For instance, there are social media sites that at the moment have become phenomenal in reaching out to a broad market group for e.g: Instagram and Facebook.

What happens is that you need to establish your profiles on different social sites. This way, you stand a chance of getting a better platform to reach out to like-minded individuals so that you can sell your 3D prints to them.

This is a sure way of generating enough money from 3D printing, which perhaps many people who have 3D printing skills, as well as the printer, might not be aware of.

The secret here is finding your niche and tailoring your profile to suit the relevant target audience and trust me you will earn a lot of money from such ventures as long as your job is exceptional.

3. Providing training 3D printing opportunities

3d printing training

For the umpteenth time, I’m repeating that 3D technology is still growing and only a few people have the perfect skills to create and print 3D objects.

Nonetheless, many young people are also showing interest in knowing how to create and print such objects.

As a skillful person in 3D printing, you can primarily form a tutoring class and offer lessons to the ever-growing population of students yearning to get 3D printing skills.

From such training, you’ll be able to make the right amount of money from the proceeds that students will be paying from the training sessions.

What’s more is that you can as well sell to them some of your 3D materials such as curriculum copies and other relevant information that would facilitate their learning experience.

This is a sure way of earning money from the 3D printing technology, which additionally sharpens your skills further given that you’ll also be learning more as you train the students.

Moreover, you can expand your audience via online tutoring as a way of reaching out to the students who are quite a distance away from you.

Things You Can Make with a 3D Printer and Sell

3d printing objects

Ordinarily, 3D printer allows you to do a lot of things than you can ever imagine. Evidently, this is dependent on your level of creativity and the target market for your products.

Nonetheless, most 3D printer manufacturers also ensure that they design machines which allow you to explore your skills fully.

But in this case, I want to explain some of the popular 3D printed items since we cannot discuss all of them.

1. Jewelry and fashion accessories

Women in most cases fancy all types of relevant and unique fashion products. It is, therefore, possible to create jewelry and other fashion accessories that suit the various needs of this population.

3D printing technology allows you to develop some of the best accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, funky jewelry and bag handles among others.

All you need to do is inject your creativity to ensure that the particular products you produce are unique and meet the taste of the target market.

2. Architectural and construction archetypes

Nowadays, most of the prototypes for building and other architectural designs are produced on 3D prints.

It becomes easy for the stakeholders to assess such designs and make a decision on the basis of a wide range of factors.

It follows that most of these archetypes play significant roles in approval process since they provide a conceptual idea for possible implementation.

Some of the architectural and construction archetypes include those of major building such as malls, a smart home and other structures such as highways and bridges among others.

This sector is growing tremendously making it one of the major things that you can make using 3D printing technology and sell.

3. Kitchenette equipment

A large number of kitchen equipment can as well be made from various types of 3D prints. What happens is that some of these kitchen products such as plates, cups, cutlery, bottle opener among others do not necessarily have to be similar.

You can opt for kitchen products of unique designs with outstanding 3D print which can lure your customers to purchase them.

The most critical aspect, in this case, is to make sure that your prints are aesthetically appealing because in most cases this is what can make you sell items easily.

This concept is also becoming more popular, and many people are gradually moving away from the traditional manufacturing of these types of products.

4. Props for Motion picture

In this day and age, you can create any element from 3D printing. Props used in various motions pictures and other action scenes are among some of the cool things that you can create and sell using 3D technology.

Many stakeholders in this sector are always willing to buy such 3D models as long as they meet their standards.

It is actually one of the elements from 3D printing that is growing in popularity. Moreover, you can also find game developers and help them to create props that suit their games depending on various themes.

5. Electronic and electric device casings

Most of the fragile electronic equipment require casing materials that would prevent them from damaging or coming into contact with unwanted materials.

For instance, raspberry pi requires casing material to prevent its components from getting into contact with unwanted foreign materials.

They provide sturdy casing given that the printer filament that produces such casings are often plastic materials.

It is a relatively profitable industry given that 3D print design provides suitable covers or such devices among others.


The upshot here is that making money from 3D printing technology is a reality in the modern world. You can either choose to make it an active or passive source of outcome depending on your preferences.

But the bottom line is that other than making life easier, 3D printing business provides several avenues for money making and growth opportunities in this sector. author Anastasia Russell
Anastasia is a 26-year-old blogger who always motivated to observe the ways humans interact with technology. She is currently undertaking a master degree program at the Uppsala University specializing in Human-Computer Interaction & Design Program.


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