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Possibly, all along you’ve been using some kind of pool vacuum for your pool which has been giving you unsatisfactory results.

In this article, we want to give you the reviews of some of the best above ground pool vacuum in the market to use in cleaning your swimming pool and get desirable results.

But before I do so, let us first look at some of the available types of pool vacuums for above ground pools;

Types of Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Maintaining pool hygiene is quintessential; we can’t argue about it. It allows you to prevent unnecessary infections and also make the swimming pool an ideal setting for playing and relaxing.

But one of the most frustrating things as far as upholding sanitation of your pool is concerned is the type of tool you use.

For aboveground pools, it’s quite evident that pool vacuums are preferable. But do you know the particular type that suits your needs?

Let’s find out here;

1. Suction Pool Vacuums

Handheld Pool Vacuums
Handheld Suction Pool Vacuums

These cleaners are also known as suction-side pool vacuums. They are automatic pool cleaners designed to clean the pool by utilizing the pool pump suction power in conjunction with the filtration pump.

The suction pool vacuums require electricity to operate and also need the pool pump to be running as it cleans the debris.

Using these types of vacuums to clean your pool floors implies that you’ll also need to clean the filter regularly and at the same time use more diatomaceous earth.

The best part of using suction pool vacuums is that they are apparently the most affordable pool cleaners that are automatically operated.

2. Pressure Pool Vacuums

Pressure Pool Vacuums
Pressure Pool Vacuums

They are also referred to as pressure-side pool cleaners. These are relatively advanced than the suction pool vacuums.

In the sense that rather than using the power from pool’s pump suction, it utilizes pressure generated by water flow from the outlet which returns water filtered water to the swimming pool.

The essence of this mechanism is that it enhances the speed of cleaning given that they are independent of using pool filtration system to clean the debris.

Surprisingly, this type of above ground vacuums has a collection bag for debris hence making it easy for the entire cleaning process to be fast, convenient and with less maintenance.

It is thus suitable if you have a comparatively large swimming pool because it makes the overall cleaning tasks easy and faster.

3. Robotic Pool Cleaners

above ground robotic pool cleaner
robotic pool cleaner

These are arguably the most common types of pool vacuums in many homes. They are operated automatically and uses robotic power obtained from the pool circulation mechanism.

They are made of an internal collection bag that helps in efficient cleaning of the pool. This allows them to grab even the tiniest unwanted particle when cleaning your pool.

Additionally, they also have a small internal pump that they use to reduce running cost and time when using the device.

These types of vacuums are considered as the most efficient of all of them in regards to power consumption.

You will also find out that some robotic pool vacuum models are fixed with additional exciting features such as remote control and even four-wheel drives.

If you have an above ground pool that does not have a skimmer basket, this could be the best unit for automatically cleaning it with.

The fact that it is automatic also shows that it is easy to use and hence provides sufficient cleaning of the pool surfaces.

Things You Must Consider When Buying Above Ground Pool Cleaner

When you get to the market, be it online or offline, you’ll realize that pool vacuums are quite a number. Of course, this should be a blessing, but in some instances, it can be a curse in disguise.

What happens is that when you have so many options to choose from, it at times becomes difficult to make the ideal pick.

But in that case, I want to make it simple for you so that the next time you find yourself at such a crossroads, it becomes to maneuver.

1. Features

This is apparently the most significant factor that you have to consider when purchasing this item. Features are what generally guide or determine the ultimate purchase decision.

You need to look out at what you need in particular that you are sure will be able to make your pool cleaning easy.

Some of the features worth checking out when buying this machine include the following;

  • Weight: The device should be of a reasonable weight. Remember you need something portable that you can move with from one end of the pool to the other end.

    You thus need to ensure that whatever choice you make, it needs to be relatively light.

  • Power holding capacity: this primarily refers to the duration that the battery can be able to hold power on a single charge. It is necessary since it will make it easy for you to organize yourself whenever you plan to start cleaning your pool and avoiding unnecessary inconveniences.

    The other important aspect on the same is determining how long the battery takes to charge fully. This will make it easy for you to get yourself ready way before time.

  • Bag/Bag-less: when it gets to consideration of this particular feature you need to understand that it all narrows down to your preference.

    If you are okay with purchasing replacement bags every moment you want to clean your pools, then the best unit for you would be one without a bag.Otherwise, if you find it difficult to keep on changing the bags all the time you may consider choosing one with the bag.

  • Cord/cordless: This is also another vital feature that you need to consider whenever you’re purchasing a pool vacuum cleaner.

    If you decide to go with a corded unit, ensure that it is long enough. It should allow you to move around and get to end of the pool without unplugging from the power source. But if you go with a cordless one, also ensure that the battery is reliable and can hold power for a considerable duration on a single charge.

2. Filtration System

The filtration mechanism that your ideal swimming pool vacuum cleaner is engineered with is a vital aspect.

It is the ultimate element that determines how easy the machine will be able to clean the surface of the pool.

Furthermore, it also defines how convenient the entire cleaning process from the start to the end. Such that you do not end up doing and redoing the task every time.

An ideal filtration system should be able to power the machine and making it efficient when it gets to cleaning the debris on the pool floor.

3. Additional accessories

What you need to realize before or when buying swimming pool vacuum cleaner is that you can’t necessarily use them without other add-ons.

Such extra devices are suitable because they enhance the performance of the particular units as far as cleaning the pool floor is concerned.

Some models come together with such accessories while others would require you to purchase them separately.

The latter, however, might seem costly and can also be a little bit inconvenient at the time of need.

4. Warranty

Lastly, you also need to check on the guarantee of the unit you’re purchasing. Most of the automatic pool vacuums can develop mechanical hitches.

At times the hitch could be so serious that would render it useless. In such cases, warranty cover would save your day, only if it is valid.

So you need to ensure that you verify the viability of the warranty and also read the terms and conditions to understand every bit of the cover.

It helps you greatly to have a peace of mind whenever you’re using the unit especially the one you’ve spent a considerable amount of money to acquire.

The Recommended Above Ground Pool Models

1. Baracuda G3 W03000

Baracuda G3 W03000
BARACUDA G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner with Additional Finned Disc

This is one of the most reliable vacuum pool cleaners you can ever find in the market. It is designed to feature some of the best elements this type of unit can ever have such as minimum silence and wheel-deflector.

This powerful suction vacuum offers maximum efficiency given that it works with low-speed pumps.

With no wheels, flappers or gears, it implies that it is easy to operate and attain peak performance.

It is designed with a reliable one moving part technology, which at the same time makes its maintenance costs to be all-time low.

This unit also gulps both small and medium debris, pebbles, sand, leaves, bugs and dirt among others.

Thus making it ideal to efficiently clean all the major parts of your pool including floor, steps, and walls.

The FlowKeeper valve in this unit allows it to regulate water flow automatically. It helps in maintaining the optimum performance even when you’re using a relatively low wattage horsepower pump.

The 36-Fin Disc is designed to enable this unit to increase its adhesion. So that it doesn’t hung-up on pool fittings, drain covers and lighting system.

  • Quiet
  • Offers efficient pool surfaces cleaning
  • Easy to operate and assemble parts
  • Comparatively durable
  • At times get stuck when cleaning corners and stairs
  • It is a bit pricey, but every element you get from this unit is worth the cost.

2. XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum

XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum
XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum-generic Kreepy Krauly Climb Wall Pool Cleaner

This unit does not require electricity nor any tool to function. It comes with ten hoses that can handle up to about 30’ pool.

This machine features a silicone ripple cleaner that enhances easy cleaning of surfaces including tile, vinyl, concrete and fiberglass.

It comes with a bumper strap and seal clip that allow the machine to move freely during cleaning and for appropriate directional adjustments respectively.

The other good thing is that you can attach this vacuum to your already existing filtration system so that it becomes more efficient and easy to clean the pool.

To obtain the best out of this machine, you need about ¾ hp pool pump. The manufacturer nonetheless recommends that you can as well adjust the regulator valve and the weights to get desirable pool cleaning results.

It is relatively affordable but performs a lovely swimming poll cleaning task hence an ideal choice if you’re looking for one.

  • Smart design
  • Easy to unclog
  • Needs no electricity
  • Easy to operate
  • Relatively affordable
  • Requires constant adjustment of weight and regulator valve for optimum performance.

3. Zodiac Ranger Suction Side

Zodiac Ranger Suction Side
Zodiac Ranger Suction Side

This unit manufactured by Baracuda features a unique deflector wheel, which is essential in preventing it from sticking on stairs, corners or ladders when cleaning.

It also a one moving part technology, which makes it amazingly silent during operation and enhances its cleaning efficiency.

This product also comes with a patented FlowKeeper valve and Insta-Skim Compact for easy adjustment and regulation of water flow that leads to peak performance.

It is straightforward to use and comes with pre-assembled parts, which apparently easy to install.

This unit is and come with additional features that makes it suitable option if you’re looking for a suction pool vacuum.

It offers efficient cleaning to your pool given that it is fixed with an AG disc which enables it to glide effortlessly on all surfaces of your pool.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Smart design
  • Does not require any other accessories
  • It is relatively quiet
  • Unsuitable for cleaning intex or soft-sided swimming pool surfaces.
  • Cannot climb the walls

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Buying Guide for The Best Radon Detectors To Go For in 2018 Tue, 06 Feb 2018 17:00:57 +0000 As a homeowner, any element that poses a health risk is something to worry about. Radon gas is one of these features that can deprive you of your peace of mind in your home. It is a real health deathtrap and according to Environmental Protection Agency, radon results to over 21,000 deaths annually, and ranks […]

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As a homeowner, any element that poses a health risk is something to worry about. Radon gas is one of these features that can deprive you of your peace of mind in your home.

It is a real health deathtrap and according to Environmental Protection Agency, radon results to over 21,000 deaths annually, and ranks second after cigarette smoking in causing lung cancer.

Unfortunately, its effects are undetectable until that moment that uncontrolled damage is done.

So what’s the best way to deal with it? While it’s a fact you can never entirely get rid of radon in your home due to its permeating nature, interventions can be undertaken to ensure your home is within a relatively safe range.

And this is where the radon detector become handy. But then question abounds is how to determine the best radon detector.

In this article, we will discuss all the fundamental aspects revolving around the suitable radon detectors to have in your home.

Additionally, we will also review some of the best recommendations in the market. Hopefully, it will make your selection process much easy when purchasing, especially if you’re a first-timer.

Types of Radon Detectors

These test kits are unique but are designed to serve a similar purpose. However, we’ve got different types radon detectors that you may come across today.

Let’s describe them to understand more information regarding what each type entails;

1. Short-Term Radon Test

These are designed to test radon gas within a relatively short duration. They are ideal if you need to know the rough estimate radon within your home after about two to seven days.

They are the options that many people often go for first when in need of getting a rough idea of the levels of this noble gas before taking particular actions.

Additionally, they are often inexpensive to acquire. However, the brands vary hence leading to variations in results as well as the information that you obtain.

2. Long-Term Radon Test

These are options intended to measure radon levels in your homestead over a reasonably long duration, typically between seven to ninety days or thereabout.

They are ideal because you get to know precisely how possibly the levels spike in various seasons, weather conditions or even temperatures.

The ubiquitous nature of this gas makes this particular test kit suitable for you if you need to determine a long-term solution to the problem.

In fact, the long-term home radon detector gives the most concise and reasonably accurate readings of all the available test kits.

However, it is not an ideal option to go for if you’re after more pressing needs, for the obvious reason that it takes longer to give you the needed results.

3. Digital Radon Detector

It is a type of radon test kit that provides you with continuous and consistent readouts. You do not require to take the samples to a lab to get the gas levels.

This type also has the ability to provide short-term and long-term results. Furthermore, this test kit is essential in determining the efficacy of radon mitigation mechanism.

4. Alpha-Track Radon Detector

It is arguably one of the most popular radon test kits on the market. They are ideal choice to go for because you get long-term solutions for dealing with the radon needs.

These kits are made using a polycarbonate plastic sheet, which collects particles from the air. Tiny marks are made whenever the alpha particles come into contact with the plastic sheets.

The marks can then be analyzed by lab technicians to determine the levels of radon gas in that specific location.

In the same case, the lab analysts will be able to tell the radon levels by counting the pockmarks that are available on the polycarbonate sheets.

5. Charcoal Radon Test

This option provides short-term solutions to radon detection. They are typically affordable and takes anywhere between two to seven days to give the results.

They function in such a way that the charcoal absorbs the radon atoms from the air after which the charcoal is taken for further lab assessment.

The speed at which the charcoal absorbs the atoms in the air is what denotes the levels of radon present.

Aspects to Consider in a Best Radon Gas Detectors

Given the currently we have a variety of products that can be used for testing radon, it would merely be ideal if you pick something good and valuable.

Ordinarily, this is only possible if you’re familiar with these products. Otherwise, it becomes a little bit confusing.

But all the same, I’m here to guide you on how to do it. So let’s look at these factors one by one;

1. Accuracy

It is arguably one of the most fundamental elements to look in a home radon detector. In most cases, the long-term radon test kits tend to be more accurate.

It is probably because the long-term radon detectors can test over an extended period. Therefore, it becomes easy to give comprehensive information regarding different seasons and weather.

Short-term radon detectors on the other hand majorly provide a rough estimate to give you an idea of what the radon levels in that specific area could be.

The moment you can get accurate information from this tool, it becomes easy to make certain life-changing decisions based on the readings.

User-error can also cause considerable inaccuracy in these test kits. It is thus essential that you carefully read and follow the instructions on the manual to avoid this kind of inaccuracy.

2. Usability Of Radon Testing Kit

This is necessary for ease of use. In most cases, these gadgets tend to require some technical knowledge especially if you want to understand the readings.

The other aspect that determines usability is whether or not you can be able to use them as required and get accurate results.

If you can’t use it correctly, then it would be vital to engage a professional who understands various elements regarding the tool. This becomes important as a way of enhancing accuracy levels.

3. Ease of installation

It is also another critical factor that you have to look into when picking the best radon meter. The complexity of installing it inherently vary depending on the particular type.

Often, they come with user manuals that enable you to install them at accordingly for better results.

Due to some unavoidable technicalities, you may find other a little bit difficult to install. But still, to avoid possible tampering with the accuracy, it would be suitable to contact an expert and help you in fixing it where it is supposed to be.

It is also important to understand that you can only get better and more accurate results if you fix it in some particular spots within the homestead.

4. The price

Ultimately, you’ll have to purchase if you’re really in dire need of a digital radon detector. The cost, therefore, becomes a significant aspect to consider.

While the price varies depending on the type of radon test kit you’re purchasing, it is also essential to know the qualities that worth a particular test kit.

If you want one that typically offers basic short-term readings, the most appropriate one in regards to price is probably the charcoal radon kit detector.

They are inexpensive, easy to use and provide results within a short duration hence making it easy to solve your radon detection needs as quick as possible.

On the other hand, the long-term digital radon detector is usually a bit expensive. But the features and quality are indeed worth the cost.

So primarily, the amount you’d spend on acquiring this kit is determined by the particular type you’re interested in purchasing.

Top 3 Recommended Radon Gas Detectors

In this section, we’re interested in showing you some of the best radon test kit reviews based on the tests that we carried out.

1. Corentium Home Radon Detector by Airthings 223

Corentium Home Radon Detector

It is arguably one of the best tools for detecting radon in homes. It features an LCD screen that allows you to read both short and long-term radon levels.

It is resistant to a wide range of environmental and physical conditions including weather, dust and electromagnetic interference among others.

This kit is easy to use and provides accurate results, both short and long-term, therefore, enabling you to make an informed decision.

It is highly portable and has longer battery life. The best part of this kit is that once you’ve started using it, you can reset it as many times as you wish to commence another measurement.

Although it is quite pricey, the features and the quality it presents are worth the amount you spend.

2. Safety Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector – HS71512

Safety Siren Pro Series3

This radon detector kit from Family Safety Products, Inc is also regarded among the best in the market. It features a numeric LED display screen and carries out a self-test after every 24 hours.

It is easy to use, portable and easy to read. This kit also meets the standards of US EPA performance criteria making it ideal for detecting radon kits in your home.

Additionally, it tends to update the air samples after every hour. This helps in enhancing the accuracy of the ultimate readings.

Nevertheless, you also happen to get both short-term and long-term readings when using this particular digital radon detector.

3. Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon Monitor Detector

Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon

This radon test tool is engineered with advanced technology that makes it one of the best on the market presently.

Its sensitivity is 20 times higher than the other competitive radon detector kits. This is, as a result, its accurate detection unit and the dual structured pulsed-ionization mechanism incorporate exclusive technology.

This kit also relays data in about one hour or less. It thus relieves you from the need to wait for results for longer days.

It is convenient in regards to data logging, offers graph displays for easy analysis, has an alarm setting and supports Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones.

It is ideal always to identify the best place to put radon detector for effective results. However, the best part of this Radon Eye RD200 is that it can be placed anywhere and still gives accurate results.

It is always essential to carry out radon tests in your home at least after every two years. This will make it easy for you always to ensure that you’re living within the EPA recommended radon levels.

For that to be possible, you have to purchase the best quality radon detectors like the ones reviewed above. They have a reasonably long lifespan hence allowing you to test and retesting your home.

Furthermore, it ultimately becomes cheaper alternative if you’re always into testing and detecting radon levels in your home when you buy top radon detector kits.

Hopefully, we’ve guided you into picking an ideal radon meter to help you in solving your needs and possibly give you the necessary peace of mind.

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Techniques for Excellent Underwater Photography Ventures Tue, 10 Oct 2017 07:31:17 +0000 The interest for underwater photography increased by a significant percentage every day. It is a type of photography that provides an ideal way to see and capture the vibrant and exciting world that we rarely get the chance to explore. Who doesn’t like to see and take images of beautiful corals, fishes and all amazing […]

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The interest for underwater photography increased by a significant percentage every day. It is a type of photography that provides an ideal way to see and capture the vibrant and exciting world that we rarely get the chance to explore. Who doesn’t like to see and take images of beautiful corals, fishes and all amazing creatures of the sea?

The best part of underwater photography

Everyone can get access to underwater photography, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or professional. It would be appropriate to at the very least to give it a whirl.

You don’t necessarily need some of the high-end cameras to do this activity. Basic equipment and desire to get the best are enough. This kind of photography is fun and provides numerous unique, viewpoints and creative compositions.

But in most instances, you will realize that any level of photographer enjoys their area of photography. Nevertheless, regardless of your level of experience and the types of equipment that you use, the principles of underwater photography are still the same.

You can get stunning shots in no time if you adhere to conventional composition rules.

I’m sure you want to know the best techniques for exceptional underwater photography. Apparently, you are at the right place, just continue scrolling down this article. You will be surprised it’s not as hard as it looks.

The basic principles when take a photo underwater

1. Find the ultimate camera

waterproof camera
SeaLife Micro 2.0 Waterproof Camera

The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that you get the best underwater camera. If you are new to this particular venture, read the manual carefully. Why is this important? Because it helps you to understand the dos and don’ts of using a camera if you’re a beginner.

You also need to know the right type of equipment that you should have. It is what makes it possible for you to get the best out of underwater photography.

Several types of cameras for photography under water are available in the market. The price for each varies depending on different aspects. It is essential that you choose one that suits your needs whether as an amateur or professional. The bottom line is that you must have a good camera that will guarantee you high-quality images.

In this case, good simply refers to a camera that will help you get desirable images. Most people would think a good camera must be expensive one or manufactured by some of the highly regarded brands. On the contrary, there are high-quality cameras that are fairly affordable. But the quality and results you attain from using them are epic.

2. Learn how to dive

how to dive
Learn how to dive

You know the deep sea divers, right? Or probably you have seen them may be on films or documentaries. What they do is an art. Perhaps you won’t necessarily go that deep but basic diving skills in this type of photography is a prerequisite.

Also, you must also know how to be flexible when diving. In a sense that you can dive, take images and focus on other aspects of photography all and more at the same time with relative ease.

Using camera under the water, often cause distraction. A new diver can easily crash into a reef or worse still float to the surface unknowingly. If you cannot master buoyancy well then getting well-composed photos will be a daunting task for you.

Take a photo under water can be fun and mad fun. This can make it possible for you to lose track of time once in a while. Now you can imagine how dangerous this can turn out to be.  Probably because of limited air supply as well as bottom time related to decompression illness, you may be pronounced dead! This should not scare you, it rarely happens, but it is ideal to have it mind, isn’t it?

3. Be patient

Patience is a virtue, not only in this type of photography but almost all aspects of photography.  What you have to know is that shooting under the water is relatively difficult than shooting on land. It’s not as easy as it appears, especially when you are a beginner. Some people get too frustrated during their initial attempts and give up at the end of it all.

However, the easiest way of progressing rather fast is by taking large volume of photos. When you do this and experiment with your lighting and settings, believe me, the experience will be amazing!

The world has evolved, and so is technology. Nowadays, you can literally take up to 1000 images using digital cameras. That’s one great thing about digital photography.  After that, you can review them one after the other using suitable software and choose the best.

Honestly, you cannot fail to get the best out of all if you have that burning desire. For that reason, if you have to succeed in taking photo underwater, regard patience and resilience as key elements to your trade.

4. Get closer to the subject

Let’s face it, if you have to get superlative underwater images, you must just get closer to the subject. This is regardless of the quality of camera you are using. I know there are some cameras with very powerful lenses and can still capture images from a distance. But also remember, to whom much is given, much is expected!

If you have a camera with powerful lenses, expectations are that the images have to be superb. So either way, you will just have to get closer to the subjects.

The fundamental principle when shooting under water is to ensure that you shoot through a minimum of water. The reason is that water is about 800 times denser than air. This density can suck out colour from the full spectrum of light, therefore, hindering contrast, clarity and colour brightness of your subject.

Bottom line: There is no two way, you have to be closer! Ultimately, to attain this, you have to be calm, relaxed and learn ways of not spooking creatures. You should also learn how to allow them to get accustomed to you. If you don’t know, during all these, you must control your breathe and make an approach with the camera already up.

5. Shoot upwards

Consider yourself an expert in your way once you are capable of diving, balancing and holding your camera. But a trick that will work wonders for you when capturing images is to, ensure that you shoot upwards in almost all cases when under the water.

The essence of this is simple; you wouldn’t want to get out of the water and realize you have messy pictures. Is it really worth the toil, risk and efforts?  I guess no! Water bodies have limited light. Aiming the camera downwards to shoot never gives attractive images.

So to save you the hassle, if you can dive, balance, hold your breath and set your camera, you simply cannot fail to aim the camera upwards.

Upward angles are vital in ensuring that your subjects are isolated against the water column. And if you are keen enough, you ought to have realized that most photographers often opt to use 45 degrees or 90 degrees viewfinders that are relatively expensive.

Additional fundamental information about photography under water

Most of the resources that provide underwater photography tips always aim at persuading you to take a try in the art. All words will be used to portray how it is easy to take epic images under the water. However, if there is one thing they will never tell you is how this art requires more than just the basic photography knowledge.

Again, some of these tips are basic.  If you happen to ignore them, then you will probably be so disappointed after that long and tiresome attempt of finding desirable images.

First things first, you have to get the right camera for the task. This point can never be emphasized enough. It is a primary requirement, and of essence, you also have to know how to operate it.

Secondly, you do not just wake up one day and decide to go for photo shooting under the sea. It is a learning process. You need to learn gradually by taking the pictures on land using your camera. The great underwater photographers you see out there also took time, patience, practice and resilience to achieve what you now admire.

It is a fun activity, but observing safety measures can never be overemphasized enough.

For beginners, it is vital to go together with your friends, who are relatively experienced in this particular venture. They may be of great help when the need arises especially when deep inside the waters. You should also not be too adventurous and overambitious during your initial days as an under-water photographer.

Start small, practice more and grow into this art. As long as you have right tools and enthusiasm, you will certainly become a better photographer.

The good thing about this type of photography is that you always have that room for advancing. You may start as an amateur, but through experience and categorical interest, you will always learn as you go.

You do not necessarily have to buy a very expensive camera and other related photography equipment when starting out because you will learn as you forge ahead to understand some of the aspects surrounding this type of photography that works for you and gets rid of those that do not work in your favor. Experience is always the best teacher!

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Essential International Travel Gears To Pack for Travelling Thu, 05 Oct 2017 15:13:48 +0000 International traveling can be for different reasons. Whether you are heading to the sandy beaches, taking a trip to attend a business conference or simply embarking on a relaxing vacation, one thing is for sure, you and your gears are going places! Fortunately, the latest trending gears innovated allows you to live and travel with […]

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International traveling can be for different reasons. Whether you are heading to the sandy beaches, taking a trip to attend a business conference or simply embarking on a relaxing vacation, one thing is for sure, you and your gears are going places!

Fortunately, the latest trending gears innovated allows you to live and travel with ease. In this post, you will be able to see the essential travel gears that can make it possible for you to reduce the luggage you carry, minimize stress and ultimately travel smartly.

What does it take?

You hate packing. It’s understandable. In fact, many people dislike it. Mainly because you are afraid to forget something essential or simply pack too much, yet you are only going for vacation. I have traveled a lot around the world for various reasons, enough to determine the things that I need.

But all these times, I have encountered different experience, both frustrating and exciting moments. Ideally, you need to know the gears to carry when traveling. This is also dependent on nature of your trip.

You need several items when traveling. In fact, the more you have them, the better for you. And then again remember you can never carry everything with you.

Anxiety often occurs when traveling. The flight is about to depart, and the traffic jam on your way to the airport is crazy! You never know what you might leave behind and how essential it could eventually be when traveling.

So how do you ensure that at the very least you carry or include the essential gears in your traveling bag? Don’t panic. You are about to learn all about it, what to pack and how necessary it is, whether for short or long-term.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned international traveler or just an occasional one. The suggestions given herein will ultimately help you to know what item you should never leave behind. Let’s start!

1. Electric adaptor

travel adaptors

Don’t be surprised to learn that not all countries use two-prong plugs. Carry along at least two electric universal adaptors any time you are thinking of the vital things to carry for international travel

You don’t want to get to your destined country and then realize you can never charge your phone, laptop or other devices. It is really frustrating, trust me. If you have never experienced, never take chances. Not all hotel rooms have electric socket ports that are compatible with all your gadgets.

Most of these electric adapters are relatively inexpensive and come with four-plug configurations. Apparently, this is important because it gets you covered in as many countries as possible. If you are a frequent traveler, I would suggest that you invest in a few of these devices. They come handy when you least expect them to.

2 .Travel pillow, eye mask and earplugs

travel pillow

Traveling can be tiresome, flights can be long, and boredom may likely set it at any particular moment. You know those noisy passengers seated just a few seats from you but can’t stop conversing in high tones? Those kids who will cry for hours while on board?

The experience is irritating. It’s the moment you realize that perhaps you need a serious destruction from all the happenings.

But what do you do instead? Maybe take a nap, or listen to music from your gadgets if need be. If you have to sleep, you’ll only do so when in a comfortable position.

That’s why it is necessary to carry a travel pillow.  Luckily, it is not bulky, hence easy to carry. Just position it well when taking a nap and trust me you’ll sleep like a baby! No ensuing neck pain.

The flight lighting may also be a case of concern. A long flight will mean that you’ll definitely feel uncomfortable with the lights. In some instances, you can never sleep while on board.

That’s where an eye mask becomes critical. It bars the light from getting into your eyes and hence you can comfortably enjoy your nap.

Furthermore, you need earplugs too. In many occasions, due to change in altitude, ears tend to block from time to time when on board. Some passengers can also turn out to be noisy on the plane, and the best way to stay from these is by wearing your earplugs.

When you forget to carry them along with you, believe me, you will have the longest, most boring and horrible journey of your lifetime. Who wants that anyway?

3. Multiwheel cabin suitcase

Multiwheel cabin suitcase

For a very long time, many travelers have had the belief that a duffle bag is the best type of bag to have when traveling. Of course, the preference depends on an individual and the nature of travel. Duffle bags are suitable mostly for those who travel to explore the nature and related adventures. But if you have to travel in a classy way, and you want to something that would be ideal to carry all essential travel items for long-haul flights then you need to go for a Multiwheel cabin suitcase.

This bag is easy to maneuverer and hence you will be done away with hobbling from gate to gate. It is also spacious enough to carry all your essentials safely and in an orderly manner as you travel. Other than, this bag is classy and has a perfect size that can fit even in the small overhead bins like those most common in European carriers.

Additionally, you can convert it into a temporary seat simply by pushing the handle down, which can be helpful especially at the airport when waiting for your flight and all the seats available are occupied but you cannot stand anymore. Actually, they are that strong enough to withstand your weight when seated on them.

There is no better way of avoiding back pain when traveling than having this kind of traveling gear.

4. Passport wallet

passport wallet

Passport is one of the must have items for international travel. You will never be allowed to go beyond the immigration check desks at any airport if you do not have a valid passport.

But that’s not the point of interest in this case. A matter of concern here is how you handle your passport when you are traveling, and how to secure your passport.

Other than safeguarding your passport from imminent wearing out, having a passport wallet is a necessity.  You know you will be given several boarding passes when traveling. Keeping them in an organized manner, safely and appropriately where you can easily access them can be challenging. But if you have a passport wallet, consider your woes for this done.

But if that’s not enough, you must be aware that many countries, nowadays offer RFID passports. If you are a citizen of one of such countries, then having a security passport wallet becomes more than just a basic traveling gear for storing and organizing boarding passes.

A RFID-enabled passport through the chip on it contains all your personal information. You need to secure this data from strangers and hackers, don’t you? The RFID chip on the passport relay data through radio waves technology. Thus if not well secured, all your data can be accessed from a distance without your knowledge by a simple scan.

When you have a passport wallet, you prevent such instances from happening. As long as you place your RFID-enabled passport and close the wallet, your data can never be accessed by the notorious hackers as you travel around the world.

5. Digital Camera

digital camera for travel

We all need to capture the best moments of life for future reference. This is particularly when it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. One of the best ways of doing so is by taking still photos or recording videos of that particular event. Of course, most of the smartphones that are manufactured these days have camera features.

However, that would not be enough. That’s the reason carrying a digital camera is essential. Don’t forget that most of these cameras have high specifications than smartphones. They also capture quality images, worth remembering.

Cameras come in different sizes and prices. You know what works for you based on your size preference and budget. But the most important thing is to ensure that you carry it along with you. It will be of great significance when you least expect.

6. Anti-theft bag

anti theft backpack

There is high likelihood of putting all your must-have-in-flight traveling gears.  Many events that often arise when traveling especially at airports. A lot of events may take toll of you and lose concentration on what you carry. It is easy to lose your essential belongings, either from thieves or pickpockets.

So how do you prevent this from happening?

It is rather simple, just get yourself an anti-theft bag. Most of them have security features that prevent pick-pockets from stealing your belongings. Some of these bags also have RFID blocking features, which protect all your credit cards, debit cards an RFID-enabled passport from hackers and unauthorized scanning.

The locking zippers and chain link constructions together with hidden compartments make it impossible to steal or access something from it with ease. In addition, if you shop well, you may find some that have invisible but tough slashguards straps. They prevent notorious bag slashers from slicing your bag and get away with any of your possession.

As long as the bag is intact, your worries for any loss are over! It is a suitable international traveling  gear for putting your gadgets while on the plane and also when walking in crowded areas such as airports and busy streets.

Wrap up

Some things are very unpredictable, and when traveling, you can never be certain of what is going or not going to happen where you are or where you are not. As a matter of fact, you can never be ready for all the worst-case scenarios, but at the very least you can afford the peace of mind by taking little planning and having basic traveling gears into consideration.

It should also be understood that there are so much you can have in your international travel packing list for gears that you may need for the journey and to have all of them may be an impossibility. However, making sure that you efficiently use what you already have, can go a long way to make your journey comfortable, hassle-free and enjoyable.

Above all, you need to get the right brand or model of the particular gear for international traveling. Most of these gears are available in the market but perhaps if it’s your first time to purchase any of them, you need to be keen when shopping for each. So you don’t get counterfeit or low-quality brands.

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Types of Android Apps Equivalent of Apple Wallet Thu, 21 Sep 2017 13:30:28 +0000 http://localhost:88/passtools/?p=2049 Let’s face it; mobile phones have revolutionized the world in regards to the manner in which several businesses and other related operations are carried out. Gone are the days when mobile handsets were a preserve for making calls, receiving and replying to short text messages. As a matter of fact, these gadgets have turned the […]

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Let’s face it; mobile phones have revolutionized the world in regards to the manner in which several businesses and other related operations are carried out.

Gone are the days when mobile handsets were a preserve for making calls, receiving and replying to short text messages. As a matter of fact, these gadgets have turned the world into a small digital village.

Nevertheless, the continuous innovation of various document management mobile phones apps is becoming the order of the day. This is rather becoming advantageous to most regular travelers.

Advancement of document management apps – Passbook the pioneer

There was a utility iOS app known as Passbook which launched by Apple in September 2012, which allowed you to book your flights, your hotels check-ins, cabs, shopping and other essential aspects of traveling.

It allowed the user to add all the important information simply by scanning its QR code. In addition, Passbook also enabled users to have an easy selection of all their passes from the sidebar since it organizes them in categories. Essentially, the info icon allowed you to view all the information as well as adding them to appear as calendar events.

Passbook in a great way helped in reducing the hustles associated with accessing electronic boarding passes, coupons, and cards among others. However, advancement in technology would see Apple coming up with the Apple Wallet app, perceived to be a better improvement of Passbook since it contained more additional and epic features.

Apple Wallet

With Apple Wallet, it is rather easy to use it in bringing up passes with Passkit API, post them on a web page or even send them through mail. This app also gives you an option of setting time for an item to appear.

The wallet is an iOS app ideal for storing a wide-range of documents especially to those who like traveling the world. It is a sort of an application that helps you to organize quite a significant number of documents such as digital passes, reward cards and tickets among others.

The essence here is that you can as well use these passes for saving your movie tickets, showing reward cards as you check out in various shopping stores and check in for flights among much more.

Simply put, Apple Wallet is an app that helps you to organize your documents and store them appropriately such that it becomes easy to access them whenever need arises.

It also helps you to reduce the massive paperwork that is conventionally associated with such transactions, given that everything is now well organized on your phone and can be accessed with relative ease.

Similar apps but for Android users

And how about for Android users? Are there any Android apps that offer similar quality and efficiency like the Apple Wallet?

The thing is since Android is an Open Source platform, it makes some of the developers out there create some apps that almost equal with what Apple offers with Apple Wallet.

Here are some of the Android equivalent of Apple Wallet apps giving you same user experience you get from iOS wallet;

1. Pass2U Wallet

Pass2U wallet
Pass2U Wallet one of Android Apps Equivalent of Apple Wallet

This is the other idea Android app equivalent to Apple Wallet. Irrespective of whether or not you are used to the Apple Wallet before, the experience you get when using the Android’s Pass2U Wallet is sensational.

It works more or less similar to iOS in the sense that whenever you try to open the information by a simple click on any available button on any of the passes, you realize that there is an option that allows for the passes to be displayed on the lock screen.

The other great feature of this app is that it instantaneously detects and adds passes on email and web automatically.

Critics argue that you get better user experience when using this particular app than the iOS wallet. The categories in this app are also organized accordingly in the sidebar.

Furthermore, it is also easy to search for your passes and coupons which simply makes it time efficient especially when you have lots of passes, and you are in a hurry to get one.

The other great thing regarding this is that all the files contained in your Pass2U wallet can be backed up on Google drive and also restore them to your other preferable devices.

2. PassWallet – Passbook + NFC

PassWallet Passbook NFC
PassWallet Passbook + NFC

This is the other type of mobile ticketing app supported by Android and offer similar qualities and features of Apple Wallet. It imports all the admission tickets and vouchers of Passbook to make it easy for you to have them on your mobile handset.

Passbook is downloaded from Google play store then stored in PassWallet. But importantly, you should understand that this particular app is used in managing pkpass files cannot necessarily create passes from other document formats and links or web pages.

This app also makes it possible for you to create security copy of pass tickets of the Passbook such that you may have them on all your mobile devices since they are supported by Google Drive and Dropbox.

This particular app has been integrated with several companies and businesses to makes it easy and faster when it gets to carrying out transactions on such platforms.

The other great element of this particular app is that as a utility app, it allows you to organize and store digital documents on all your mobile devices. This can be to your benefit when traveling, shopping, obtaining discounts and entrances in outlets that accept Passbook system.

And more significantly, PassWallet allows scanning of QR codes of the various documents hence enabling you to avoid carrying too much paper, which is often uncomfortable.



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Passport Security Wallet to Protect Your RFID-Enabled Passport Fri, 08 Sep 2017 13:50:12 +0000 http://localhost:88/passtools/?p=1793 Any regular traveler understands the significance of having their passports ready all the time. Traveling to foreign nations for various purposes can be fun but at the same time can be hectic. Nowadays several countries offer RFID-enabled passports, which essentially means that all your personal data can be accessed from the document just by a […]

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Any regular traveler understands the significance of having their passports ready all the time. Traveling to foreign nations for various purposes can be fun but at the same time can be hectic.

Nowadays several countries offer RFID-enabled passports, which essentially means that all your personal data can be accessed from the document just by a simple scan. It thus needs you to be careful and actively cautious when moving around with your passport.

How do you protect your passport?

You must treat your RFID-enabled passport as a sacred thing because unwanted persons can encrypt your information without your knowledge.

While many governments always assure their citizens that they will take care of their security concerns regarding personal information on passports, it is imperative as an individual to put adequate measures to safeguard your data from hackers.

Remember security starts with you! The key thing in this case is to find a way of preventing hackers by blocking the radio waves so that they cannot get access regardless of the method they would use whether by a powerful scanner or any other gadget or whether they are within close range to retrieve your data from the ePassport.

A better idea is that you can improvise this by taking aluminum foil and using it to cover the RFID-enabled passport. It works wonders and protects you from unwanted persons who may have intentions of encrypting data from your passport and credit cards too. It might look unappealing to the eye but the essence here will be achieved.

You can cover your passport with aluminium foil to block the RFID signal
You can cover your passport with aluminium foil to block rfid signal

The surest ultimate way of safeguarding this from happening is by using passport security wallet. You can never go wrong with this type of wallet. They are designed to ensure that the RFID chips on the passport are not exposed such that they can be hardly accessed by strangers without your consent, especially when you are on the move.

How RFID-blocking wallets secure your information

You need to know that RFID chips work using radio waves technology to relay information. It thus means that it can be accessed from a distance without your knowledge. The RFID-chip is a small rectangular shape that has a circle with a line, more or less similar to those found on credit cards.

If your passport contains this kind of chip, then you are certainly at risk because it can be read from a certain distance with a scanner. The reason is that these chips contain tiny electromagnetic fields, which allows them to trigger communication anywhere as long as the distance is favorable.

But the good news is that radio waves can be blocked, and the role of RFID block wallets is to interrupt radio waves such that a stranger can never trigger communications in an attempt of reading your personal information through RFID scanners. These wallets have been designed using impermissible materials that bar or interrupt radio waves from being accessed to any scanners irrespective of the proximity.

Additional benefits cover your passport with anti RFID Wallet

Remember that other than exposing your passport or card details to RFID reader and other scanners that hackers may use, this type of wallet also prevents the document from wearing out.

A regular traveler knows the number of passport checks that usually takes place at airport immigration check, some hotels and other security control points. The officials in such points keep on asking and touching this traveling document all the time hence exposing it to damage as a result of poor handling or perhaps humid weather conditions.

These wallets prevent your ePassport from damage that might result from such exchanges and exposure at customs and other check-outs.

So next time you are thinking of the better way of protecting your data from third-party hackers who use powerful passport RFID reader, look for a wallet that will protect your password and credit cards information from strangers without your knowledge.

Some personal data can be critical, and you never know when you will be the next target for these notorious hackers. You may also end up losing vital elements or linked up to illegal associations that might put you in trouble that you cannot get out of easily. It is always recommended to stay safe than sorry, especially when traveling to foreign nations.

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