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make cash with 3D printer

The world is full of spectacular creations. Everything that surrounds you can be exciting if appropriately fine-tuned.

Since the invention of 3D printers, it has become quite apparent that creativity is an aspect that can reflect the ideal image of the world’s creations.

And for that reason, there is an open door for all the creative minds to really earn good money from various elements revolving around 3D printing.

3D designing technology is transforming the manner in which printing takes place. If you keenly look at many of the 3D prints around, you’ll see a considerable makeover bringing reasonable reality to this artistic work.

The good thing is that in as much as this technology is still new and developing gradually if you’re necessarily a real 3D enthusiasts then chances of becoming successful entrepreneur linger highly.

How You Can Make Money with 3D Printer

This technology is providing lots of opportunities, so you only need to find your edge and make quite a lot of money from it unknowingly.

So let’s look at some of the actual ways of how make money from 3D printing and at the same time enjoying your hobby;

1. Leasing your 3D printer

3d printer is not cheap

Like is said earlier, this is a new technology that is still developing. That alone is a clear indication of high possibility that a few people presently own machines that support 3D printing.

The other things is not all people afford to buy their own 3D printer. A good 3D printer can cost you a thousand dollars, even there are some good 3D printer under $1000, still not all 3D printer enthusiast can afford it.

In this case, therefore, you can choose to find another 3D hobbyist who would love to explore their talents but does not have a professional grade printer for one reason or the other.

Some inevitably cannot afford to buy these printers, whereas others would probably require one for a one-time project hence seeing no need of spending money to obtain one.

It follows that when you find such people, you can lease the printer and allow them to use it for a particular duration and pay you accordingly.

Incidentally, this venture provides an ideal way to print and make money through 3D technology without ineludibly breaking a sweat.

And at the same time, you need to make sure that you’re giving it out to a person who understands how it functions and how to maintain it to avert cases of possible destruction and negligence.

2. Creating 3D objects and selling online

sell 3d printing object

Nowadays, the internet is revolutionizing the manner in which 3D printing businesses take place. In fact, the internet is turning the world into a global village market through e-commerce.

As it stands, it’s only a few people all over the world that can design and print a wide range of 3D objects.

In fact, this business is soon becoming one of the world’s largest especially when a bigger population will start embracing it.

This, therefore, gives you an edge if you’re an expert in this sector to create different types of these images depending on the needs of the target market and sell them online.

Several online platforms are available and can provide you with the opportunity to develop your niche and generate as much income as possible by selling items.

For instance, there are social media sites that at the moment have become phenomenal in reaching out to a broad market group for e.g: Instagram and Facebook.

What happens is that you need to establish your profiles on different social sites. This way, you stand a chance of getting a better platform to reach out to like-minded individuals so that you can sell your 3D prints to them.

This is a sure way of generating enough money from 3D printing, which perhaps many people who have 3D printing skills, as well as the printer, might not be aware of.

The secret here is finding your niche and tailoring your profile to suit the relevant target audience and trust me you will earn a lot of money from such ventures as long as your job is exceptional.

3. Providing training 3D printing opportunities

3d printing training

For the umpteenth time, I’m repeating that 3D technology is still growing and only a few people have the perfect skills to create and print 3D objects.

Nonetheless, many young people are also showing interest in knowing how to create and print such objects.

As a skillful person in 3D printing, you can primarily form a tutoring class and offer lessons to the ever-growing population of students yearning to get 3D printing skills.

From such training, you’ll be able to make the right amount of money from the proceeds that students will be paying from the training sessions.

What’s more is that you can as well sell to them some of your 3D materials such as curriculum copies and other relevant information that would facilitate their learning experience.

This is a sure way of earning money from the 3D printing technology, which additionally sharpens your skills further given that you’ll also be learning more as you train the students.

Moreover, you can expand your audience via online tutoring as a way of reaching out to the students who are quite a distance away from you.

Things You Can Make with a 3D Printer and Sell

3d printing objects

Ordinarily, 3D printer allows you to do a lot of things than you can ever imagine. Evidently, this is dependent on your level of creativity and the target market for your products.

Nonetheless, most 3D printer manufacturers also ensure that they design machines which allow you to explore your skills fully.

But in this case, I want to explain some of the popular 3D printed items since we cannot discuss all of them.

1. Jewelry and fashion accessories

Women in most cases fancy all types of relevant and unique fashion products. It is, therefore, possible to create jewelry and other fashion accessories that suit the various needs of this population.

3D printing technology allows you to develop some of the best accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, funky jewelry and bag handles among others.

All you need to do is inject your creativity to ensure that the particular products you produce are unique and meet the taste of the target market.

2. Architectural and construction archetypes

Nowadays, most of the prototypes for building and other architectural designs are produced on 3D prints.

It becomes easy for the stakeholders to assess such designs and make a decision on the basis of a wide range of factors.

It follows that most of these archetypes play significant roles in approval process since they provide a conceptual idea for possible implementation.

Some of the architectural and construction archetypes include those of major building such as malls, a smart home and other structures such as highways and bridges among others.

This sector is growing tremendously making it one of the major things that you can make using 3D printing technology and sell.

3. Kitchenette equipment

A large number of kitchen equipment can as well be made from various types of 3D prints. What happens is that some of these kitchen products such as plates, cups, cutlery, bottle opener among others do not necessarily have to be similar.

You can opt for kitchen products of unique designs with outstanding 3D print which can lure your customers to purchase them.

The most critical aspect, in this case, is to make sure that your prints are aesthetically appealing because in most cases this is what can make you sell items easily.

This concept is also becoming more popular, and many people are gradually moving away from the traditional manufacturing of these types of products.

4. Props for Motion picture

In this day and age, you can create any element from 3D printing. Props used in various motions pictures and other action scenes are among some of the cool things that you can create and sell using 3D technology.

Many stakeholders in this sector are always willing to buy such 3D models as long as they meet their standards.

It is actually one of the elements from 3D printing that is growing in popularity. Moreover, you can also find game developers and help them to create props that suit their games depending on various themes.

5. Electronic and electric device casings

Most of the fragile electronic equipment require casing materials that would prevent them from damaging or coming into contact with unwanted materials.

For instance, raspberry pi requires casing material to prevent its components from getting into contact with unwanted foreign materials.

They provide sturdy casing given that the printer filament that produces such casings are often plastic materials.

It is a relatively profitable industry given that 3D print design provides suitable covers or such devices among others.


The upshot here is that making money from 3D printing technology is a reality in the modern world. You can either choose to make it an active or passive source of outcome depending on your preferences.

But the bottom line is that other than making life easier, 3D printing business provides several avenues for money making and growth opportunities in this sector.

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Best 3D Printer Under $1000 in 2018 – Review and Buyer’s Guide Wed, 13 Jun 2018 15:19:52 +0000 Undoubtedly, 3D printers are becoming popular nowadays. They are widely used in schools, businesses, workshop and many different home projects among others. This becomes a clear indication of how incredible the transformation of this device has been primarily in the recent years. Of course, this makes the demand for 3D printers to soar high, and […]

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top 3d printer below 1000

Undoubtedly, 3D printers are becoming popular nowadays. They are widely used in schools, businesses, workshop and many different home projects among others. This becomes a clear indication of how incredible the transformation of this device has been primarily in the recent years.

Of course, this makes the demand for 3D printers to soar high, and 3D printer manufacturers are competing to produce affordable 3D printers. But can you get the best 3D printer under $1000? Is there any good 3D printer with that price that gives you a good quality?

Herein, we provide a list that has clear and concise information regarding a wide range of 3D printers under $1,000 that you can find on the market.

Best 3D Printers under $1000

The fact that many manufacturers are currently producing a wide range of budget 3D printers makes it even more challenging to choose the ideal brand.

Mostly, this guide is here to help you in determining the best 3D printer particularly when your budget does not exceed $1000.

So without taking much of your time, let’s look at our top 10 list 3D Printers under $1000;

NameFilament TypesBuild Volume Print SpeedExtruder Qty 
Flashforge Creator Pro 3D PrinterABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, PETG, Nylon, Wood227 x 148 x 150 mm40-100 mm/s2
Da Vinci 1.0 ProABS, PLA, HIPS, PETG, Tough PLA, Wood200 x 200 x 200 mm60, 90 and 120 mm/s1
Monoprice Maker Ultimate 3D PrinterABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, Flexible TPE/TPU, Metal, Wood200 x 200 x 175 mmUp to 300 mm/s1
QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3DP-QDA16ABS, PLA225 x 145 x 150 mmUp to 150 mm/s2
Dremel Digilab 3D PrinterPLA230 × 150 × 140 mm80-120 mm/s1
Robo R1+ ABS/PLAABS, PLA254 x 228.6 x 203.2 mmUp to 50 mm/s1
Flashforge Finder 3D PrinterPLA140 x 140 x 140 mm40 to 200 mm/s1
REPRAPGURU DIY RepRap Prusa I3ABS, PLA, Wood, PVA, TPE203 x 203 x 178 mm50 mm/s1
Monoprice 115365 Select Mini 3D PrinterABS, PLA, PETG120 x 120 x 120 mm55 mm/s1
Da Vinci mini Wireless 3D PrinterPLA, PETG, Tough PLA150 x 150 x 150 mm120 mm/s1

1. Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer – Top Rated 3D Printer Under 1000

Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer Review

If you ever heard about the famous MakerBot Replicator which cost more than $2000. Then this is the 3D printer that will almost work similar in terms of features and result but in lower price.

The Creator Pro is the most recent addition to the Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer family. This latest design comes with robust and advanced structural enhancements to the chassis.

Mainly, it utilizes pressed aluminum, increasing firmness and in the long run enhance the print quality. This Pro is enclosed, thus you can easily print ABS more efficiently and better than before.

This unit also comes with upgraded ergonomics, LED display, thumb screws as well as the keypad.

Integration of injection molded and panels, door, and hood enhance the efficiency of heat retention chamber. This ultimately decreases the deformation of ABS 3D parts.

Lesser chances of deforming is an indication of more printing time and more fun as well. Nonetheless, the Creator Pro also comes with a comparatively thick Z-axis, which provides a relatively firm and clear-cut movement.

The appearance of this sleek equipment certainly gives you an impression of a serious performer. In fact, it merely works correctly given that every new enhancement and addition syncs together harmoniously.

Main Features:

  • Print Speed: 40-100 mm/s
  • Build Volume: 227 x 148 x 150 mm
  • Filament Types: ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, PETG, Nylon, Wood
  • Extruder Qty: Dual Extruder
Key FeaturesSpecification

Here are some of the outstanding features of this machine :

  • Two extruders enabling for dual color 3D printing.
  • A durable metal frame is substantially firmer than the initial Creator’s wood frame.
  • New LED light system illuminating the build chamber.
  • New integrated LCD screen and keypad board which offers accurate functionality.
  • Compatible with different types of filament material and never locked on Flashforge material.
  • Warp-resistant 6.3mm aluminum build board which maintains its perfect level even when under high heat stress.
  • A heavy duty z-axis guide rod of 10mm is ensuring steady and accurate movement.
  • An acrylic cover which encases the chamber as a way of insulating and protecting different prints.
  • FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) print technology
  • Layer Resolution: 100~500 microns
  • Comes with two ABS 1.75mm filament and 3 table stickers
  • Product weights: 14.8 kg (32.7 lbs)
  • 0.4 mm nozzle diameter
  • Manual bed leveling
  • SD, USB cable connectivity
  • Best value for the price
  • Excellent print quality from a reasonable price 3D printers
  • There are so many different extruders you can use with this printer
  • There’s a variety of high quality 3rd party software available for Mac and PC (most is a freeware)
  • Availability of customer support and parts are easy to replace if need be
  • Requires extremely precise bed leveling
  • Relatively noisy

The bottom line

For under $1000, the quality of its prints is beyond than the expectation especially if you ever used MakerBot Replicator before.

Set up is relatively easy and the customer service is excellent. The only hard thing about using the printer is getting the bed leveled and head settings calibrated.

Some people shy away from a dual extrusion but so far I think it is great. If there is a need for printing one color, you just remove the left extruder.

At the end, The FlashForge 3d Printer Creator Pro is a very decent printer for the price. It can be a good investment since it is ideal for beginner to advance level users.

2. XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 Pro – Worth for the Money

Da Vinci 1.0 Pro Review

The XYZ Printing da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3-in-1 bears several numbers in its name given that it performs multiple functions.

For slightly less than $1000, you can get this printer which allows you to print with PLA and ABS filament, alongside 3D scanner.

Moreover, this unit gives you an additional laser engraver so that you can etch plastic, wood and other materials.

Its compatibility with third-party 1.75 mm filaments gives it an edge by enabling you to choose your type of filament as well as mechanical properties to use.

The Da Vinci software running this machine also allows you to adjust multiple settings including speed, print support, and retraction. This software comes in handy because it is designed for all users irrespective of the skill level. So first timers would find this printer ideal for exploring and printing all the complex and creative ideas.

Main Features:

  • Printing Speed: 60, 90 and 120 mm/s
  • Volume: 200 x 200 x 200 mm
  • Filament Types: ABS, PLA, HIPS, PETG, Tough PLA, Wood
  • Extruder Qty: Single Extruder
Key FeaturesSpecifications
  • Compatibility with third-party filament materials making it possible for you to select your preferred brand.
  • Comes with da Vinci software for natural multiple settings adjustments hence enhancing efficiency and final quality prints.
  • An improved sturdy aluminum print surface is providing a homogeneous heat distribution thus reducing warping.
  • An integrated calibration system with auto-loading filament abilities that detects height and gives calibration instructions.
  • Equipped with wireless LAN connectivity enabling you to send and print tasks wirelessly from your PC or laptop.
  • LCD screening to help in quickly determining the specific functions you want to perform using this printer.
  • An optional laser engraver add-on is making it possible for you to sketch your path using different materials thus enhancing your creativity.
  • FFF technology
  • Single nozzle print head
  • Dimension : 18.4″ x 22″ x 20″ (468 x 558 x 510 mm)
  • Product weights : 23 kg (50.71 lbs)
  • 1.75 mm filament diameter
  • Multi-language
  • USB 2.0 Cable, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity
  • Windows 7 and above and Mac OS 10.8 and above operating systems.
  • Prints excellent 3D prints with fine detail
  • Super easy to setup
  • Supports filament materials from all sources
  • Flexible printing preference settings
  • It has a built in scanner
  • It has a built in laser engraving
  • Uses sealed filament cartridges making it difficult to refill them yourself
  • Relatively slow print speed
  • Scanning only works on USB and not Wi-Fi
  • Some missing parts and inferior sensory system

The bottom line
Essentially, the XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3-in-1 handles its 3D printing, scanning and laser etching reasonably well. The built-in laser engraving is excellent, however for some people its 3D scanning features are somewhat a little bit useless.

Undoubtedly, the XYZprinting Da Vinci markets this printer as a high performer, ideal for designers, engineers, architects and severe hobbyists among others. I would categorize this printer under the class of beginner and consumer categories which still requires a few additional features.

3. Monoprice Maker Ultimate 3D Printer – Affordable 3D Printer with Manual Bed Leveling System

Monoprice Maker Ultimate 3D Printer Review

For a long time now, Monoprice has established its reputation as a cheaper but high-quality manufacturer of various components.

The machine is well-priced and provides some of the outstanding performance in addition to other features.

The Monoprice Maker Ultimate 3D Printer is a relatively heavy printer. Of course, this is a result of the fact that it is designed using heavy, black, anodized metal.

The construction of this machine contains the moving parts as well as enabling you to add covers for the openings if there is a need.

Nevertheless, this machine has an adapting and mechanical procedure and software that is highly indicative of top-notch 3D printers that cost double or triple as much.

Another great thing about this machine is that you can easily replace its parts such as hot end when there is need given that they’re also readily available online.

This unit is a rebadge of the Chinese-made Wanhao Duplicator 6, the reason you’ll find it labeled with the name IIIP.

Main Features:

  • Printing Speed: Up to 300 mm/s
  • Volume: 200 x 200 x 175 mm
  • Filament Types: ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, Flexible TPE/TPU, Metal, Wood
  • Extruder Qty: Single Extruder
Key FeaturesSpecification
  • Supports SD card/USB connection so that you can quickly create your prints conveniently and faster.
  • Supports different types of 1.75 mm filament materials hence reducing the possible limitation on the specific kind of filament to use.
  • Comes with a user-friendly Cura IIIP Edition software installed on the SD card for facilitating faster and straightforward print process.
  • Offers three print quality settings which are fundamental in determining the precision and swiftness of printing your object.
  • Exceptionally sturdy construction with sides welded to an aluminum sheet and the other components attached to this robust frame.
  • Ultra high precision which makes it possible for you to create extremely high-quality prints with reasonably smooth surfaces and precision details.
  • An anti-jam feeder that feeds the filament consistently hence preventing cases of attrition in case you have a long print.
  • Supports Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X
  • CURA software needed for this printer works on both OSX and Windows
  • Dimensions : 14.2″ x 17.3″ x 18.9″ (360 x 440 x 480 mm)
  • Product Weighs : 13.9 kg (30.6 lbs)
  • 1.75 mm filament diameter
  • It is a very well built and sturdy 3D printer
  • It has a super precise all-metal direct drive extruder
  • High quality and accurate prints
  • Provides a reasonably large print area
  • If you look for the spare parts, All Zortrax M200 and Wanhao Duplicator 6 parts will fit this printer
  • Manual bed leveling system
  • Fans are not good and quite loud

Our Overall Take
The Monoprice Maker Ultimate is an ideal 3D printer. In fact, at its price level, it is the best you can get from such a machine. It offers reliable printing and the fact that it is easy to set up makes it more attractive even for a first time user of 3d printers.

The manual bed leveling system can be a downside for beginners, but can also be a benefit for expert people since it sometimes easier to setup manually rather than using auto bed leveling system.

4. QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3DP-QDA16 – Cheap 3D Printer with Dual Extruder


The QIDI Tech 3D is one of the most reliable printers with features and capabilities that match some of the high-end 3D printers like Flashforge Creator Pro.

However, it is the price that keeps it different from others given that it is available at far much lower cost than the other high-end 3D printers. But the quality, features, and performance are more or less similar to the highly rated 3D printing machines.

The QIDI Tech 3D printer has a sturdy construction with a metal frame which makes it relatively heavy and stable. This machine also has a plate made from aviation grade aluminum. Now, this is essential since it helps to prevent warping that might result from the temperature of 49 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, this unit also has an upgraded circuitry which is also essential because it prevents static during printing. Assembling the QIDI Tech 3D printer is also comparatively easy and faster. You get all the instructions on the SD card which are simple to follow.
Alternatively, you can use YouTube instructional videos, and within a short time, you’ll be done with assembling this equipment.

Main Features:

  • Print Speed: Up to 150 mm/s
  • Build Volume: 225 x 145 x 150 mm
  • Filament Types: ABS, PLA
  • Extruder Qty: Dual Extruder
Key FeaturesSpecification
  • The QIDI Tech 3D printer is compatible with different Operating Systems including Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX giving you many options to choose from.
  • Comes with dual extruders making it possible for multi-color printing options.
  • The two extruders are made of an aviation grade aluminum plate which enables this unit to operate well even under extremely adverse conditions.
  • Supports printing of ABS and PLA among other without experiencing any form of quality or technical problems.
  • Uses Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) which gives it an exceptional layering performance
  • Rugged and sturdy construction which provides stability during operation and can also endure rough handling when using or shipping it.
  • Supports SD/Tether and PC connection which is essential as it gives you ideal alternatives to use when you want to print your material.
  • Side panels and top panels are magnetic so no need to print something up for them to hold.
  • 0.4 mm nozzle diameter
  • Layer resolution of 100 micron
  • 1.75 filament diameter
  • Dimensions : 18.3″ x 12.6″ x 14.76″ (465 mm x 320 mm x 375 mm)
  • Product Weighs : 21 kg ( 46.3 lbs )
  • Compatible with PLA and ABS unlike many cheap 3D printers
  • Can print multi-color images
  • You get all necessary components in the box
  • Ergonomically great and appealing to the eye
  • Exceptional customer support at any phase of installing, repairing or using the printer
  • Reasonably silent
  • No WiFi sadly, but direct USB-B and SD Card works well
  • Relatively short warranty

The bottom line

This 3D printer from QIDI is the best contender of Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer. Amazingly even it comes with $200 cheaper than the Flashforge Creator Pro, it doesn’t make this printer inferior.

It is almost have same main features like Flashforge’s except QIDI 3D printer doesn’t have auto leveling bed system and only compatible with PLA and ABS filaments.

In general, the QIDI Tech 3D printer features are more than the price hence you are sure of getting value for your money upon buying this equipment.

5. Dremel Digilab 3D20 Printer – Best Under $1000 with PLA Filament Only

Dremel Digilab 3D Printer Review

You probably might know Dremel as one of the famous manufacturers of rotary tools and equipment for DIY projects.

What’s interesting is that it’s the same company that has since ventured into manufacturing of 3D printers. Incidentally, this is something that has been synonymous with most of the 3D manufacturers.

They known as a company that produce a high end 3D printers, most of their printer cost you more than $1,000 except for the Dremel Digilab 3D20. It is smartly designed for an entry level.

One exceptional thing regarding this equipment is its solid construction which reduces its chances of breaking when in transit or when using it.

The reasonably large touchscreen on this printer has a simple menu that is easy to understand and follow when operating it.

The software that this equipment runs on is user-friendly and straightforward. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or experienced user, you’ll be able to use the software effortlessly.

You won’t spend much time trying to set up this machine. And if you’re a tech-savvy hobbyist, it possible that you’ll enjoy the consistency and quality of print output that the Dremel Digilab 3D20 printer provides.

Main Features:

  • Printing Speed: 80-120 mm/s
  • Build Volume: 230 × 150 × 140 mm
  • Filament Types: PLA
  • Extruder Qty: Single Extruder
Key FeaturesSpecification
  • Quite sizeable thus ideal for working with it from a workbench or a table.
  • Enclosed frames with transparent plastic doors and lid which opens easily hence allowing access to the print bed when there’s need.
  • Flexible software that is compatible with different types of devices including PC, Ipad, Mac, a laptop among others.
  • Comes with a full-color LCD 5-inch touchscreen which helps in facilitating different printing operations and relaying other parameter commands.
  • Has a USB port for connecting USB cables from a PC to allow for printing of the 3D images.
  • Supports its only PLA which is non-toxic and recyclable making it safe to use even at home since it causes no harm at all even to the children within the vicinity.
  • Product Weights : 8.845 kg ( 19 lbs )
  • Dimensions : 15.7″ x 19.1″ x 13.2″ (400 mm x 485 mm x 335 mm)
  • Clear plastic side doors and a lid.
  • Glass build plate material
  • Semi-automated build plate leveling
  • Provides clear and high-quality prints high-quality prints up to 100 micron resolution.
  • User-friendly and flexible software
  • Stable and durable constructions
  • Easy to operate and monitor printing progress
  • Relatively safe to use
  • Reasonably silent
  • Limited to Dremel’s PLA filament which tends to be costly
  • Cloud printing function can hardly edit models

Our Overall Take
The design of this printer primarily targets engineers, product developers, students as well as other professionals.

It is arguably an ideal unit even for first timers as it guarantees quality prints in addition to the fact that it is easy to operate. However, its ability to only support the Dremel’s PLA filament limits its popularity because this restricts you to a specific type of filament.

With that said this 3D printer from Dremel is suitable for you who want to get the high-quality printed 3D product and only plan to use PLA filament.

6. Robo R1+ ABS/PLA – Best Budget 3D Printer with Big Build Volume

Robo R1+ ABS PLA Review

The Robo R1+ provides compactness and versatility when it comes to 3D printing. When you obtain this machines, it comes fully assembled and will only need a few adjustments to become functional.

This prints can print using PLA and ABS materials which is necessary since these are the most common types in the market.

In fact is the metal-hot-end which makes it possible for this unit to print with various types of materials. Incidentally, the Robo R1+ can create wide range of objects of varying sizes and shapes.

If you compare the moderate price for this printer with the epic features and cutting-edge performance it offers, then it becomes so easy to decide to purchase it.

Nevertheless, this printer supports SD card so that you can only print your objects directly from the card without necessarily wiring your PC to the printer.

It is this feature which makes this printer suitable for multiple users. And that’s why it is a typical machine in classrooms, businesses and other settings where numerous users are likely to be.

The automatic leveling and calibration of this 3D printer also set it apart from the other available types given that it enhances the overall printing efficiency.
It can also print using a single color at any specific time given that it prints using one extruder.

Main Features:

  • Print Speed: Up to 50 mm/s
  • Build Volume: 254 x 228.6 x 203.2 mm
  • Filament Types: ABS, PLA
  • Extruder Qty: Single Extruder
Key FeaturesSpecification
  • Comes with linear motion screws which are fundamental in enhancing print quality, performance, and reliability of the machine.
  • Automatic bed leveling and calibration strengthen the ability to attain accurate prints, which layers up to a resolution of 100 microns.
  • Reasonably significant build volume of up to 720 cubic inches which helps to print somewhat large and excellent prints.
  • Heated print beds which help to prevent uneven cooling and warping of the parts of the prints.
  • Comes with an SD card to make your printing work easy and not necessarily tied to print from your PC or laptop for that matter.
  • Compatible with different types of filament materials including PLA and ABS among others.
  • Single head extrusion which allows the printer to print only using one color at any specific time.
  • 1.75mm filament diameter
  • 5 Nema 17 motors
  • Heated build platform
  • High quality linear motion system
  • FFF print technology
  • 0.4 mm nozzle
  • Product Weighs : 9.5 kg ( 21 lbs )
  • Dimension : 17.1″ x 18.1″ x 15.1″ (433.8mm x 459.7mm x 383.54 mm)
  • Big build volume allow you to create a bigger products
  • Affordable in its class
  • English technical support and online support community with documentation are available
  • Open source versatility
  • Loading filament is no easy task. Its very awkward because the top of the printer is in the way
  • The software MatterControl is not easy to use, it has very limited controls
  • Slow print speeds
  • A bit loud when operating this 3D printer

Our Overall Take
The Robo R1+ is an affordable printer for a beginner with low expectations. Print quality is acceptable for 3D printer under $500. If you need 3D printer with big volume but have limited budget than this might be good for you. With note you have to be patient since it is a slow printer.

7. Flashforge Finder 3D Printer – Best Option for Less than $500

Flashforge Finder 3D Printer Review

The Flashforge Finder is unquestionably one of the recommended 3D printers on the market most suitable for education and home users.

This printer offers ultra-quality with a dual extrusion technology which is vital for providing an excellent learning experience to 3D printing projects.

Incidentally, this unit also provides the most significant user experience which you can rarely find in other budget-friendly 3D printers.

Printing with this machine is relatively straightforward, and it can start printing you immediately remove it from the box as it only needs a few adjustments.

The Flashforge Finder also prints with non-toxic PLA material, and all the possible heated components are safeguarded from the touch.

The design construction of this machine is merely perfect and appealing to the eye. All cables are hidden from sight enhancing the safety of the user and the device too.
Nonetheless, the sound level is reasonably low making it a suitable printer to have around whether at home or workplace where people also need to do other tasks.

Furthermore, the Flashforge Finder allows you to send the image you want it to print via a wireless connection.

This is great given that you don’t have to tag your PC or laptop to the printer when you’re in need of printing.

The finder is also optimized to remind you of any incident in case distance between the plate, and the nozzle is appropriate.

Main Features:

  • Printing Speed: 40 to 200 mm/s
  • Build Volume: 140 x 140 x 140 mm
  • Filament Types: PLA
  • Extruder Qty: Single Extruder
Key FeaturesSpecification
  • A sleek frame without any sharp edges and a plastic alloy cover which conceals all the printer cables from any possibility of touching hence guaranteeing safety to the user and other people around.
  • Second generation W-Fi connection for transmitting 3D files from your PC or laptop thus improving efficiency since there’ll be no interruption even when your PC goes off or runs in standby mode.
  • 3.5-inch full-color LCD touchscreen that displays intuitive icons which make operating of this printer quite comfortable from the moment you start using it.
  • Ultra-silent so that it allows you to work correctly on other tasks without the irritating printing sounds.
  • Removable blade plate function is hence reducing any possible incidents of damaging the plate surface.
  • Cutting-edge, user-friendly software ideal for both novice and experts making it possible for you to get unusual 3D objects from this printer easily.
  • Intelligent leveling system which offers excellent precision and easier calibration for efficient 3D printing.
  • Faster slicing speed which enables you to print out your images relatively quick and subsequently saving an ample time.
  • Dimensions: 16.5″ x 16.5″ x 16.5″ (420mm x 420mm x 420 mm)
  • Weight: 20kg ( 44.09 lbs )
  • Uses non-toxic PLA only
  • FFF printing technology
  • Layer resolution: 100-500 microns
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Supports English and Chinese languages
  • Easy to operate, very easy to remove the slide-in build plate
  • Stable construction
  • Outstanding and innovative filament management
  • Relatively cheap for that such quality offered
  • Relativerly quiet
  • Only uses a PLA material
  • Plastic parts can break easily during shipping or in poor handling

Our Overall Take
Honestly, you’ll rarely find such a superb 3D printer with price less than $500 on the market with all the cutting-edge features as the Flashforge Finder.

Its user-friendliness is further enhanced by the fact that it allows for wireless connectivity so that you can organize your tasks accordingly.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a 3D printer for education or home projects at less than $500, then this should be at the top of your list. With all the features and performance that it brings, you unquestionably get the value for your money.

8. REPRAPGURU DIY RepRap Prusa I3– Best for Beginner

REPRAPGURU DIY RepRap Prusa I3 Review

The RepRap Prusa I3 is one of the most affordable 3D printers that you can ever find at the moment. Currently, with a price tag of less than $300, there is entirely no reason why you would never miss the opportunity to own this type of printer if at all you’re indeed interested in using it for various projects.

This machine has a beautiful 8X8 inches heated build area capped with a unique piece of borosilicate glass.

Moreover, the RepRap Prusa I3 allows you to print your 3D images right from the SD card. It merely implies that you do not necessarily need to connect your computer or laptop to this machine using the cables to print.

You can transfer the 3D file to the SD card, and then put it into the SD card slot on this machine, and you’ll be ready to print.
This machine also has a solid construction using materials made from cast acrylic and plastic which gives it a desirable sleek, professional look and durable design.

Other than that, this machine also works well with different types of materials including PLA, ABS as well as dissolvable PVA and metal composites.

As if that isn’t enough, the RepRap Prusa I3 is a USA product, so the company ensures that all the users get accessible and efficient tech support.

Main Features:

  • Printer Speed: 50 mm/s
  • Build Volume: 203 x 203 x 178 mm
  • Filament Types: ABS, PLA, Wood, PVA, TPE
  • Extruder Qty: Single Extruder
Key FeaturesSpecification
  • LCD touchscreen that allows you to insert and read the card hence making it possible for you to print the file directly from the printer.
  • A 1.75 mm direct feed extruder fitted with 0.4mm nozzle which is compatible with different types of filament materials including ABS and PLA.
  • Durable construction using high-grade materials which prevent it from breaking or damaging during printing or shipping.
  • A unique spool holder is making it possible for the filament material to hung off the frame thus increasing the efficiency of printing the 3D file.
  • Heated bed made of real Borosilicate glass allowing the elements that require the heated surface to print appropriately.
  • Supports Mac OS, Windows and Linux operating systems which is essential because you end up with different options and flexibility.
  • FFF/FDM Technology
  • 1.75mm filament diameter
  • 100-400 microns layer resolution
  • Acrylic frame
  • Dimensions : 17″ x 18″ x 15″ ( 431 mm x 457 mm x 381 mm )
  • Product Weighs : 9.07 kg ( 20 lbs )
  • Great way to learn about 3D printing
  • Prints larger than you can get from any pre-built printer at this price.
  • Relatively sizeable build area
  • Support different types of filament materials
  • No soldering, cutting or drilling
  • Very affordable
  • Difficult to assemble with semi-clear set up instructions
  • Does not support multiple coloring
  • Poses safety threat especially if using near children
  • Requires a large space

Our Overall Take
This is a good starting point for learning 3D printing. Building and calibrating this machine, however, take entirely a considerable amount of time. But this is a plus because it builds your mental energy by utilizing the mechanical enthusiasm.

On the other hand, is not as difficult as setting it up, and it provides suitable prints as long as all the settings are optimized accordingly.

The RepRap Prusa I3 is just suitable for that price. The prints results are pretty well for how cheap it is.

9. Monoprice 115365 Select Mini 3D Printer – Top Choice for Mini 3D Printer

Monoprice 115365 Select Mini 3D Printer Review

The Monoprice Select Mini is one of those affordable 3D printers that proves to be compact and reliable in printing 3D files.
This machine is unlike some low-cost printers which tend to come with ill-fitted components that take you many hours searching on the internet on how to assemble and use it.

One thing about this unit is that it comes ready assembled such that since the manufacturer has already taken care of its calibration.

The moment you get it all you need is a simple verification process and a few adjustments to make sure that the default setting is correct.

Also, the verification is to help in checking whether or not the bed level is still okay since it’s highly likely to shift when shipping.
In short, you can start using this printer immediately you remove it from the box. This is unique since you can hardly find a low price 3D printer that gives you direct ready to print function.

Heated build plate and different extruder temperatures allow this machine to support a wide range of filament materials, including PLA, ABS and dissolvable PVA among others.

The design of Monoprice Select Mini is also relatively small but contains all the essential elements that increase efficiency and quality of prints.

Main Features:

  • Printer Speed: 55 mm/s
  • Build Volume: 120 x 120 x 120 mm
  • Filament Types: ABS, PLA, PETG
  • Extruder Qty: Single Extruder
Key FeaturesSpecification
  • Supports USB and SD connectivity and also has an inbuilt Wi-Fi giving it the necessary flexibility to print materials using different alternatives.
  • Compatible with different types of filament materials meaning you can use any brand of the filament which is a significant way makes it possible for you to save money in the long run.
  • Innovative construction with an aesthetic appeal with an open frame design thus allowing you to reach the objects inside easily.
  • Bowden extruder clearly which is an indication that the motor which drives the filament is out of reach of the print head. The impact of this is that it reduces bulk moving leading to minimizing vibration and subsequent better print quality.
  • Fully calibrated at the factory level and comes with a heated bed making it possible for you to start printing right away.
  • Supports a wide range of software including Cura and Repetier among others thus enhancing its usability and user-friendliness.
  • 1.75 mm filament diameter
  • Product Weighs : 4.5 kg ( 9.9 lbs )
  • Dimensions : 13.5″ x 11.3 x 7.5″ (343mm x 287mm x 190 mm)
  • Layer resolution: 100 microns
  • Compact size taking little counter space
  • Open-source printer allows you to use 3rd party materials, etc
  • Reasonably quiet when in operation
  • Price point is amazing for the sturdy and metal build quality
  • Full color screen
  • Effective customer support by Monoprice
  • Leveling is a pain. You have to shift the hot end back and forth manually
  • The fan is noisy right out of the box

Our Overall Take
In any likely event that you’re joining the world of 3D printing, then this is arguably the best type of 3D printer that you need to own as the initial step.

The print bed of this machine is somewhat small as it is mini printer, but still, it provides you with the exciting straightforward printing experience.

At this price, I think that this is one of the best starter-printers available. it is also an ideal printer that you can choose to buy as a gift for someone you know has enthusiasm in 3D printing since it doesn’t necessarily cost much.

10. Da Vinci mini Wireless 3D Printer – Best Budget Mini 3D Printer

Da Vinci mini Wireless 3D Printer Review

The da Vinci mini Wireless 3D Printer is incidentally designed for beginners but at the same time provides excellent user-experience even to the experts in this sector.

This machine gives you a lot of printing performance by producing good quality 3D prints at a reasonable printing speed.
This unit is easy to assemble given that it comes with straightforward instructions that you can understand and execute faster.

This machine has a modest build volume of six cubic inch, which is ideally suitable for a newbie in 3D printing in addition to the colorful design.

The da Vinci mini Wireless 3D printer functions seamlessly by using an auto-calibration. At that particular time, the LED display shows the status of the system.

Other than being an excellent choice for getting into the 3D world, this machine is also suitable pick for those who are conscious of the environment.

Main Features:

  • Printer Speed: 120 mm/s
  • Build Volume: 150 x 150 x 150 mm
  • Filament Types: PLA, PETG, Tough PLA
  • Extruder Qty: Single Extruder
Key FeaturesSpecification
  • LED status indicator for rationalizing the printing functionality via a single button as well as different LED colors showing printing status.
  • Compatible with XYZmaker software which is simple and suitable for 3D printing newbies.
  • PLA filaments made from natural compounds making it environmentally friendly guaranteeing safety at your workplace or home.
  • Wireless connection to home or office network making it easy to print a wide range of 3D files whether at home, work or any other specific place with network access.
  • Compact size is making it highly portable and occupies a lesser space within your office or home.
  • Smart cartridges with the ability to detect whenever the filament runs low and needs replacement, therefore, increasing the efficiency of this machine.
  • Auto-calibration before every new print thus improving the convenience and precision when printing 3D files.
  • Concealed extruder nozzle thus guaranteeing safety to the user from any possible accidental burns.
  • Solid construction with a colorful design featuring black and orange which creates excellent aesthetic appeal.
  • Dimensions : 15.36″ x 13.19″ x 14.18″ (390mm x 335mm x 360 mm)
  • Product Weighs : 6.85 kg (15.1 lbs)
  • 1.75mm filament diameter
  • Orange and black colors
  • Affordable
  • Decent print quality
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Faster printing at most of the settings
  • Quiet
  • Automatic print bed leveling
  • Prints via Wi-Fi or USB connections
  • User-friendly software
  • Relatively slow when printing at highest resolution
  • Compatible only with XYZ PLA filament material
  • Occasional problems when launching some prints
  • At times difficult to remove prints from the print bed

Our Overall Take
For its price, the da Vinci mini Wireless 3D Printer provides top-notch performance than you would expect. The overall prints are clean, appealing albeit with a few inconsistencies but only when settings are adjusted from time to time.

The significant challenge of this machine is that it does not offer you the flexibility to print using a wide range of printing materials in as much as its specific filament material isn’t quite expensive. The problem here is that it limits you to using only this single material which prevents you from exploring.

The bottom line, therefore, is that this 3D printing machine is consumer oriented. And in a significant way, it offers an attractive blend of affordability, usability, sturdiness, decent print quality consistent functionality.

Incidentally, that’s a mark of an ideal 3D printer that any enthusiast would need.

Buying Guide: Aspect to Consider when Looking for Best 3D Printer Under $1000

Undoubtedly, with the 3D printers becoming favorite day by day, it becomes difficult to buy the most suitable one for your needs albeit under $1000.

The confusion gets, even more, because most of these 3D printers including the high-end that are relatively expensive do not have the typical names that we’re familiar.

So in this section, I want us to look at some of the essential elements to look into when you’re selecting a 3D printer to purchase, primarily as a first-timer.

1. Build Volume

build volume

This mainly refers to the printing space available. You have to choose the ideal size for your prints. You should never at any point think that buying a 3D printer with a more significant build volume is the only viable option.

It follows that some prints need a printer with smaller build volume and when you print them using one with bigger printing space then it reduces the quality.

Therefore, you have first to understand the kind of projects that you want to do using the printer as a way of establishing one with suitable build volume.

2. Material compatibility

You also need to check the type of filament material that your preferred printer is compatible with. Typically, most of the 3D printers on the market work with ABS and PLA filaments.
But it is still imperative to assess this element in a printer because you’ll find some that use more than these common two types.

Again, there are those that use specific types of filament material hence the need of making sure that you look into its compatibility before purchasing it.

Incidentally, it helps you in a significant way because at the end of the day you need a 3D printer that suits your needs and one that offers the best service for your 3D printing tasks.

3. Usability of the software

Any 3D printer uses a software. But when buying one, you need to evaluate whether you’re familiar with the particular software.
What happens is that an ideal software should be user-friendly, configurable and powerful. Choosing a printer that comes with software that is easy to use is the best option for an ordinary user unless you’re a tech-savvy individual.

The good thing with most of the 3D printers, however, is that they tend to be open source and designed for enthusiasts.
Thus it means that in most cases the users will often want to explore regarding the software and hardware to understand how they work and how they can modify them to enhance the performance.

4. Resolution

Resolution of the 3D printer ultimately affects the outcome of printing and finishing of small 3D files. The fact that a printer is relatively affordable does not suggest that it should have lower resolution.

It is quite evident that a 3D printer with high resolution tends to print even the tiniest objects quite clearly and to provide a precise and smoother finishing.

So in the long run, you’ll realize that choosing a printer with high resolution will benefit you in the long term since it will allow you to get decent quality prints.

5. Safety

3D printers work under extremely high temperatures. So it is possible that you or any other person around the area can suffer from severe accidental burns.

So you’ll find that some models have enclosures to protect the users from burning, but then the enclosure’s materials can still become hot. Again, some models do not have such attachments.
Therefore, if you’re buying a printer to use at home where children and pets are available, you need to ensure that you get one which guarantees safety.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the printer works and the components, it is advisable to go for one that has enclosures.
Also, you need to consider the fumes that emanate from the burning plastics and the ideal way of handling this is by placing the printer in a well-ventilated room.

The fumes can cause discomfort and be unsuitable for children or pets around.

6. Winding it up

As you’ve seen, there is entirely a lot that revolves around 3D printers and printing. For that reason, understanding the different aspects of this machine becomes fundamental.
Well, the market for 3D printers is still developing, but at least as at now, these are the top and highly recommended low-cost blenders that you can choose to purchase if you’re looking for one.
Of course, the power of ultimate decision lies with you and your choice will be determined by the specific factors you need which meet your needs.

But in overall, the ones listed here are among the best you should go for, your budget notwithstanding.

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Best Router for Gaming 2018 – Buyer’s Guide Thu, 07 Jun 2018 15:17:15 +0000 The most annoying moment when playing online game is when you are going to give your ultimate action, but the connection was lagging. That suck! If this ever happened to you, then you may want to start to make sure you have the best router for gaming installed at home. Did I say best router […]

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top gaming router

The most annoying moment when playing online game is when you are going to give your ultimate action, but the connection was lagging. That suck!

If this ever happened to you, then you may want to start to make sure you have the best router for gaming installed at home.

Did I say best router for gaming? Don’t get me wrong, I already have a good router! Yes, not all routers are able to serve you the best service when you deal with online-gaming which is require consistency on speeds connection.

This is important because these types of devices are specifically engineered to handle the heavy workloads that come with online gaming.

Many buying guides found online fall short of telling you exactly what the best routers for gaming are and that’s the sole reason why this guide has been compiled. In this guide, you will find detailed information about the top ten routers that are ideal for gaming 2018.

8 Best Routers for Gaming

Below is a table summarizing the top 10 recommended routers for gaming with their different features.

NameMax WiFi
Speed *)
NETGEAR Nighthawk X107.1 Gbps801.11ac/ad
Dual band
1.7 Ghz
ASUS ROG GT-AC53005.3 Gbps802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Tri band
1.8 Ghz
Linksys AC54005.3 Gbps802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Tri band
1.4 Ghz
TP-Link AC54005.3 Gbps802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Tri band
1.4 Ghz
Linksys Max-Stream AC40004.0 Gbps802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Tri band
1.8 Ghz
NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC32003.2 Gbps802.11a/c
Tri band
1.0 Ghz
ASUS AC31003.2 Gbps802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Dual band
1.4 Ghz
Linksys AC3200 (EA9200)3.2 Gbps802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Tri band
1.0 Ghz

from the total wireless band that the router can provide

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 – Best Gaming Router with Fastest WiFi

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 Review

If you are looking for a router that comes with settings that are future-proof, then do not look any further than Netgear Nighthawk X10. This is a router that represents a huge step ahead of the rest for gaming routers.

There are so many great things packed within this behemoth of a router to make sure that as a gamer you get nothing but the best experience ever.

This router’s performance is excellent whether you are using 2.4 Ghz or 5.0 Ghz band. It’s a router that is worth the price and will get the job done correctly whether there are obstacles or not.

Before talking much about the this router, let’s delve into its design and feature plus more about how it works and what it has to offer.

Main Features:

  • Wifi Speed: Total up to 7133 Mbps
  • WiFi Technology: 802.11ac + 802.11ad (Dual Band)
  • Processor Speeds: 1.7 Ghz Quad-Core
  • Others: 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports (LAN) + 1 WAN, Two USB 3.0 ports, 20+ Devices, Plex Media Server, Amazon Drive Cloud Backup, High-Performace Active Antennas
OverviewIt's All About SpeedsDesignEffortless to Install & Manage

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 is a premium router that comes with features that are future-oriented especially for home use and especially for streaming and gaming.

Gaming geeks, 4K geeks, and VR geeks will love this router as it performs in ways most other routers cannot. In addition if you have Amazon Alexa at your home, this router is fully supported so you don’t need to worry about the compatibility.

It has Wi-Fi speed of 7.2 Gbps at 802.11ac and 802.11ad levels also this router is equipped with 1.7 GHz Quad-Core processor that will make sure you keep connected while you do streaming video or when you use Twitch for example.

There is an option for VPN and also port forwarding as well which this is one thing that gamers need to open the ports to play an online game. And what I like we can input a range of numbers rather than enter the port number individually.

This is an MU-MIMO router which makes it easy to send packets of data to multiple devices simultaneously rather than one device at a time. Another fantastic thing about this router is the fact that it can support 160Mhz Wi-Fi. This is an essential feature that any gamer should take advantage of to experience breakneck internet speeds while using this router.

Other than that, there are also other features that are worth noting such as its backup system which automatically backs up data to Amazon Drive, Plex Media which enables the user to share and manage photos, audio, files and videos which are saved on a USB flash drive.

Nighthawk X10 is one of the few routers that already utilized 60GHz 802.11ad WiFi the fastest WiFi technology for today, which can take speeds to another level (approximately four times faster than recent famous 802.11ac)

And maybe some of you start thinking that not all devices this day support that WiFi standard, but with the trend of technology which evolving at an exponential pace, makes this router able to give you future-proof guarantee that this router will able to serve your gaming needs for several years in the future.

Still talking about the speeding feature, on the other hand, if you don’t want to use the wireless network to connect to your PS4 or XBOX instead want to use the Ethernet port, then you will find a unique feature on the two Ethernet port which you can aggregate them so you can maximize the speeds.

When looking at the body you can find the cooling fan which nicely placed inside this router, and you can see it through the black grilled space on either side.

On the sides, there are four independently adjustable dual-band active antennas that you can move to the best position for your need. They are non-removable, and all of them emit blue light, but you can always switch this light off should you decide so.

On the left side of this router’s body, you can find two ports for USB 3.0 in case you want to connect the router to a printer or when you want to use Plex media server.

The back side of this router has 6-gigabit Local Area Network ports, and the first two ports are mainly for aggregation. It also comes with 10G SPF + Gigabit LAN port which is a feature generally seen in an enterprise-oriented type of router.

Just like other Wi-Fi routers from NetGear, it is effortless to install the Nighthawk X10. Start by connecting it to your PC over an internet connection. Once it connected the setup wizard can be accessed over page.

The router can be managed through Genie Mobile app or Netgear Genie. On the homepage, you will find settings for internet and Wi-Fi. You can always customize the settings the way you want if you want to set the router on parental control or block specific sites you can always adjust the settings the way you want on the internet and wireless settings page.

You can also go to advanced settings where you will find a guest network, router and wireless information in a detailed manner. On the advanced settings page, you can adjust wireless and internet settings or enable and disable WMM QoS.

  • The performance overall is impressive it has a powerful CPU and most advance features.
  • The 802.11ad WiFi supported by this router able to provide 4.6Ghz max speed. It can be your considerable investment for future
  • Secure access to Wi-Fi on a 1.7Ghz core processor with VPN support makes gaming enjoyable under incredibly fast speeds
  • The Plex media server makes it easy to store and access audio, video and photo files easily.
  • Outstanding network manager that will enable you to fix it accordingly when you are not using it or when you are away
  • To get the most out of its advanced features you have to use devices that support 802.11ad
  • Only 1 x 5.0 Ghz band of 1733Mbps 802.11ac

Our Overall Take

This router is a high-end router that comes with advanced technology to make your gaming experience unforgettable. Not only because of the powerful CPU, and speed, but this router also seems not to disappoint as it is quite ahead of present technology in routers. If you can meet the price, then there is nothing that should prevent you from owning it.

2. ASUS ROG GT-AC5300  Made Exclusively for Gamers

ASUS AC5300 Review

When you look at it for the very first time even before you use it, you will tell that this is a router that was made for gamers and online streaming enthusiasts.

The design is bold, and its eight antennas make it look like a spider. It was surely made for gaming and online streaming. This router offers you the latest Wi-Fi technology through MU-MIMO and Triband wireless frequency (2x 5Ghz +  1x 2.4 GHz) bands giving you the extra room for multiple devices to connect without interfere each others.

Main Features:

  • WiFi Speed: Total up to 5334 Mbps
  • WiFiTechnology: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (Tri-band)
  • Processor Speeds: 1.4 Ghz Dual-Core
  • Others:MU-MIMO, Tri-band (dual 5 GHz, single 2.4 GHz), Game Boost, Built-in access to WTFast Gamers Private Network (GPN™), Game Intrusion Prevention System.
Designed for GamingDesignInstallation

To make an exclusive networks for gamers at your home, Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 provides 2 ports that specialize for gaming, which are fully optimized to support two gaming devices. With that said, all traffic that comes and out from these ports is given the top priority.

Also there is a Game Boost feature on this router which you can instantly activate it with a single click on the Gaming Center dashboard. When this feature on, this router will analyze and prioritized the gaming packets to guarantee you get stable connection when you hook your PS4, PS4 pro, XBOX, Wii, and Nitendo 3DS.

Not only that beside this router supports the standard MU-MIMO and QoS features, it  also support built-in VPN connection powered by WTFast® which will minimize ping latency to game server.

And last to make sure you can just focus with your game this ASUS router support Game Intrusion Prevention System which will protect your gaming network from external attacks and threats.

When you open the box, you will see various parts of this high-speed router which include the eight antennas. Once you put the antennas in their right position what results is a monster-spider looking router in the name of ASUS AC5300.

The whole package alongside the antennas this router weighs about 4.14lbs which is why it is considered to be one of the heaviest home-use routers in the market today.

The only disadvantage about this router is the fact that its aerials may be prone to falling over when compared to other routers under the same category in terms of features and specifications. However, if you want the antennae to stand firm, you have to flip them in such a way that the router holds over the antennae making it appear a towering spider.

Asus AC5300 comes with 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports and two 3.0 USB ports which can be found on the rear side.

If you do not want to use the installation guidelines on the internet, there is always a comprehensive manual that will take you through a step by step process and how to set up the router.

The router’s settings page is easy to understand, and you will be given all the information you’ll while configuring your router.

  • Comes loaded with massive features that are necessary when it comes to boosting internet speeds for gaming
  • Internet link aggregation of 2Gbps is positive about this router since not so many routers come with this additional feature
  • 2 Special Gigabit LAN for gaming + 6 Gigabit LAN ports give you plenty room for your devices
  • The 5.0 GHz band supported by this router able to provide 1.9Gbps max speed.
  • It is an expensive router
  • The user interface for settings a little bit buggy

Our Overall Take
Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 is a router that designed for gaming enthusiast. These special features designed for gamers: 2 Ports for gaming, Game Boost, Game IPS are able to answer common problem for gamers.

With tri-band wireless connection,and MU-MIMO makes this router still shine and perform well if your household has different devices used for 4K streaming, online-gaming or VR gaming.

3. Linksys AC5400 – Good for Heavy Duty Gaming

Linksys AC5400 Review

Linksys rarely disappoints when it comes to releasing the top of the game routers for gaming. One of their most significant and fantastic release to the market is the AC5400 router that is suitable for heavy-duty gaming.

Despite being pricey, this is a router that was made with gamers in mind. This is the best router for a 4000 sqft house with many rooms. It is not for those individuals looking for a cheap router considering its outstanding performance and features.

Its husky housing comprises specs and features that are the sole reason why this router remains to be the favorite for many gamers out there.

Main Features:

  • WiFi Speed: Total up to 5332 Mbps
  • WiFi Technology: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (Tri-band)
  • Processor Speeds: 1.4 Ghz Dual-Core
  • Others: Seamless roaming, MU-MIMO, NextGen AC Wi-Fi capability, 4 by 4 AC for swift streaming and gaming experience, 8 Adjustable Antennas
Smart ConnectivityDesignInstallation

Linksys AC5400 is packed with a 1.4Ghz dual-core processor supported by 802.11a/b/g/n/ac which is the 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz band that can work independently.

With the 2.4GHz frequency band, you can reach up to a maximum speed of 1,000Mbps meanwhile each of the 5GHz bands can reach up to 2,166Mbps.

This fantastic router also supports MU-MIMO streaming of data which able to transmit data simultaneously for the compatible device to use with Beamforming.

Also, there is a unique feature from Linksys when you are using Linksys Max-Stream range extender along with this router. It supports Seamless Roaming technology that can help you to connect to the strongest signal while you move while playing a game with your tabs or smartphone without losing the connection.

Its performance matches the price because it comes with MU-MIMO capabilities. Its advanced QoS capabilities are excellent as it will correctly split the bandwidth at your home depending on the location of devices that are connected.

If for instance let’s say that you and a friend are gaming in a room, AC5400 will allocate more bandwidth on those antennas you are close. If you are in a house where almost everyone wants to connect to Wi-Fi by streaming online or downloading huge files, then you should consider using Linksys AC5400.

The first thing that was crossed in my mind when I looked at this router design at the first time was a gigantic robotic black spider on my desk.

This router comes with eight antennas that are high powered to make sure that your connection remains fast. It is one of the most massive routers in the market today.

It has a status panel that has LED bars that are 8 in number. These will flash every time you are doing a firmware upgrade or when it is booting. The led light will be stable and not blink when the router is running. On the back side of the router, you will find 8 gigabit LAN port two USB ports. There is also power/reset button. On the right side, you will see Wi-Fi/ WPS button.

To manage the settings quickly, you merely go to and follow the instructions. It is a process that should not take more than five minutes.

It is quick to install this pc gaming router which comes with fantastic Wi-Fi speeds. The installation is simplified and made easy by Smart Wi-Fi app utility. Once you are on the app’s interface, you will find different tools that you can use to configure wireless and internet settings of the router.

Managing the router is also very easy because you can do that via Smart Wi-Fi app on a mobile phone. When you run the app you will find router settings and tools that you can use to adjust settings. If you want to see all devices that are connected to the router you can easily see this on the Network app.

Password management and blocking access to some pages can be done over the App’s guest access page. You can customize each band and assign passwords to some groups on the same page.

  • Excellent range of WiFi signals
  • 8 Gigabit LAN ports give extra advantage
  • The 5GHz band supported by this router able to provide 2.1Gbps max speed.
  • Easy to follow web interface that you can use to set up your router to start streaming or gaming online
  • Seamless Roaming technology that can help you to connect to the strongest signal while you are mobile around your house.
  • There are some reports about update firmware, so make sure you check the firmware version that has the most stable before update your router.
  • Pretty huge body

Our Overall Take

It’s almost impossible for you to get connection problem when a lot of devices requesting packets of data simultaneously. The Linksys MU-MIMO and QoS technology in this router are at next level, which can offer more power and performance than many routers under the same category.

Also, It is loaded with some exciting features which give it the solid and stellar performance that will provide you with a very stable network connection.

4. TP-Link AC5400 – Best Wireless Router for Gaming

TP-Link AC5400 Review

The market continues to see new router arrivals with latest technological advancements such as beam-forming, QoS, and MU-MIMO features.

TP-Link Archer is one of the top rated routers that bring nothing less than fast speeds, impressive design, and excellent performance.

It qualifies to be the next Archer C3200 successor considering the advanced features and speed it brings on-board. If you are a heavy gamer who like to take advantage of an advanced router like this, then you have to invest in high-end gaming equipment to get the most out of such routers.

Main Features:

  • Wifi Speed: Up to 5334 Mbps
  • Technology: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (Tri-band)
  • Processor Speeds: 1.4 GHz Dual-Core
  • Others: NitroQAMTM (1024-QAM) and 4-Stream technology increase maximum Wi-Fi speeds, MU-MIMO, 8 External Antennas, Built-in Antivirus, Works with Alexa for voice control
FeaturesAdditional FeaturesDesign

TP-Link AC5400 comes with 1.4Ghz dual-core processor with a RAM of 512MB. With Tri-band wireless connectivity makes it possible for the router to provide the max 2167Mbps when in a 5Ghz band which is double and 1000Mbps when under the 2.4Ghz band.

What these two figures mean is that TP-Link AC5400 is a router that can hit total 5334 Mbps at its maximum bandwidth. The manufacturer of this router rounded off the figure and settled on 5400, and that’s why it’s called Archer C5400.

Some of its advanced and latest features are NitroQAM™ (1024-QAM), and 4-Stream which will give the performance boosts of up to 25%.

Along with advance MU-MIMO tech the NitroQAM™ ensure that your connection remains steady and fast even when streaming online or playing games.

Its MU-MIMO feature makes it easy for up-to 4 users to use the Wi-Fi efficiently while reducing the time each of the four devices has to wait.

  • Quality of service acts as a bandwidth manager across various devices that are connected to the network.
  • Built-in anti-virus to protect all devices on your network from the latest threats with powerful security
  • The wireless schedule which allows you to set when the router should transmit signals.
  • Parental controls to set internet access via the router or restrict access to some websites.
  • Guest-Network- this router allows you to set up 3 guest networks with every network for the three different bands. This also enables you to set a network that your visitors may use when they call on you.

Before opening the box to see your TP-Link Archer AC5400, you will see it pictured on the box plus some of its specs. Inside the packaging are your router, adapter, cable (Ethernet), installation manual, warranty and relevant info about the router.

This router comes with 8 external antennas with each antenna attached to a slot. Also, you can find 4 Ethernet ports, USB 2.0 port, USB 3.0 port and the router’s internet connection port on the back side.

The front side has some LEDs that show internet connection status. There are also buttons mainly for turning WPS or Wi-Fi on or off. One of the buttons is also for on and off turning off the LEDs.

  • The hardware is powerful enough to allow this router to deliver fast speeds even when gaming online
  • There are two 5GHz band that able to provide 2.1Gbps max speed.
  • There is built-in antivirus
  • The setup for the router was effortless and straightforward.
  • Sometimes the device configuration reset to default settings due to a small power outage, it necessary to backup your settings so you can load it later.
  • The 2.4Ghz band suffers from constant signal drops in auto channel mode.

Our Overall Take

TP-Link AC5400 is another good router that able to offer maximum Tri-Band connection on the WiFi. But it isn’t the bleeding edge of tech. Besides the standard MU-MIMO what we like about this router is because this router offers the lower price in its class with extra built-in antivirus which can be a good deal for you.

5. Linksys Max-Stream AC4000 – Best Gaming Router Under $300

Linksys Max-Stream AC4000 ReviewIf you have only $300 maximum to spend for your gaming router, then Linksys Max-Stream AC4000 is the best router that will meet your budget but still able to serve all your gaming needs no matter your gaming level.

It is one of the few high-end wireless routers by Linksys on its class. If you are looking for routers with signal booster capabilities or if you prefer wired connectivity when enjoying your favorite online games then you should give this router a chance.

Whether you are looking for the best modem router for PS3 gaming or the best wireless router combo to make gaming enjoyable than ever before you still have to find a router that ranks almost on the same category as Linksys Max-Stream AC4000 in-terms of features and performance.

Main Features:

  • WiFi-Speed: Up to 4000 Mbps
  • Technology: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (Tri-band)
  • Processor Speeds: 1.8 GHz Quad-Core
  • Others: Next-Gen AC Wi-Fi + MU-MIMO + Airtime fairness, 6 active high gain antennas, 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, Seamless Roaming
Features and DesignBeam-FormingInstallation

This router comes with a beefy appearance finished with six external antennas that firmly stand to make sure that you get to enjoy gaming. The router is powered by 1.8Ghz quad-core CPU that strong enough to make sure that the router delivers what it was made to do.

With this type of processor, every core gets to handle a specific task separately to prevent a user downloading heavy content or streaming online from slowing down gamers’ private network or the entire network.

Its maximum bandwidth is theoretically 4Gbps. With a powerful CPU supported by 3-peripheral types of processors, you are sure to meet your gaming needs while using this router.

It also supports MU-MIMO which means that you will still be able to have high connections even when multiple devices are using the same connection.

Linksys has also included many impressive features in this router, and one of them is quality of service or QoS known as ‘airtime fairness.’ This unique feature is designed to make sure that there is fairness in bandwidth by scaling back band Wi-Fi from some users’ connection speeds to make sure that other devices also experience good speeds.

If you are busy gaming and there are some users connected and downloading large content or streaming online, QoS will ensure that their session does not lead to the slow connection on your side.

There is also beam-forming to power the network to a larger range. No matter the size of your house this router can still connect to your device even if there are several obstacles like walls.

Different reviews reveal that this is a powerful router that comes loaded with features that not only increase internet speeds but also prevent packet loss.

In most cases, the farther the connecting device is from the router’s range the slower your internet will be. Linksys Max-Stream AC4000 comes with features and specs that are designed to improve its Wi-Fi range and make sure that even devices located far from the router can still experience fast internet speed.

Usually, there are two types of antennas on the market. These are directional and omnidirectional. The latter is designed to transmit signal in all directions in an even manner while the former transmits signals in one specified direction.

Depending on different factors the tolerance may be low or high. For instance, if you look at how satellite dishes work you will find that they can transmit signals over long distances with a tight tolerance such that the message can completely get lost the moment you adjust or move it a bit maybe an inch or two. This antenna type will therefore not be ideal for use in gaming at home.

Linksys has carefully taken care of this issue in their routers through beam-forming. The antennas in their routers are directional but are designed to adequately cover a range of 360-degrees.

Installed in the router are amplifiers which occasionally turn off or on depending on the place where a device is located. What this means is that Linksys routers are capable of directly transmitting Wi-Fi signal to your device. Isn’t this a good thing for online gaming? That’s a big yes there without a doubt.This is the main reason why many Linksys routers have remained to be the routers to beat in online gaming.

This powerful external Wi-Fi router by Linksys also allows you to configure or set a name for a guest network and set the services that your guest users can access over the network. You can also set the time your guests can use the guest network and also restrict some websites.

Max-Stream AC4000 router also gives you many parental control options from the time to use the network to access some websites to websites that cannot be located.

  • Even with the lower price this router has 1.8Ghz Quad-core processors which are extraordinary for its class
  • This router’s Wi-Fi performance is stellar and exceptional thanks to the unique design of antennas for outstanding transmission of signals
  • MU-MIMO feature is an excellent addition that provides fast internet speeds even when there is more than one user connected
  • Seamless roaming feature from Linksys is a bonus
  • The 2.4Ghz band only able to provide maximum 750Mbps speeds
  • A little bit fussy set-up process for a beginner

Our Overall Take
It is ideal to say that this is a good bang for the deal since you can spend less than $300 for the advanced and new features and the incredible 1.8Ghz Quad-core CPU that this router comes with it. 

6. NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming –Easy To Setup Routers for Gaming

NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming Review

NetGear has continued dominating the world of long-range Wi-Fi routers that are ideal for online gaming. Their XR500 router maintains to take the market by storm thanks to its ability to deliver breakneck Wi-Fi speeds for gaming.

Gamers have always appreciated NetGear line of routers because they are routers that are made with the ultimate player in mind. Even the first time you meet XR500, you will see the word ‘gaming’ on the packaging box to invite you to a whole new world of gaming.

It comes with advanced features that have been tweaked a little to make sure that the router remains future-proof.

NetGear has remained committed to delivering their promise of ensuring that gamers all over the world get the best router when it comes to online game and nothing less.
Let’s look at what this router has to offer to beat the competition.

Main Features:

  • WiFi-Speed: Up to 2500Mbps
  • Technology: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (Dual band)
  • Processor Speeds: 1.7 GHz Dual Core
  • Others: Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO), Five (5) Gigabit Ethernet ports (4 LAN + 1 WAN), Four (4) external antennas, 15 more channels in 5GHz
FeaturesDesignPerformance and Installation

This is a dual-band wireless router that supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi capabilities at 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz. At 5Ghz, it supports up to 1,7 Gbps and 0,8 Gbps at 2.4Ghz which as a result makes it AC2600 type of wireless router.

The CPU that powers this router is dual-core at 1.7Ghz making it one of the best routers a severe and heavy gamer can go. For PS4 enthusiasts looking for fantastic internet speed to make them enjoy gaming, this would be the best option to go for at this juncture.

Besides the MU-MIMO which is a must thing to have for a gaming router, this router has a special operating system called OS Duma, which simplifies the QoS feature found on many routers to help prioritize traffic for minimal lag or latency.

The fantastic story of Netgear Nighthawk pro gaming does not end there yet because all players need to know it comes with a brand new feature known as Dynamic Frequency Selection or DFS while on 5Ghz band. This is a feature that is very important when it comes to channel selection, increased bandwidth, and reduction of interference when streaming.

The design of this router looks almost similar to predecessor NightHawk NetGear routers. However, XR500 seems sharper, and it’s like the company worked on its lines to make it look a little bit different.

Its style, shape, and size are impressive and satisfying when you see it for the first time but for a gamer who has used other NightHawks the way and design will look almost the same. All in all, it’s an awesomely looking router.

At the back end of Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming, you will find one Internet connection port and 4 Gigabit Local Area Network ports. There is also a switch for on/off of LED lights, a power switch and button for re-setting. This router also has four antennas that are removable.

The front side has indicators in-form of LED that indicate connected devices and buttons that you use to turn Wi-Fi and WPS on or off. The shape of this router from the front side is excellently finished making it the type of gaming router that you will proudly show off rather than keeping it away in the closet.

Its left side has 2 USB ports that you can connect your devices just in case you want to share content. Accessing these ports may be tricky since they are a bit hidden, but you can still reach them.

This router’s Wi-Fi compatibility is 802.11AC which is the latest standard in Wi-Fi tech. One thing for sure about this stunning router is its incredible speed. It’s the ultimate lag eliminator that will give you more than you would expect a gaming router to give.

Setup this router is easy especially when you want to setup your gaming network settings. In fact, the OS Duma will make you a lot of easier to prioritize gaming traffic from many popular games automatically running on specific devices on the network.

  • It comes with custom OS Duma which makes you a lot easier to setup almost everything for your custom gaming settings.
  • The QoS features like Anti Bufferbloat and Trafic Prioritization are outstanding
  • Prime internet speeds making it an ideal router for every avid gaming pro out there
  • A little bit price for a dual band router

Our Overall Take
If you want to feel like the next king of online-gaming, then give this router the chance it deserves, and you will love the experience. It’s crystal clear that this router is designed for gamers like you.

What I like is the OS Duma provided by this router. You don’t need to be an expert network engineering to be able to setup the router to optimize your network for gaming.

7. ASUS AC3100 – Dual Band Router for Gaming

ASUS AC3100 Review

If you are looking for a dual-band router for gaming, then ASUS AC3100 is the choice. Asus is a company that has established itself as a market leader in graphics cards and motherboards, but it is also important to note that they are a big company that has made a bold statement in creating some of the best wireless modem routers for the online gaming world.

Their routers have received a lot of appreciation and acceptance from PC gamers. Their routers are fast therefore good for gaming. Their Asus AC3100 is a dual-band Wi-Fi router that stands head and shoulder high in the market as one of the best in online game playing.

Main Features:

  • WiFi-Speed:  Up to 3100 Mbps
  • Technology: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (Dual band)
  • Processor Speeds: 1.4 Ghz Dual-Core
  • Others: MU-MIMO + NitroQAM technology, 4 antenna design with AiRadar, Built-in access to WTFast Gamers Private Network (GPN™), AiProtection Powered by Trend Micro™, ASUS Smart Connect, AiMesh Supported, 8 Gigabit LAN ports 2 USB Ports.

This is a router that will give you the real value for your money when compared to other gaming routers. Due to the only dual band frequency supported, this is ideal for you who are not going to use a lot of devices simultaneously.

But if you are going to use the router with multiple users on different devices, then it’s advisable to try one of the many tri-band routers that are available in the market, and one such example is AC5300.

This router also supports MU-MIMO thereby allowing users to enjoy fast internet speeds even more than one device is connected.

In addition it supports Adaptive QoS (Quality of Service), which allows you to easily prioritize gaming packets and activities.

And the most things that really matter for gamers is this router allows link aggregation through two of its LAN ports as long as your NAS is compatible with this feature.

This router’s design seems unique and different from router designs that we are used. It diverges from the norm to take an angular-like shape. Unlike other routers that black this router is given bits of red color which makes it stand out from usual router colors.

It also comes with a pretty grill which you can take a glimpse over to see the internal parts. The router is wide enough at 8-inch down and 12-inches across. It is however not as tall as other routers like D-Link DIR -890L/R.

This Asus router comes with dual band capabilities at 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz. It has a Broadcom chipset that has a feature known as NitroQAM which is an avenue that makes it possible to achieve higher bandwidth than the standard AC.

It is one of the easiest to set up and install routers by Asus. Despite the many features and controls, it comes with, TR-AC88U has a user-friendly interface that is easy to follow and remember.

Without saying much about this router, TR-AC88U is a stunning wireless router that will indeed serve you with exceptional internet speeds that cannot be matched by some similarly priced routers.

  • This router is fit with a wide variety of gaming devices thereby allowing players to enjoy this versatility
  • MU-MIMO excellently supports multiple users and connections without slowing down the speed of internet
  • Nice firmware features and easy to setup
  • 8 Gigabit ports makes it easy to connect a VoIP phone, a NAS, a powerline adapter, security system, and still have a few ports available.
  • Not ideal if you plan to have lots of wireless devices connect to this router
  • Quite expensive on its class

Our Overall Take

This is an ideal router for non-hardcore gamers who may have several family members who access the same router simultaneously.  This router almost has all the features like on ASUS AC5300 but comes with dual-band frequency and lower price.

8. NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 – The Legendary Choice

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 ReviewIf there is a router that was released 4 years ago but still hard to forget it, then it must be the Netgear Nighthawk X6. This is one of the best seller routers yet until today. You can check on Amazon and found there are more than 20,000 customers gives this router a high rating.

With six tri-bands antennas, this NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 able to provide max  1.Gbps from the dual 5Ghz frequency bands and 600Mbps from the 2.4Ghz band with range coverage that is enough for a whole of large rooms in your house.

Main Features:

  • WiFi Speed: Up to 3200 Mbps
  • Technology: 802.11a/c (Tri-band)
  • Processor Speeds: 1.0 Ghz Dual-Core
  • Others: Dynamic QoS bandwidth prioritization, 6 High performance antennas, Beamforming+ improves wireless range, USB 3.0 port offers high-speed, Nighthawk App, Compatible with Amazon Echo®/Alexa™, Circle with Disney – Smart Parental Controls

This router is capable of handling 3-different Wi-Fi bands two at 5Ghz and one at the 2.4Ghz band. One of these three bandwidth lanes can always be reserved if you are planning to use high speed of internet especially when gaming or streaming content online.

If you like it, you can configure this router manually, and you can as well set it up to be an access point. You can name this router’s three different bandwidths the way you want and even adjust settings of each of the three bands. You can make wired connections through the routers Ethernet ports.

Inside this router, you will find a 1Ghz processor, 128Mb space, and 256MB RAM. The storage space is mainly used for storage of settings, passwords, and firmware. Its maximum throughput is 3.2Gbps.

The security of NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 is always updated, and you do not have to worry about your network’s security at all. It employs latest protocols used in internet security to make sure that no unauthorized users access the network.

With a spaceship-like shape, NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 is a black router that boasts of fast connection speeds. With this design and shape, this router can be wall-mounted easily.

On the top side of this router, you will find LED lights that indicate active ports and whether there is an internet. The lights can be turned off or on using a button that is located at the back of the router.

The software used in this router is Netgear’s Genie which is the main reason why it is straightforward to set up and install. All you need is modem broadband which you’ll need to access it’s set up a browser window. Once it detects your connection type, it will automatically do the rest for you. This router comes with a pre-programmed passcode and name which makes it easy to set up.

To be safe, it is advisable to re-adjust and customize security settings for enhanced network security.

  • One of the most powerful gaming routers available in the market because of the plethora of features it comes with
  • Comes with affordable price
  • Quick and fast installation process that is easy for anyone to follow when setting up the router ready for gaming
  • This router’s network map is not as advanced as it is in other types of routers
  • Processor only dual core 1.0Ghz

Our Overall Take

This is not new model from Netgear but the total sales talk much about its performance. That is why we still count this as good option for you. The features offered by this router still able to compete with some of new routers with the same price. If you are not heavy duty gamers then you can try NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200, and you will surely not be disappointed.

How to Choose The Best Gaming Routers

If you are a new PC or console gamer there are a few important factors that you must put into considerations when planning to buy a router.

Below are a few factors that you should consider if you are planning to buy a router necessarily for gaming.

1. Always Look latest Wi-Fi Standard

wifi standard

The demand for online games has been on the rise and it has become extremely difficult to continue relying on your old router which has been using old standards of Wi-Fi.

If you have been using older standards of Wi-Fi you’ll notice that your connection is not fast, web-pages that are loading very slowly and it is very challenging to stream videos online.

Before talking much let’s start by advising you to make sure that you invest in the 802.11ac type of router. This type of router has high speed internet throughout which is twice as first the regular router that offers 802.11n Wi-Fi. The most important benefit of using the latest router that transmits Wi-Fi using the latest standards is because it can as well be compatible with older types of devices.

The standard Wi-Fi specification globally is 802.11 with the version of Wi-Fi shown by a, b, g, n, or ac. All these versions are compatible with one another but the difference comes when you want to connect to the old version of Wi-Fi which as a result will lead to lower speeds.

Apparently, the 802.11ac represents the 5th generation of the Wi-Fi technology and offers far much better network performance and capability that it’s all predecessors including 802.11a/b/g/n.

While the latest version of Wi-Fi is 802.11ad, though not all devices you find this day support that WiFi standard.

So as you buy a router, it is essential to find out its Wi-Fi version is at least 802.11ac. The better if you can get the latest 802.11ad that will not just serve you today but in future also.

Dual Bands or Tri-Bands

dual and triband

Bands can be defined as the road that data travels in different frequencies to enable wireless communication. 802.11g routers operated on a band of 2.4Ghz and 802.11n routers operated on 5Ghz. The shift from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz was as a result of overcrowding in the band which then ended up leading to traffic.

Single band devices are those devices that can only use 2.4 GHz band while devices that can handle both 2.4 and 5.0Ghz bands are called dual-band type of devices.

There are also tri-band routers that operate on three bands as we shall see later in our in-depth review of various top routers for gaming.

The speed limit of dual-band devices is much higher than the speed in a single band. When looking for a best gaming router, you should look for at least dual-band wireless routers that can offer both 2.4 and 5.0Ghz bands at once. The best is if you can get Tri-band router.

Antenna Range

It is always crucial to consider the environment where you are planning to use your router. Environments that have many obstacles like walls normally decrease the range of Wi-Fi
Apart from obstacles like walls, there are also several other factors that may affect the signal strength of your Wi-Fi but let’s leave that to be a story for another day for now.

Once you have considered the architecture of your home, the next thing that is very important is your router’s antenna dBi rating. You will generally find the scores of the antenna’s dBi in the specifications section of the router.

In most cases, a router with 2-4dBi ratings is ideal for use in apartments that are not small or large. If your house has several rooms that act as obstacles to Wi-Fi, then you will have to look for a router that has higher dBi ratings.

CPU Speed

The CPU speed of your router may have a direct negative impact on your gaming experience or if you are a person who streams video content online. Your router’s CPU speed, however, will not affect your connection if you are a light user of your connection. All in all, there are different schools of thought about the connection that exists between CPU speeds and how it may affect gaming and streaming video content.

Quality of Service

QoS may go by varying names on different types of routers as some of the manufacturers sometimes give it a cool-sounding name that is ideal when it comes to marketing. Whatever the name it is given, you should know that quality of service in your router is significant in gaming.

It’s QoS that will determine the amount of bandwidth given to each device in your network or connection. Depending on the router you use, it may have dynamic QoS, adaptive QoS or intelligent QoS.

The way the manufacturer of your router names it does not matter what is essential is that it should have a QoS system that is not plain. When you use a router that has an advanced type of QoS, it will split the bandwidth automatically without you getting involved.

A router that comes with advanced QoS will provide outstanding results especially if you are dealing with large and massive network transfers or downloads at once. You want a router that has advanced QoS system to make gaming swift and fast.

A standard router that has plain QoS will not care about the type of traffic in the network. It will therefore not realize anything whether your housemate or roommate is Torrenting or downloading massive files that will slow down your connection. This type of a router will consequently not prioritize your gaming, and it cannot split the network in your favor. This is why you need a router that comes with advanced QoS that will be able to notice that your gaming-depends on the bandwidth.


The moment additional devices connect to your Wi-Fi your connection will start being slow mainly because you are using a router that communicates with your devices in ‘one at a time’ manner. These types of routers are known as single user-routers or SU-MIMO routers whereby each device will have to wait for its turn to get data or connect to the internet.

With the latest technology known as MU-MIMO, you no longer have to keep waiting for your device’s turn to connect to the internet, or you do not have to endure slow connections over the Wi-Fi.
MU-MIMO stands for Multi-User-Multiple Input-Multiple Output. MU-MIMO will allow several devices to get connected simultaneously. This technology will speed up your connection, therefore, make your gaming experience great. Routers with MU-MIMO technology are ideal for use in households that have many devices connecting to the same Wi-Fi router.

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Best 4K TV for Gaming in 2018 – Review and Buyer’s Guide Mon, 04 Jun 2018 09:30:29 +0000 Gaming consoles are just getting better and better as years pass. In fact, they have evolved at an exponential pace that it would be a bummer if you will simply hook it up to an ordinary 1080p TV. Thus, to enjoy a one of a kind gaming experience, 4K TVs is a must. There are […]

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top gaming router

Gaming consoles are just getting better and better as years pass. In fact, they have evolved at an exponential pace that it would be a bummer if you will simply hook it up to an ordinary 1080p TV. Thus, to enjoy a one of a kind gaming experience, 4K TVs is a must.

There are many reasons why an ordinary high-resolution TVs will not be enough if you are going to hook on Xbox or PS4 Pro gaming all day long.

First, compared to a regular full HD 1080p TV with only 1920×1080  resolution, 4K televisions have 3840×2160. Hence, you are getting superb color accuracy and overall picture quality. In addition, 8 million pixels in a 4K TV makes graphics clearer and crisper.

With tens of thousands of options in the market today, we will help select best 4K TVs for gaming by presenting you the pros and cons of the top 4K TVs that will be a perfect match to accompany your PS4 or XBOX and also at the end of this article we give you the guidelines to help you decide the proper 4K gaming television.

Top 4K TVs for Gaming 2018

Choosing the products that you will never regret is such a daunting task. When it comes to choosing a good HDR gaming TV, there is no “one size fits all” principle. You need to determine what you need and choose the best product that offers you a great deal.

Below are our recommended 4K tvs to optimize your video gaming:

Product NameMax. Refresh RateInput Lag TimeGame Mode
LG OLED55C7P120 hz21msYesOLED4HDMI, 3 USB, 1 RF In (Antenna/Cable), 1 Composite In, 1 Ethernet, 1 Optical, 1 RS232C (Mini Jack)
Sony XBR55X930E120 Hz26msYesLED4 HDMI; 3 USB; 1 Digital Optical Audio Out; 1 Analog Audio Out 3.5mm; 1 Component In; 2 Composite In; 1 Tuner; 1 Ethernet
LG 55SJ8500120 hz15msYesLED4 HDMI (all of them 2.0a and HDCP 2.2) ports, 3 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, 1 Digital Audio Out
Samsung UN55MU6300120 Hz20msYesLED3 HDMI 2.0a; 1 component video; optical digital audio output; 1 Ethernet; 2 USB inputs
TCL 55C807120 Hz16msYesLED3 HDMI; 1 USB; 1 Digital Optical Audio Out; 2 Analog Audio Out 3.5mm; 1 Composite In; 1 Tuner; 1 Ethernet
LG OLED55B7A120 Hz21msYesOLED4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 RF, 1 Composite, Component Shared w/ Composite, 1 Ethernet, 1 Optical, 1 RS232C (Mini Jack)
Samsung UN55KS8000120 Hz23msYesLED4 HDMI; 3 USB; 1 Digital Optical Audio Out; 1 Tuner; 1 Ethernet
Input lag time score in 4k @ 60Hz with game mode on

1. LG OLED55C7P – Best Gaming OLED 4K TV

LG OLED55C7P ReviewIf you’re looking for a premium 4K TV with high-quality pictures, extra low input latency, and smart features, this TV is arguably our top pick.

LG OLED55C7P offers a whole lot of features that will surely satisfy everything that you want in gaming TVs.

Considered to be an upgrade from its predecessor models, this banner product of LG easily beats other brands when it comes to overall performance.


  • Input Lag: 21ms
  • Speaker: 2.2 Channel
  • Wi-Fi Built-in: 802.11ac with IP Control
  • Others: Active HDR with Dolby Vision™, Dolby Atmos®, Perfect Black, Cinematic Color, Billion Rich Colors, Ultra Luminance, Pixel Level Dimming
Unparalleled PerformanceBeautiful and CharmingConnectivity Set-up with Convenience

The quality of the picture of this TV is arguably the best among what we have seen so far. Its OLED pixels are built to light individually providing outstanding contrast and excellent images.

In addition, its input lag time is at 21ms which is significantly lower if we compare to its contemporaries. You will notice absolutely no blur and latency in the images making it more perfect for Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and many other games.

However, when we checked the audio, it is not as outstanding as expected, but it should not be a big deal since you can use an external speaker or even a surround home theater system.

For you who like to enjoy a game that has a lot of low light or dark scene, you will be amazed by this television because its High Dynamic Range HDR content performance is merely unquestionable. It delivers the deepest black and the brightest white colors resulting in an exceptional contrast.

The transition from frame to frame is also seamless and virtually undetectable. Without a doubt, LG OLED55C7P is a must buy if you want to bring your PS4, XBOX, or Nintendo Switch gaming to a whole new level.

OLED55C7P screen
Razor Thin Screen on LG OLED55C7P

Right out of the box, not falling in love with its best 4K HDR Gaming TV is next to impossible.

When you look at its design, the first thing that your eyes will take attention is its razor-thin top portion. Measuring just a quarter of an inch wide, it is almost as thin as laptop monitors.

Also, the bezel around the screen occupies only a minimal space make it looks sleek and also giving you more significant area for viewing. The classy silver stand with the iconic LG OLED logo adds to the premium look of this TV.


Hooking up your PC or console gaming will never be a problem with LG OLED55C7P. It is built-in with 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports.

It also includes one composite video input, an Ethernet LAN, 1 RF or antenna input, an optical digital audio output and you will get an RS-232 minijack port.

Another feature of LG OLED55C7P that appeals to a lot of customers is the convenience of setting it up. Using LG’s patented Web OS, even the most tech-challenged person will be able to make it work. Also, using the Web OS application, you can quickly detect and display if you are getting HDR pictures or Dolby Vision.

  • Superb quality of picture with minimal latency which is perfect for PC and Console gaming
  • Excellent picture contrast rather than other similar TVs
  • Eye-catching ultra-thin design making it a great addition to your gaming room
  • Top of the line WebOS allowing easy configuration and control
  • Wi-Fi Built-in 802.11ac with IP Control makes it easier to connect with the networks at your home.
  • Occasional image retention problems when playing games due to the absence of black frame insertion
  • A little too pricey for customers in tight budget

Our Overall Take

With all the extraordinary performance and the stunning images comes from this TV screen, it is hard to say no to this LG OLED55C7P. The design is also appealing, and it built with premium design, and cutting-edge features make this 4K TV something that will give you pleasure at a high-class level. Though it is a little costly, every buck you spent will be all worth it.

2. Sony XBR55X930E – Super Bold 4K TV for Gaming

Sony XBR55X930E Review

Another TV that successfully landed on our list of the best 4K UHD gaming TV is the Sony XBR55X930E.

Assassin’s Creed IV and Sea of Thieves are guaranteed to run seamlessly in this flagship model from Sony.

Combining an upgraded version of Slim Backlight Technology and X1 Extreme chipset, this TV is ready to rock up your video game adventure.


  • Input Lag: 26ms
  • Speaker System: Front-face 3-way (tweeter/mid-range/woofer)
  • Others: Slim Backlight Drive+, 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme, Dolby Vision™, X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO, TRILUMINOS™ Display, Motionflow™ XR 960
Stunningly BoldClassy DesignPoor View AngleBetter SoundConnections & Ports

True to life colors and distinct contrast – these are some of the strengths of this brand. If you’re looking for a TV that performs best in upscaling HD sources to 4K, this TV is the one you need.

Thanks to its X1 Extreme chipset, picture details and colors grade in HD is effortlessly upscaled and can look like a 4K source. What is good about this model is that the quality of images is not distorted nor exaggerated during the process of upscaling. Isn’t it smart?

In addition to superb picture level, Sony XBR55X930E also performs way beyond other brands when it comes to motion handling. In fact, it is one of the top choices when we talk about fast response time.

With a refresh rate of 120Hz combined with a MotionFlow XR960 technology, every movement will be as smooth as silk.

Considering that this TV is built with the Slim Backlight Technology, it is quite disappointing to note that it is quite chunky compared to its contemporaries.

That being said, the combination of black and gold finish on its bezel makes it look premium and classy. The connection parts were also smartly located at the rear portion of the TV so that cable management won’t be a problem.

Sony XBR55X930E TV fell short in the viewing angle category. The color and quality of images significantly when you are 20 degrees off the center. Though this is a common problem to other 4k TV’s as well, it is a critical feature for some gamers. However, if this will not be that much of an issue for you, by all means, take advantage of the other features of this TV.

Previous models of Sony TVs received flak from consumers due to the characteristic of sounds. Their R&D teams seemed to have dedicated a lot of time resources with Sony XBR55X930E TV as it has a much improved sound aspect. In fact, Sony even widened the sound-stage in this model spreading under the screen from left to right.

As a result, you get to enjoy decent sound with depth and height. However, if this still falls below your standards, using a separate surround system is a viable option.

With a total of 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, Sony XBR55X930E TV offers more HDMI connections compared to other brands with usually 3 ports only.

Aside from this, you will get the same connection options including 3 USB ports, 1 Ethernet connection, 1 component input and 2 AV composite input.

Smart TV Features on Sony:

If LG has WebOS and Samsung uses Tizen, Sony won’t allow being left behind when it comes to producing “Smart” TVs. Using the latest version of Google Android TV, Sony makes it easy to configure and use the Sony XBR55X930E TV.

Aside from its simplicity & ease of use, this Smart OS also allows you to download tons of application in Android Google Play conveniently. Also, this TV is compatible with ChromeCast enabling you to transfer videos and other contents from your Android phone directly to your TV.

  • Exceptionally bright HDR images displaying real to life colors with optimum clarity
  • Top of the line upscaling capability converting HD sources to 4K versions with almost undetectable distortions
  • Improved sound with broader sound-stage compared to similar gaming TVs
  • Uses the latest Google Android TV version allowing direct downloads and seamless phone to TV transfers
  • Insufficient viewing-angle that distorts image quality in as little as 20 degrees off the center

Our Overall Take

This Sony TV definitely has a great picture which can satisfy your eyes when you like to enjoy every single detail of your favorite game characters during playing the game.

The input lag score probably not the best one in its class but it still able to give you speed experience without any lag issue.

The only downside probably on the view-angle which is not better than the other aspects such as picture and sound characteristic. With all things considered, we still recommend buying the Sony XBR55X930E for gaming purposes.

3. LG Electronics 55SJ8500 – 4K Gaming TV with Lowest Input Lag Time

LG Electronics 55SJ8500 Review

PC games will never be the same with the LG 55SJ8500 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV.

When built this type, LG has put a lot of effort in ensuring that this TV able to deliver an unforgettable gaming impression. We can see on the input lag score (15ms) which can be categorized as the best we can find in the market.

HDR experience is incomparable in this TV with enhanced resolution opposed to an ordinary 1080p TV. With smart features and advanced TV settings for gaming, LG 55SJ8500 is surely a great deal.


  • Input Lag: 15ms
  • Speaker: 2.2 Channel (Sound Designed by Harman Kardon™)
  • WiFi Built-In: 802.11ac
  • Others: TruMotion 240 (Refresh Rate 120Hz), Active HDR with Dolby Vision™, Nano Cell Display, Wider Color Gamut, Billion Rich Colors, Ultra Luminance
Decent Picture GradeThe View Angle Gorgeous DesignConnectivity and Configuration

Compared to OLED 4K TVs of LG, SJ8500’s picture quality is decent but not outstanding. This is expected given that generally, LED TV’s are inferior compared to OLED TV in this aspect.

However, SJ8500 still displays strengths regarding color accuracy, local dimming, and non-reflective screens. Also, LG SJ8500 uses a unique 4-step process that allows it to evaluate, process, and enhance videos thus improving its level.

LG’s Priced Asset

If there is one thing that LG SJ8500 can be proud of, it is the viewing performance. Using an in-plane-switching (IPS), you can enjoy un-distorted picture and unaltered color saturation from side angles.

In addition, LG’s Nano Cell Display delivers over a billion true to life colors giving you crisp and sharp displays with minimal latency. This breakthrough technology helps LG SJ8500 display the same quality images no matter which seat in the gaming room you’re at.

SJ8500 retains the usual designs of LG TVs. Its silver arc stand looks stunning and compliments its ultra-thin borders measuring only 1 cm on all sides

Opposed to other models, this TV is thicker measuring 6.5 cm at the bottom where all connectivity is located.

What turned us off in the design aspect is the plastic chassis at the back of the unit which does not flex as expected. Overall, this TV deserves to be the focal point of your game room.

There is nothing special with the connectivity of this LG TV. It has the normal 3 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 Ethernet LAN and RF antenna inputs.

Unlike Samsung models, this TV allows you to connect non-HDMI sources via its analog video input partnered with a component input. The configuration process is somewhat similar to other LG TVs using the WebOS operating system.

  • The best input lags time which guarantees you get a fast respvonse times
  • Offers the best wide viewing angles among other LCD TVs
  • Decent picture quantity with a very responsive making it one of best 4k tvs for gaming
  • Excellent price for a midrange gaming TV
  • Ineffective local dimming making blacks appear less deep and darker
  • Average High dynamic range performance resulting in just decent picture quality

Our Overall Take

If lag during the game is what you’ve always had before, then you must consider this TV to replace your existing TV.

LG SJ8500 may not bring you the best high dynamic range experience compared to its OLED counterparts, but it can satisfy a meticulous eye.

It may have some disadvantages when it comes to picture quality but it was able to make it up in terms of viewing-angle, configuration, and connectivity. At a very affordable price, this 4K gaming TV will surely be gentle to your pockets.

4. Samsung UN55MU6300 – Affordable 4K Resolutions Gaming TV

Samsung UN55MU6300 4K Ultra HD

Samsung Electronics UN55MU6300 redefines what 4K TV’s for video games under $1000 are capable of providing.

This 4K Samsung TV belongs to the mid-range level of gaming TVs in the market. This television comes with a lot of features that you will need from a gaming TV, yet the price is still reasonable.

Operating this TV is easy and convenient. Running with Samsung’s patented 2017 version of Tizen, it gives its users ease of navigation compared to the older version of the OS.

What is more impressive about this system is the fact that is it capable of voice command recognition. Simply use the microphone in the remote control, and you can start searching for other contents, change the TV settings and many more.


  • Input Lag: 20ms
  • Speaker: 2 channels (Down Firing w/Bass Reflex)
  • WiFi Built-In: Yes (WiFi Direct)
  • Others: InstaPort S (HDMI Quick Switch), Anynet+™ (HDMI-CEC), Bluetooth®, Eco Sensor
Incredible Picture QualityDecent DesignAvg. Sound PerformanceInput & Connection

Relative to other 4K Televisions in the same range, Samsung UN55MU6300 has a more superior picture grade. In fact, it has one of the most commendable contrast ratio and deepest black.  Thus, you get to enjoy superb graphics.

However, we don’t recommend placing this TV in a huge room since the screen may not be bright enough and overcome the glare from other sources of light or reflection.

If there is one thing that disappoints us on this TV, it is the viewing angle. After moving a few degrees off the center of the TV, the black easily turns into grey and other colors are affected as well.

This is quite a disappointment considering that the quality of the picture is great upfront. Talking about the HDR capability, Samsung UN55MU6300 lags behind the competition to a point that you can hardly differentiate and HDR to a standard dynamic range source.

It may not be the most stunning TV on our list but Samsung UN55MU6300 is certain to amaze you aesthetically.

Its chassis is usually mistaken to that of Samsung KU6300 due to a lot of similarities. With only 1.7-cm border and a maximum thickness of 6.5 cm, you need not a lots space for this to mount on the wall.

Don’t expect too much about the quality of sound reproduced by Samsung TV UN55MU6300. To be fair, it still a bit better than similar TVs when it comes to sound performance, but it is still far from perfection.

To optimize your gaming impression, a stand-alone sound bar or surround system will be necessary.

There is nothing special about Samsung UN55MU6300’s connection options. You still get to enjoy 3 HDMI and 2 USB alongside the Ethernet and the antenna connection.

The ports are perfectly situated at the side of the TV. Knowing the location of the ports will help you plan for cables and installation.

  • Excellent depth of blacks that results in an incredible contrast ratio
  • Very responsive to games due to its commendably low input lag time
  • Less expensive compared to its contemporaries
  • Unsatisfactory HRD capabilities making pictures look like SDR sources
  • Unflattering viewing angle that significantly changes the color when the viewer moves a few degrees from the center of the TV

Our Overall Take

This Samsung TV is a typical 4K gaming TV which can give you outstanding quality in above average score as one of the top 4K gaming televisions, but with the fact it comes with an affordable price in the market can make this TV a real deal for you.

You will still appreciate the crisp and bright images and average sounds from the speakers. Plus it probably not a TV with the lowest input lag time, but its number (20ms) are still above average.

Despite the disappointments in the viewing angle and the HDR capabilities, this TV is still a good deal for you.

5. TCL 55C807 – Budget 4K Gaming TV

TCL 55C807 Review

It there is a TV on our list that stands out for both performance and cost, that is the TCL 55C807 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD.

Arguably, this TV will crash all myths saying that in order to get a quality product, you need to spend a fortune.

Certainly an upgrade from TCL’s previous line of TVs, this amazing TV comes with a great price and can be your best option on a tight budget.

After various tests using the different spectrum to evaluate a TV’s performance, TCL 55C807 showed a more than impressive results. Its level of contrast can be compared to some of the best TV for PC gaming.


  • Input Lag: 16ms
  • Speaker: Built-in soundbar in toe
  • WiFi Built-In: 802.11ac 2×2 Dual Band (supports 2.4GHz & 5GHz)
  • Others: Dolby Vision HDR, Wide Color Gamut with TCL’s NBP Photon Technology, Roku TV Smart Platform
Lag Time No MoreCommendable PerformanceFabulous as AlwaysRoku is the New Smart

TCL manages to achieve a pretty decent input lag time on its more than one billion display colors. It is operating at the maximum 120Hz rate, with input lag 16ms, lags will never be an issue while you are in the middle of a game.

Plus, together with all other features, makes TCL 55C807 4K Ultra HD very responsive to even the latest game that you can ever imagine.

The contrast is certainly above average without oversaturating the colors. Thanks to TLC’s trademark NBP Photon Technology, you get to enjoy true to life and vibrant colors.

Since TCL 55C807 also uses a great combination of decent HDR Technology and Dolby vision to display HDR contents with optimum quality. The balance of colors merely is unimaginable.

Considered to be a member of TCL’s most stylish series, TCL 55C807 puts a significant emphasis on its sleek and slender design.

A bezel surrounds its screen with a metallic finish that supplements to its premium look. The thickest bezel is located at the bottom of the frame that conceals the TV’s soundbar.

Ports and connectors are located at the back are in a location that you may not be able to access with ease of your TV is mounted on the wall.

You may connect up to 3 HDMI devices with one port for LAN. You may also connect your thumb drive to its one and only USB 2.0 port, alongside it there is one digital audio, 3.5mm jack, and AV input.

TCL won’t allow its competition to leave them behind with regard to smart TV technologies. Roku allows you to stream the internet through your TCL TV. Powered by Roku System, TCL 55C807 impresses its users with its organized interface that offers multiple options to make your gaming and streaming experience more convenient and smart.

What better way to go through Roku’s features other than using its state of the art remote control? This weird-shaped device has the buttons that you need to navigate. In addition, by simply hooking up as headphone, you can instantly take advantage of its voice search options.

  • Very responsive to games due to its commendably low input lag time
  • Excellent depth of blacks that results in an incredible contrast ratio
  • Super cheap in its class
  • Unsatisfactory HRD support making pictures look like SDR sources
  • Unflattering viewing-angle that significantly changes the color when the viewer moves a few degrees from the center of the TV

Our Overall Take

If you are on limited budget, then you will never go wrong with TCL 55C807. The input lag is the best after LG 55SJ8500, which guarantee you to leave the lag issue into a history.

Besides the fact that it is providing HDR quality displays, it is one of the best considering the price of this TV is. Although the sound quality is a major let down, this TV is still a jewel worthy of a spot in your homes.

6. LG Electronics OLED55B7A – One of the Best OLED TVs

LG Electronics OLED55B7A Review

Yes! this is another OLED TV from LG, It may still not be a 4K TV under 1,000 dollars but LG OLED55B7A could still be the gaming TV you’ve been looking for.

Similar with OLED55C7P  it has 55 inches screen size, with OLED panel technology which will wow you with its exceptional picture quality.

Picture Motion is definitely a strength of LG OLED55B7A Operating with 120Hz refresh rate, there is almost an undetectable delay in its pixel’s response time. All these results in the elimination of motion blur making the transition from one frame to another seamless.

Despite all of these, the major downside of this TV for gamers is the absence of a black frame insertion. This part is responsible for reducing the blur whenever you are playing high-resolution games. As a result, you may experience lag or stuck ups from time to time but on a minimal frequency.

The only difference between this type with OLED55C7P is, it comes with lower quality of sounds that comes from 4.0 Channel without Dolby Atmos Support.

  • Input Lag: 21ms
  • Speaker: 4.0 Channel
  • Wi-Fi Built-in: 802.11ac with IP Control
  • Others: Active HDR Support with Dolby Vision™, Perfect Black, Cinematic Color, Billion Rich Colors, Ultra Luminance, Pixel Level Dimming
Incredible PictureA Real Winner in Viewing AngleStriking Design

LG OLED55B7A has simply a picture quality beyond compare. The colors appear to be natural with all really deep black. Local dimming and contrast ratios are almost perfect which should be expected for high-end TVs like this.

When it comes to brightness, LG seemed to have mastered the art of optimizing 4K TVs brightness for both SDR and HDR sources.

Another major strength of this model is upscaling the quality of sources. The perfect combination of peak brightness and deep-blacks together with a wide color gamut makes creates an unbeatable HDR experience even from low-quality sources.

In addition, brightness remains unaltered even in bright rooms since the screen has the capacity to reduce the intensity of glare and reflections.

If you are tired of 4K gaming TVs with terrible angle of views, LG OLED55B7A  is here to bring you some good news. Compared to other TVs with similar specs, this premier TV from LG has a wider view angle.

Color will start to change when you move 34 degrees away from the center which is very good compared to the 16-18 degrees of other brands. Finally, this TV is perfect for individuals who prefer to be seated on any side of the gaming room.

Move over Samsung and Sony, LG is definitely taking the competition seriously. It is hard not to notice how stunning LG OLED55B7A’s design is. Wrapped with a 1.1-cm glossy border and a white back chassis, you can easily tell that this model was built with elegance and durability.

Some of the ports are smartly located on the left side of the TV while others are at the back. You’re getting a total of 4 HDMI, 3 UBS, 1 Ethernet, 1 Cable, 1 digital output and 1 composite in.

  • Incredible picture quality even from an angle due to a good view angle
  • Deep blacks and peak brightness that results in outstanding contrast and colors
  • Excellent upscaling HDR performance despite a source of low quality
  • Occasional image retention problems due to the absence of black frame insertion

Our Overall Take

Without a doubt, LG OLED55B7A 4K is one of the best options on our list. Considered to be a top-tier gaming TV, this flagship product of LG is out to take over the market.

Given how powerful its HDR capabilities are, you can virtually immerse yourself in the game with its picture quality. Although there a few hiccups when it comes to image retention,  it is still an HDR TV that your game buddy will be envy of.

7. Samsung UN55KS8000 – Best SUHD Gaming TV

Samsung UN55KS8000 Review

If you are looking for a versatile 4K gaming TV, Samsung UN55KS8000 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV will never disappoint you.

This beauty TV built with hardcore features in a sleek and compact chassis that will sure cover everything that you are looking for in a native 4K TV.


  • Input Lag: 23ms
  • Speaker: 2.1 CH (Down Firing With Woofer)
  • Wi-Fi Built-in: Yes (WiFi Direct)
  • Others: SUHD Remastering Engine, Ultra Black technology with low reflection, Precision Black (Local Dimming)
High-Quality PicturesViewing AngleClassy DesignSmart, But Not GeniusInputs & Connections

The quality of the picture displayed by Samsung UN55KS8000 is simply stunning. Even for SDR content, you can see the apparent richness of its colors with crisp details and edges.

Blacks are also remarkably black and hence, contrast quality is way above average. Though Samsung UN55KS8000 is capable of displaying HDR sources, you still get to enjoy unparalleled image quality from lower resolution sources such as cable, 720p and 1080p inputs. In short, upscaling low-quality materials is definitely one of its strengths.

Blur no more

Operating at 120Hz refresh rate, Samsung UN55KS8000 has no motion problems. With a response time of 9.4, which is about the average in the market, motion looks good on this TV.

Image retention is also not an issue, hence, regardless of the game you play or the movies you watch, you get a smooth transition from one frame to another.

Just like other 4K TV, view angle is also a major let down in Samsung UN55KS8000 TV. After moving at least 16 degrees off the center, the colors started to deteriorate. Hence, we suggest considering placing this TV is a small room with a couch in front of it instead of mounting it on the wall.

You can’t almost point out something negative about the how the Samsung UN55KS8000 TV looks.

The chrome bezel and a super shiny back chassis partnered with its silver stand make this TV look expensive and classy. And before we forget to mention, there is the fact that the thickest portion of this one of a kind TV is just 3.8 cm.

Samsung never fails to incorporation Smart features to their 4K TVs like on this TV. Though it allows you to navigate through the menus and other applications conveniently, it is not the best there is.

Case in point, whenever the system detects a new device connected to it, it interrupts what is currently displayed and switches to the newly recognized device. You certainly don’t want this nuisance while you are in the middle of a crucial game, right?

You will get a little of an advantage when you use Samsung UN55KS8000. Instead of the usual 3 HMDI, Samsung was generous enough to give you 4. In addition to this, you are also getting 3 USB, 1 digital output and a cable/antenna tuner.

  • Excellent in displaying HDR materials showing exceptional contrast and superb picture quality
  • Good view angle and very low reflection on screen.
  • Above average performance in upscaling low-quality materials
  • Lack of features

Our Overall Take

Samsung is flexing their muscles with the Samsung UN55KS8000 4K UHDTV. Given how powerful its features are, there is no doubt why this product has landed a spot on our list. Despite the poor viewing angle, there is no reason why you won’t give this TV a shot to bring your gaming to a level you’ve never been before.

Buying Guide: Aspects to Look for When Choosing Best 4K TV for Gaming

Buying a 4K TV can be easily considered as an investment. Considering the amount of money you’re spending for a single piece of an appliance, the selection process must be taken very seriously.

But how exactly should you choose the right TV with 4K technology for console or PC games? Below are just some factors that you need to consider to ensure that your decision will be a smart one:

1. Check The Maximum Refresh Rate

You might see this number often when you window shop for a television but not everyone knows what a refresh rate is. On a lay man’s perspective, refresh rate indicates by how many times an image or a video screen is updated for every sec.

Expressed in Hertz(Hz), the higher the refresh rate the smoother the display on the TV will be. Refresh rates on TV usually run in 60, 120, and sometimes even 240.

Slow refresh rate may lead to doubling of image commonly known as “ghosting effect” and drastically effects your experience.

2. Get The Lowest Input Lag Time if Possible

Have you experienced playing your favorite Xbox or PS4 games but there seems to a delay between the moment you pressed the button and the actions on screen? Your TV may have a huge input lag time.

When talk about input lag time, It doesn’t matter if you are a professional gamer or just a neophyte, this is something that you would obviously try to avoid. For a smooth and seamless gaming feels, choose the one that was input lag tested and select a model with the lowest result.

3. Feature Game Mode

As a gamer, you need to understand that being a monitor for gaming is NOT the primary purpose of Televisions.

Hence, if you intend to buy a 4K television specifically for gaming purposes, you need to ensure that the television has this mode feature. Or else, you won’t enjoy the gaming experience. But what it exactly Game Mode and why would you need it?

Game mode is a feature of some TVs that disables some of its basic functionalities and protocol. At times, turning the this mode on may result in distortion of colors.

But why would you want to activate this feature? The features of the TV that brings stellar and bright pictures are the main reason why gaming becomes sluggish and less responsive.

In short, the less activity your TV does, the more responsive it becomes to any kind of games.

How will you activate your TV’s gaming mode feature? It actually depends on the manufacturer and the OS used. To be safe, refer to your TV’s user’s manual.

4. Display Technology

Ultimately, TV’s will be judged and opposed to what the viewer can see on the screen. This is the main reason why the display technology is an important aspect to be considered when buying a smart TV.

There are 2 main display technologies that you can choose from – OLED and LED. What’s the difference between the two and how it affects your gaming performance? Here’s how:

LED or light emitting diodes are millions of light bulbs and are commonly used as the backlight for LCD Displays. OLED, on the other hand, are LED’s that are made up of extremely small organic compounds that will only light up if electricity is present.

Hence, unlike LED, OLED pixels can light individually resulting in deeper back and brighter whites. To summarize the difference between these two technologies and how they affect your gaming experience, please refer to the table below:

Criteria Winner Why?
Back Level OLED Pixels that are not getting electricity is completely shut off and is totally black
Brightness LED LED pixels partnered with quantum dots can be very right without causing damage to the pixels. Adjusting brightness to a maximum may cut the OLED’s pixel life significantly
Response Time OLED Since OLED diodes work independently from one another, response time is several folds quicker than LED
Screen Burn LED As mentioned, peak brightness can cut short the life of OLED diodes making LED a clear winner in this category
Power Consumption OLED OLED screens are more power efficient since they do not require an additional back-light

Will you prefer display quality over longevity? Given this comparison, try to weigh out the pros and cons and decide from there. Either way, both OLED and LED displays can surely elevate how you play your favorite game.

5. Ports

Regardless of screen size, a native 4K television will be useless without the necessary ports that will allow you to connect your PC or gaming console.

An ideal TV must have at least 3 HDMI ports for high definition displays. These HDMIs must be version 2.0, 2.0a or 2.0b for a HDR quality display. USB ports may be available allowing you to connect thumb drives and other instruments. And for the rest, there should be for audio, Ethernet, and component.

Knowing these factors will narrow down your choices and will increase your chances of getting quality 4K HDR gaming television.


Whichever model of best gaming 4k TV you select from our list, we guarantee that you will never regret making such decision. Every model has their strengths and features for further improvement. What is important is choosing the product that provides what you’re looking for without spending more than how much you wanted to spend.

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It’s never an easy task finding the best camera for YouTube videos given the multiple brands available in the market these days.

That is why we have put together the top 10 best recommended Youtube cameras for vloggers with their different features, highlighting what each one does best. Then we provide a helpful buyer’s guide.

Product NameTypeMax. Video ResolutionDisplay ScreenLens
Logitech BRIOWeb Cam4096 x 2160 @30fpsN/ABuilt-in lens made by glass
Sony DSC-RX100 VCompact Camera1920 x 1080 @60fps3" Tilting ScreenNon-Interchangeable Lens. 24-100 mm F1.8-2.8 Zoom Lens
Canon PowerSHOT G7 X Mark IICompact Camera1920 x 1080 @60fps3" Tilting Screen + Touch ScreenNon-Interchangeable Lens. 24-100 mm F1.8-2.8 Zoom Lens
GoPro HERO5Action Camera3840 x 2160 @30fps2" Rear Touch ScreenBuilt-in lens
YI 4K Action CameraAction Camera3840 x 2160 @30fps2.2" Touch ScreenBuilt-in lens
Canon 70DDSLR1920 x 1080 @30fps3? Fully Articulated ScreenInterchangeable Lens
Panasonic Lumix G7Mirrorless3840 x 2160 @30fps3? Fully Articulated ScreenInterchangeable Lens
Sony a7R IIIMirrorless3840 x 2160 @30fps3? Tilting ScreenInterchangeable Lens

1. Logitech BRIO – Best Web Camera for Vlogging

logitech brio

Webcams in most cases have poor performance, especially in low light condition. However, Logitech BRIO stands head and shoulder high because of its extraordinary and stunning picture quality.

With maximum video resolution 4096 x 2160 pixels @30fps, this webcam break the myth that you cannot produce a high-quality video in 4K with a webcam for your vlog.

As this Logitech Brio comes with clips, makes this webcam needs to be clipped in your monitor or any static place near with your computer due to you have to plug it via USB.


  • Dimension: 27 x 102 x 27mm
  • Cable Length: 7.2 ft (2.2 m)
  • Weight: 62g
  • Optical Zoom: 5x digital zoom in Full HD
  • Mics: Built-in dual omnidirectional mics with noise cancellation
Easy SettingsExtra-ordinary Picture QualityConnectivity

First, the drivers will automatically download the moment you plug it into your computer’s USB port to get you started. Sounds great? There are still more good things about Logitech BRIO!

If you always want a webcam that gives you control over its field of view, then this is the best option to go for. Through its App, you can choose between 65, 78 or 90 degrees field of views depending on your preference.

There are also some fabulous settings that allow you to change to manual adjustment from an automatic balance or whichever way you want it.

If you do not want your actual background to appear, there are also settings to let you set the background to whatever you want.

Logitech BRIO captures some of the best pictures that a webcam has ever managed. With high 4K resolution at 4096 x 2160 at 30 fps and full HD video. This allows you to choose between shooting high-quality videos with or without 4K mode.

It also has facial recognition (Infrared) features which ensure that the camera is always focused on the target’s face every time.

It can easily adjust to light levels in any environmental settings and still produce quality images. The brighter the light in your environment the clearer the images captured by this webcam.

Forget about other webcams that give you poor images that are always shadowy. Logitech BRIO produces clear images that are balanced. Thanks to its HDR feature.

To connect this webcam to your computer, you have to make sure that your computer has USB 3.0 since 4K recording and streaming requires a USB 3.0 port and compatible software.

  • Best for those who like to create youtube channel with live streaming video.
  • The quality is incredible for a webcam
  • The inbuilt microphone gives clear and loud enough sound. This is important because you can use the microphone in different applications.
  • It is not compact since you can only use this camera with your computer or laptop.
  • Like other webcam, it has low light performance issue.

Our Overall Take

If you plan to do vlog in certain location only especially with your computer, e.g. inside your office or your room, then you should consider this Logitech BRIO as your vlogging camera.

The connectivity of this web camera with your computer makes this camera the best option for those who like to create a live streaming video on their Youtube channel.

The high quality of videos produced by this webcam makes this camera become the best web camera for vlogging.

Sample vlogging with Logitech BRIO by Justin Tse


2. Sony DSC-RX100 V – Our Top Pick Vlogging Camera

Sony DSC RX100 V

One of the best compact cameras ever made and released to the market by Sony is DSC-RX100.

Since 2012 Sony has been working on improving this model, from first series to the latest one DSC-RX100 V which was released in 2016.

As everyone knows that Sony is one of the best manufacturers who have been into the videography industry for a long time. Means this brand really knows how to deliver a high quality when recording video.

With capability to produce 4K video (3840 x 2160 @ 30fps) and equipped with Zeiss lens makes this camera able to produce good depth of field (dof), excellent color profile which bring you to another level of vlogging.


  • Dimension: 102 x 58 x 41 mm
  • Weight: 299g
  • Sensor: 20MP – 1″ BSI-CMOS Sensor
  • Lens: 24-70 mm F1.8-2.8 Zoom Lens
  • Auto Focus: Contrast Detection and Phase Detection
  • Focus points: 315 points
Recording VideoDesign and BuildSuperb AutofocusCinematic & Slow Motion

One of the recognizable strengths of this camera is the capability to recording outstanding videos.

You can zoom while shooting videos and DSC RX100 still gives you an option of recording under manual focus or AF continuous.

It also has excellent image stabilization capability which you can take advantage of while shooting. It gives you two options to use while shooting.

You can either use active or standard modes while shooting. Active mode will help you when making large movements while standard mode becomes useful when lightly moving.

If the video you are shooting is interlaced you also have an option of capturing still images without interfering with your video quality.

It does great in low light, which is really important if you want one camera that accompany you whether it’s noon or midnight.

This camera is made from durable and solid material with a compact design and styling. It has twin control dial in terms of design. A dial found on its rear end has two functions, the first being acting as a 4-way controller and the other being controlling the ring that surrounds the lens.

Depending on how you set the control to function you can also set it to control your camera’s zoom. The control ring gives you a variety of options to customize your style of shooting videos.

Sony introduced their latest display technology known as WhiteMagic and DSC RX100 is the first camera by Sony to have this technology on its LCD display.

It has a flip out screen which tilts 180 degrees, so you can check if you are in focus while recording. Unfortunately the LCD is not touchscreen so you need to use all the provided buttons to operate this tiny camera

If you are like other vloggers who find it hard to make sure everything is in focus all the time then you can stop worrying, because that is not an issue with the RX100V. It has super fast auto-focus with 315 points of focus.

In a layman’s terms, that means it gets your subject super sharp and keeps it sharp even as you move around.

If you want to take your videos one step further and get that cinematic look, you can shoot in S log2 gama mode, which is Sony’s raw video format. It gives you a lot more wiggle room, and creative expression in post production.

Meanwhile if you like to include slow motion effect as your secret weapon for your vlog intro, you will be amazed with the high frame rate (HFR) feature, it has 3 settings which can help you to create a super slow mo action with  250fps, 500fps, or 1000fps.

  • Small in size making it easily portable and ideal for shooting while on the go
  • Auto-focus is superb, you shall not worry about out of focus issue anymore
  • Small camera but able to recording 4K Video
  • There are a lot of features to make sure that you can shoot your videos under your preferred settings
  • Great low light performance
  • LCD no touchscreen
  • No mics input
  • Lagging when zooming and the optical zoom only able to zoom 3X

Our Overall Take

This camera is perfect for those who like to focus on their content and let the camera work for them with guarantee of an amazing video.

It can do everything you need for vlogging. It richs of features like HFR (High Frame Rate), the 315 point of autofocus and cinematic looks settings are enough to bring your video to the next level like a pro.

With the ability to record 4K video this will be your perfect investment if you want to create content that’s going to last into the future.

3. Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II – Best Youtube Camera from Canon

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II

This legendary Canon G7X has been a perfect option for many vloggers. With its dimension and light weight makes this camera very compact and can serve your vlogging activities almost anywhere.

Their Canon G7X Mark II camera is a high-end type of camera ideal for committed and focused Vlogger looking for a camera that will help them deliver nothing but quality.

Their Contract Detection and Face Detection autofocus systems are swift. You don’t need to be an expert videographer to start vlogging with this camera, you just need to turn it on, set recording and start vlogging, you will be amazed by how easy it operate while still producing super sharp videos.

Another reason that makes we like about this camera is It has incredible 3″ tilt LCD screen that will help you to check if you already setup properly during recording. Just super perfect device to accommodate your vlogging.


  • Dimension: 106 x 61 x 42mm
  • Sensor: 20MP – 1″ BSI-CMOS Sensor
  • Weight: 319g
  • Lens: 24-100 mm F1.8-2.8 Zoom Lens
  • Auto Focus: Contrast Detection & Face Detection
  • Focus Points: 31 points
Recording VideoDesign & BuildBuilt in WiFiBuilt in Time-lapse

The fact that this camera lacks 4K recording of videos does not suggest that it can’t be used as YouTube filming camera. It can record top quality videos at 60, 30 and 24 frames per second all at 1080p.

A video shot at 1080p by this camera is of good quality just like videos shot by other canon cameras at the same resolution.

One of the features that make it easy to shoot professional footage is Dynamic IS. This feature basically functions by bringing electronic 5-axis and lens stabilization together. It’s exposure control is perfect for shooting whether you are shooting at manual mode or automatic mode.

This camera captures good quality images and it can record images that do not have noise even at 125-1600 ISO. However, at ISO of 3200, you’ll get to hear some low level of noise. At 6400 ISO the level of noise will definitely be higher but the image will still be good and can be used.

Its chromatic aberration handling is pretty okay with a few fringing effects being seen when it’s set at high contrast. Its in-built flash makes it very easy to capture clear images in the dark that have excellent exposure.

The first time you touch Canon G7X Mark II you will realize that has a sleek finish and soft. The high quality material used in building it also make it light and compact.

The camera only weighs 319 gram with its battery on.The grip is fine and when you hold the camera you will not fear that it’ll drop while using it.

With a sturdy finish and a body built from solid material, Canon G7X Mark II comes with well optimized menus. It has a button used as a shutter but it can as well be used for zoom.

The lens is surrounded by a ring and this ring can be used to perform different functions including step zoom, manual focus, aspect ratio, ISO and balance.

Uploading content to YouTube direct has been simplified by the inbuilt Wi-Fi functionality.

As long as you can connect the camera with its App on iOS or Android you’re good to start sharing your videos and photos.

The App is easy to use and anyone can navigate through very easily without encountering difficulties. And while within the App you will find several features including image transfer, ISO, remote shooting, zoom, controlling and many more.

When you go to Video Mode you can select an Time-lapse movie option, set the interval between shots and the number of shots.

This feature is really helpful for any vlogger who wants to records time-lapse sunset or even time-lapse of roads during their travel vlogging.

  • The size is very compact, you can easily carry it in your pocket
  • The quality of video is very good.
  • Excellent Image stabilization which ensures that the content is not shaky but the right quality for the audience.
  • Wi-Fi enabled which you can always use to upload content to your channel and allow your audience to watch
  • No mic input
  • You may need extra batteries to help you vlogging all day long

Our Overall Take

This is a decent camera for Youtube if you are a starter or experienced in the world of YouTubing. It comes with great features that enough to support your daily vlogging, from beginner to intermediate level.

The fact that  it is  pretty small and light makes this Canon camera perfect for any condition whether you vlog indoors or outdoors.

The only downside is its inability to shoot 4K videos which we don’t think it makes a lot of difference for a Youtube video.

4. GoPro HERO 5 Black – Best Action Camera for Youtube Video

gopro hero 5

When it comes to the best action cam for creating Youtube videos, most vloggers will think a GoPro Hero 5. The reason for this is straightforward. GoPro has taken the market by storm with their amazing cameras that come loaded with excellent features that other cameras lack.

It’s never easy finding a mature camera like GoPro Hero 5 considering the outstanding performance and unique features it brings on-board.


  • Dimension: 44.5 x 62 x 32mm
  • Weight: 118g
  • Waterproof: 33ft out of the box
  • Lens: Fixed lens (wide angle)
  • Unique Features: GPS & Voice controls
Recording VideoDesign and BuildNoise & soundsVideo Editing& AppsThe Voice Controls

This camera’s sensor is the same as what is found in its predecessor- Hero 4. What this basically means is that its resolution is 4K at 30fps.

With Hero 5 you can still decrease to 1080p at 120fps or 720p at a low of 240fps if you want to produce the most outstanding videos at slow motion.

This time GoPro has included RAW functionality or support. This allows you to have a wide variety of options when editing your images or processing them for uploading to YouTube.

Hero 5 Black comes with electronic stabilization which functions at 60fps to 1080p. If you go to a higher resolution or fps the mode will get disabled immediately.

For most vloggers on YouTube shooting at this resolution is still good enough to end up with high quality of video. Electronic stabilization is a feature any Vlogger would love to have especially when dealing with footage that may be affected if your camera shakes.

This camera produces great quality images that are sharp and clear in daylight, but does not performs well in low light condition.

Compared to previous cameras by Go Pro, Hero 5 comes with excellent design and build with a power button on its top side. This button also works as its shutter.

Turn off button is found on its right and this is the button that will help you navigate through different modes. HDMI and USB ports are on the left of the Hero 5.

The front end of Hero 5 has your lens in a finely finished housing. The front end also contains LCD display of the camera and this is the area that you will use to know your camera’s current status such as recording and amount of space left on its SD-Card.

The back end of Hero 5 has its 2″ LCD touchscreen. Hero 5’s cover is soft making it susceptible to scratches if you mostly use it when mounted or on different accessories.

One of the most appealing features of this camera is the fact that you can comfortably use it even 10m down without having to use its waterproof casing.

The amount of noise produced even in low light is minimal. It has excellent exposure capabilities with easy to control chromatic aberration.

The sound quality by this camera is far much better than Hero 4. There is a 3.5mm Audio Mic Input that you can use to connect to your external mic.

With the ability to reduce the impact of wind, Hero 5 is definitely an easy to recommend camera for a travel vlogger who are looking for a professional camera that has a microphone capable of picking more quality sound when shooting while traveling even in the crowd.

There are three Apps you can use on your phone and these are GoPro Studio, Splice and Quik.

GoPro Studio and GoPro Quik are the software you can always use if you want to use your desktop computer.

Transfer of content from Hero 5 Pro to a device is made possible by the GoPro app. But if you’re planning to spend less time doing transfer of videos to your device you can always rely on GoPro Splice on your desktop.

This app will enable you to edit videos, add titles and set tracks. You will get every feature that is found in high quality application used in editing videos.

Video trimming is very easy while using this app and you can easily drag your favorite music tracks from your Apple music store.

You can always add an additional track which can be your commentary about a video or music track. With these applications, you’re the one to decide how your final video looks like before you share it with your audience on YouTube.

Another application you can use to edit your videos is Quik. This is the application that will help you solve complex video editing process and make everything simple. When you want to edit your videos, Quik pulls your videos to the device automatically processing it for sharing on your social media platform.

If you have Amazon Echo or Google Home then you should understand how its feels when you are able to command the device with your voice. It is very cool right?

This GoPro Hero 5 Black has a voice controls feature, for e.g. to let the camera to stay in the moment you simply say “stay in the moment” while capturing.

The voice controls are available in 7 languages at launch, you can tell your Hero5 Black to start recording, take a photo, take a burst, and more.

  • Best for travel vloggers who has unlimited outdoor activities.
  • Waterproof with or without a case therefore making it easy to be used in many conditions
  • Very small camera but able to recording 4K Video
  • Wide-angle making it very easy to see the background clearly and its contents
  • Has dual microphones input
  • Touchscreen may sometimes be unresponsive due to unresponsive controls. The software used is not the best and not the quick as it should.
  • Lack of quality on low light
  • Short battery life if you use all features like GPS, WiFi, Voice control on in the background

Our Overall Take

If you plan to be a travel vlogger then this is a camera that you should put in your backpack.

It is very small, handy, waterproof which will able to serve your vlogging activities no matter of what is the weather condition or the fields you are taking to, this GoPro Hero 5 will always be the perfect mate for you.

With the ability to record 4K video, plus it comes with outstanding electronic stabilization. It’s all-rounded and the most advanced camera a serious travel vlogger with high outdoor activities can always count on to shoot great quality videos.

5. Xiaomi YI 4K – Camera for Youtube Videos Under $200

Xiaomi YI 4K Action camera

If you think GoPro is the only one brand that produce action cameras, then you should take a look at this camera from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi YI 4K is a serious contender of GoPro. With cheaper price than GoPro, Xiaomi try to give an option for customers when they look for best action camera.

Surprisingly even it cheaper than GoPro Hero 5, it still able to compete in the features and quality in regards as an action cam to support you making your YouTube vlogs.

You will be spoiled with the capability of the built-in 12MP SONY sensor that able to record the full 4K video at 30fps. Along with latest technology on the LCD, the lenses and WiFi connection.


  • Dimension: 65 x 30 x 42mm
  • Weight: 97g
  • Waterproof: 33ft out of the box
  • Lens: Fixed lens, 7 layers of glass with aperture F2.8
  • Unique Features: Full controls on the touchscreen, Stream Live (require upgrade firmware)
Recording VideoDesign and BuildLive Streaming

This camera able to record video with maximum resolution in 4K at 25 or 30 frames per second. Meanwhile for 1080p video you are the one to decide to use either 25, 30, 50, 60, 100 or 120 frames per second.

The Sony sensor on this camera and 7 layers of glass in there for the lens which has a 2.8 aperture seems provide a better video recording on this YI 4K camera including when you are recording in a low-light conditions.

Meanwhile for slow motion content, this camera captures great quality content with 720p at 240 frames per second which enough for you to create a cool slow-mo effect for your vlogs opening.

The camera also comes with electronic stabilization that even not as outstanding when using a gimbal, but pretty helpful for you who has shaky hand issue while vlogging.

In terms of appearance, this camera looks almost similar to GoPro cameras. This camera’s front end has LED and lens that shows its status.

The screen measures 2.19 inches and it has strong glass protecting it. Something that we take a not regarding the screen is, it is full on touchscreen control which very responsive and intuitive. You even can do playback your video files and scrub through clips right on the camera.

Meanwhile on the left side of this camera, there is USB Type-C port which can be used to charge the battery, copy files from the microSD card to your computer.

The things that can be a downside, is the fact that there is no port for external microphone. You have to buy extra connector that bridges the USB Type-C with your microphone.

If you upgrade the firmware of this camera to version 1.1.24 or up to, then you will able to do live streaming with this camera.

All you have to do is first download Yi Action apps on your smartphone, run the application, and on the top right Live menu you have to choose Create Live option, and enter the settings of connection depends on the media platform you want to stream live.

And once you setup the connection on your computer, the Yi Action apps will return a QR code that you need to scan with your Yi 4K Camera. Then the wizards will do scanning the WiFi connection and setup the camera with the live configuration.

  • Good quality of video even in a low-light condition.
  • The touchscreen control is very responsive and intuitive
  • Cheap but quality is pretty good (great deal from price point)
  • Not waterproof, you have to buy extra waterproof case
  • No mic input, you have to buy USB Type-C converter to mic

Our Overall Take

This is a vlog camera for you who prefer camera in action as your vlogging gear but want to spend less than $200 of budget.

What surprising is with that price range it comes with great features to help you capture great quality images and videos. You should be able to keep vlogging with this camera after sunset without worrying low quality image in low light situation.

Finally, this is a great action cam for vlogging. As long as you don’t plan to use this camera to accompany your surfing, or snorkeling activities, it will be fine, otherwise you have to spend extra money for the waterproof case.

6. Canon 70D – Most Popular DSLR for Filming Youtube

canon 70D

If there is a DSLR camera that popular around Youtubers, that must be Canon EOS 70D. Even famous filmmaker and YouTuber Casey Neistat also used this camera.

This camera brings much-advanced features and modes to the world of videography, especially the extraordinary dual-pixel autofocus from canon which able to lock the focus on the object and keep maintain the focus even the object moves or when there is another object moves into the scene.

With the combination of the quality of image sensor and the auto focus makes this camera turned out to be a game changer in the world of vlogging. Whether you are an experienced Vlogger or an upcoming independent YouTuber, you will be impressed with the results of this small camera.


  • Dimension: 139 x 104 x 79mm
  • Weight: 755g
  • Sensor: 20.0MP APS-C
  • Lens: Interchangeable APS-C lens
  • Auto Focus: Contrast Detection and Phase Detection Autofocus (AF)
  • Focus points: 19 focus points
Recording VideoDesign and BuildBattery Life

With 20MP APS-C sensor this camera able to bring you a good quality of video when recording with this DSLR camera. You can record your videos the highest resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30fps and save in and H.264 formats.

If you always worry about the autofocus while recording, you can stop worry with this Canon EOS 70D, because it is the first DSLR that features dual pixel CMOS autofocus system with a breakthrough from Canon in continuous auto-focus technology.

With that dual pixel sensor when you are recording with this camera, once you are focused, it will be locked on. Once it gets your face in focus, it’s not going to leave the focus on it. Even if you go out from the frame and then come back in, it will instantly maintain the focus. There will not much focus bumping or moments that are entirely blurry.

With the fact that it only has 19 autofocus points which are not a lot, it surprisingly doesn’t affect how this camera maintain the focus. It still able to grab focus immediately.

This camera is definitely one of the best DSLR cameras ever released. We know that Canon has always produced amazing cameras and it therefore goes without saying that Canon 70D beats the rest especially when it comes to quality of images, videos and an array of advanced features any serious YouTuber would expect a high-end camera to have.

The buttons and handling of this camera are nice for anyone who is planning to take a step ahead of earlier DSLR cameras.

Most of the design and features are borrowed from its predecessor Canon 60D despite there being a few changes notable even by a beginner. For instance, there are a few changes on the rear end of the camera as the layout has been revised a little. Info and menu buttons are now found on the rear top left side of the body.

If handgrip is always a consideration that you always make before purchasing a camera then the good news is that this camera comes with a substantial and better hand grip compared to its predecessor. Its body is solid as it is constructed from strong resin materials that give it a solid touch and feel every time it’s on your hands.

This camera relies on the same 1800mAh, 7.2V lithium-ion battery which is the same type of battery used in EOS 7D and Canon 5D. While shooting with its viewfinder, you can achieve about 1000 clear shots, but when shooting on live view mode this number will slightly drop to 230.

  • Super quick auto-focus system due to dual pixel AF system from Canon (key feature)
  • Good quality picture produces by 20 MP APS-C sensor
  • It can have interchangeable lenses which will let you to explore more with lenses you want to use for recording a video.
  • The price of this camera nowadays is lowered since there is newer version Canon 80D has been released for a while.
  • Cannot record 4K video
  • The body is bulky and heavier compared with a compact camera or action cam
  • No image stabilization comes from the sensor, so you have to invest a lens with stabilization feature in order to get the stabilization feature with this camera

Our Overall Take

This camera is suitable for you who is a beginner in video recording but want to use DSLR camera. This semi-pro DSLR will help you to produce a clear video image quality in 1080p, and you can stop worrying about the autofocus.

Since this camera has been released since back years ago, the price now becomes cheaper, which means it will help you to save some cash and you probably want to invest in better lenses that comes up with stabilization and high aperture to turn your vlogs quality to level pro.

7. Panasonic Lumix G7 – Budget Mirrorless for Recording 4K

 PANASONIC LUMIX G7 4K Mirrorless Camera

Panasonic Lumix G7 is a great camera that is mirror-less with an interchangeable lens making it a perfect choice for you who are looking for a camera that able to records 4K with the limited budget.

If you are planning to go out there and capture some top quality images for your subscribers on YouTube, thedn you should consider taking a closer look at this fantastic Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7.  Its stills are perfect, and it’s the ideal camera for the serious vlogger who is always focused on delivering nothing but the best content for their audience.

Fast forward let’s look at some of its core features and find out why it stays ahead of the rest when it comes to recommended cameras for YouTube.


  • Dimension: 125 x 86 x 77 mm
  • Weight: 410g
  • Sensor: 16MP – Four Thirds CMOS Image Sensor
  • Lens: Interchangeable APS-C lens
  • Auto Focus: Contrast Detection and Face Detection AF
  • Focus points: 49 focus points
Recording VideoDesign and BuildAwesome controls

Videos captured by this camera are very good in quality, it has a lovely crispy footage quality even when you record in 4K at 30fps.

Shooting continuously with autofocus is pretty good, not the fastest one but it still pretty decent. You can use either Contrast Detection and Face Detection autofocus settings for your preference.

Different movie options are available all for you to use. You can use the options such as diffraction compensation, filter settings, luminous level, zoom lens noise and general noise cancellation options.

The good thing when using this camera is If you use a lens with stabilization, you can shoot while holding the camera on your hands and the image stabilization will help to reduce the shakiness.

There are several lightweight mirror-less cameras available in the market today, but Panasonic Lumix G7 stands out of the rest concerning its weight. This camera is lightweight, small and it comes with a solid finish with a firm grip for ease of use.

The first look at it you will notice that it is sturdy with a comfortable grip.

It has two dials used for adjustment both on the front and the rear end. Inside the dial found on the rear end sits a button used in programming functions.

The right side on top has a mode dial which contains automatic, manual and semi-manual and movie modes. Close to the mode dial, you will find the power switch together with a button for movie record.

The left shoulder of the camera contains a drive-mode dial which has different options such as self-timer, time-lapse, stop motion, exposure bracketing and several other options you can always use when filming.

A photographer who has used previous Panasonic cameras or G7’s predecessor will tell you that the G7 comes with a few changes on the controls.

If you are a starter or beginner in the world of photography, you can use its drive mode dial to move or shift from one photo shooting mode to the next. There are several other controls that you can use to customize video shooting the way you want.

  • Relatively cheap for a camera which able to record 4K video
  • Responsive touchscreen display
  • There are several controls on the external side of the camera making it one of the few cameras available in the market that come with such outstanding ergonomics.
  • It doesn’t perform well in low light condition, you may need extra lighting when shooting in low light condition.
  • A little bit plasticky feel in the body

Our Overall Take

With price less than $1,000, this Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 becomes the best budget camera for the beginner to intermediate vlogger who wants a camera with a capability to shoot video in 4K.

With the body lighter and smaller than most of the DSLR cameras, this mirrorless camera from Panasonic can be your favorite camera for vlogging in indoor and outdoor. While the interchangeable lenses still leave some room for you to explore more.

8. Sony a7R III – Best Full Frame Camera for Professional Vlogging

sony alpha 7 III

Meet the incredible king of all mirrorless digital cameras. The latest full frame camera from Sony represent future-oriented mirrorless cameras that are designed with the final user in mind.

This is the one of latest high-end cameras from Sony, beside the beast Sony A9 which and its features perfectly match the price that it comes with. Talk of firm grip, versatile controls, SD card slot, design and latest software all these are entirely included in this camera.

Sony A7R Mark III is a professional camera that comes with full-frame image sensors that are designed to make unforgettable photography experience at any time. The camera uses a BSI-CMOS structure whose primary function is to make sure that the camera performs very well in poor light.


  • Dimension:127 x 96 x 74 mm
  • Weight: 657g
  • Sensor: 42MP Full frame BSI-CMOS Sensor
  • Lens: Interchangeable Sony E lens mount
  • Auto Focus:Contrast Detection and Phase Detection autofocus (AF)
  • Focus points: 425 focus points
Recording VideoDesign and BuildLow Light PerformanceBody with 5-Axis Image Stabilization

Regarding the quality of videos and images, this camera able to deliver a quality that something beyond the other cameras mentioned above. With the 42 megapixels, full frame sensor can process a 4K video that will perform well both in the normal light situation or in low light condition.

It able to record 4K video in 3840 x 2160 at 30p,25p,24p fps and save in MPEG-4, AVCHD and XAVC S formats. Which means the Sony A7R III able to provide 4K (Ultra-HD) video, highest resolution that you can find in the market today.

When you are recording in Super 35mm video mode, there is an increase in image quality in terms of detail and sharpness, this is because the sensor records in 5K video and downsamples the footage to 4K, which at the end produce better quality.

This camera comes with a design that almost resembles its other brother known as the Sony A9. What this basically means is that its body has a solid grip and is a bit deeper. The large body means that due to this camera comes with improvements of Viewfinder. The viewfinder in this one is large enough and refreshing.

Its diopter can be adjusted from -4 to +3 which requires no use of glasses by some users.

This camera’s rear screen supports touch control. The advantage of this is that it can disable the eye sensor automatically and make shooting videos from the hip or any point very easy.

Included in the package is a joystick for AF functions. Many YouTubers will find this camera to be versatile mainly because of the inclusion of a joystick.

The full frame BSI-CMOS sensor here also means that this camera is able to process more light through the lens, which makes this camera able to perform insanely good in low light condition.

Once you have try recording in low light with this camera and switch to another camera, you will miss the quality of video in the darkness especially when you were using high aperture lens.

  • The 4K video quality is superb
  • The auto-focus is very smooth
  • Great dynamic range
  • Built in stabilization in the camera body will help you provide less blurry image while recording for vlog.
  • Weather sealed body, which allow you to use this camera even in an extreme weather condition.
  • Can be categorized as an expensive camera
  • No articulate LED screen.

Our Overall Take

This is a camera for a professional videographer or vlogger who wants to create their footage to another level. With all the extraordinary features this camera able to answer all the pro videographer needs.

If you type of person who doesn’t like to keep upgrades your vlog gears, then this is the best option you can get, with a guarantee it will still be one of the best cameras for creating video footage that can serve you well in several years ahead.

Buying Guide – What to Consider when Buying Best Camera for Youtube

In this section, we’ll look at the most obvious things but we will also delve a little bit deeper and look at features that should be considered when buying a vlogging camera.

1. Auto Focus

We should agree that the most important thing when we are shooting video is to make sure the object in on focus. There is nothing worse than filming a video where they are not quite in focus, things keep popping in and out focus.

When recording video you want the main object on focus, that is why you should get a camera with the best autofocus system. You want a camera that easy to focus on slightly time and able to follow the object.

Think about this, when you are recording by yourself, and you have to hold your camera on your gorilla pod, in that situation you will count on the camera to keep the focus on you while you are recording. You don’t want to keep fixing the focus every time.

2. Optical Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is an aspect that you must consider especially if you are planning to be a lifestyle vlogger who must always have the video camera on the hands while you record.

Optical image stabilization is the feature that makes it possible to capture clear images or videos while moving and recording them. It helps reduce the risk of shooting blurred image whether in high or low light conditions. It does this by reducing the shakiness and vibration of your camera while it shoots.

No matter your video shooting skills, if your camera doesn’t have image stabilization, then it will hard for you to avoid blurry and shaky video when you are recording while you are mobile.

Image stabilization can come from two part of a camera, whether it built-in feature on your camera or on the lens.

3. Frame per Seconds

A camera’s frames per second abbreviated as FPS stands for images that the camera can capture per second. If you are planning to use your camera to shoot activities that are fast, then you will need it to have high FPS.

If you are a serious vlogger planning to have some epic slow motion content, then you must be ready to consider buying a camera that has high frames per second.

4. Flip LCD Screen

Every time you’re going to record yourself doing something you want to upload on YouTube then you’ll need a camera that has a flip screen. This is always a requirement that every Vlogger should have.

You know it’s frustrating when you can’t see yourself while recording so that’s why you must look for a camera that will make you remain in focus and at a right angle as you record.

5. Performance in Low Light

This is a very important aspect to look out for every time you are out there looking for a YouTube camera to buy. If your camera has poor performance in low light, that’s reason enough to get worried especially if you are going to do daily vlogging which include your afternoon activities.

Since it can be difficult controlling the amount of light while shooting videos, the only thing that can save the day would be a camera that has outstanding performance even in low light.

The cameras that we are going to look at after this are cameras that have been tested and trusted to perform excellently even in low light. If your’ camera’s performance is poor when the light is low, it will end up showing footage noise because of a decrease in its FPS.

We are not leaving it there yet because or every problem we are going to find in a camera we must try and find a possible reason or solution for the problem. Let’s find out reasons that can make a digital camera for YouTube to perform extremely poorly when the light is low or dim.

Size of the sensor

A camera will capture more light as long as its sensor is big enough. Normally, the type of camera you go for will determine the size of its sensor. If you go for high end mirror-less and DSLR cameras you will have a big sensor but if you go for camcorders be sure to get small sized sensors.

So anytime you’ll be buying a camera just make sure that it has a larger sensor than its close competitor.

Aperture of lens

If you never thought that the size of your camera’s lens aperture does not affect its performance in low light then you have to think again. The wider the aperture of your lens the more light it will capture. NOTE: The wide the aperture (angle lens) the higher the performance in low light.

5. Wi-Fi Connection

If your camera came to the market after 2014 then this should never be something to worry about because almost all cameras released after 2014 come with Wi-Fi functionality. The importance of buying a camera that has Wi-Fi as a Vlogger is that you will automatically connect it to your phone or device hence making it easy to upload your videos to YouTube directly.

Sometimes it’s good to have a teaser for your audience, and that’s why you need to have Wi-Fi to give your audience a clue about what and how the next vlog will be. Wi-Fi enables you to use platforms like Instagram to share a teaser with your audience and give them a teaser for next vlog.

6. Microphone Option

As a Vlogger a microphone is something you will need all the time you will be recording something to upload on YouTube. That means you should make sure that your video camera has a microphone.

The microphone should be strategically placed so that every time you will be recording yourself it can easily capture your voice. A microphone that is front-facing is always the best.

Almost all cameras these days come with a microphone on the front side. If you are not sure whether your camera has a microphone just make sure that you have the right information before you make that purchase order.

If you prefer a camera that comes with unique features that suit you as a Vlogger but does not have a microphone, you can always buy a microphone differently and connect it appropriately while recording yourself.

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Type of Lawn Mowers that You Can Find in The Market Today Wed, 23 May 2018 08:05:39 +0000 1830 is the year when the first lawn mower was invented. At that time this lawn mower used spiral blades that were between 5-8 in number. This first mower relied on pushing the mower for the blades to rotate therefore cutting the grass. Nowadays the market is full of different of lawn mower types that you […]

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lawn mowers variants

1830 is the year when the first lawn mower was invented. At that time this lawn mower used spiral blades that were between 5-8 in number. This first mower relied on pushing the mower for the blades to rotate therefore cutting the grass.

Nowadays the market is full of different of lawn mower types that you can use to trim grass and maintain your lawns. They have advanced technologically, and you can use electricity, batteries or gas to power them.

All the existing lawn mowers come with different features, merits, and capabilities. In this buying guide, we have listed the different aspects of their pros and cons.

The lawn mowers that we shall look at in this buying guide include push reel mowers, self propelled mowers, hover mowers, riding lawn mower and robot mower.

1. Push Reel Lawn Mowers

Push Lawn Mower

Push reel mowers were the first type of mowers to be used in lawn and yard care. When using this manual reel mower, all you do is push it across the area on your lawn where you want to cut grass. While pushing, there is a cylinder which will spin and as a result make the blades to rotate thereby cutting grass.

This traditional reel lawn mower is a perfect option for you who prefers using environmental friendly garden tools every time you want to care for your lawns.

Not only that this mower free of gas emission and not using electric motor, but this mower also produces less noise, so minimal chance for your neighbors to complain about the noise when you are mowing your lawn with this tools.

How Push Reel Mowers Works

This lawn mower type entirely depends on you to move from one point of your lawn or yard to the other.

It uses a blade that spins to chop grass like scissors that will leave the grass well manicured and healthy. Below is a video describing how this mower functions.

Protips: When shopping for these push mowers, you should look for one that is not heavy. The heavier this tool, the harder it will be for you to push it around your lawn.

So it is essential to look for a mower that will be easy maneuver within the lawn. You should also note that while it is important to go for a mower that has a large deck, you should also remember that a large deck increases the weight of the mower.

The secret here would therefore, be to look for a mower that has a medium deck and is lightweight.

If you are a lawn owner who is okay with doing some workout in-form of pushing a lawn mower around the yard, then it would be an excellent option to go for this lawn mower.

As long as you find a good quality push mower, cutting the grasses in your lawn will not be a challenging task.

  • These are the most environmental friendly mowers. There is no use of gas or electricity
  • Easy to carry and store.
  • They do not spread grass clippings all over the lawn while using as some lawn mowers do
  • Good option to go for especially if you are looking to exercise while taking care of your lawns and backyard
  • Only ideal for use in small-medium sized lawns that do not need a lot of grass cutting.
  • It becomes challenging to push the mower in places that have thick and tall grass. It can be frustrating using these kinds of mowers.

2. Self-propelled Lawn Mowers

Gas powered mower

This lawn mower is also known as Walk Behind Power Lawn Mower. The basic idea is similar with push lawn mower that we’ve mentioned earlier, but this lawn mower does not require you to exert your energy to pull the mower, as it has a system that propels it.

All the user has to do when using this self-propelled mower is to steer or guide it in the right direction while mowing.

Because of this self-propelling feature, these variety of mowers tend to be more expensive than mowers that require pushing in order to move them from one point of the lawn to the other.

These mowers are-vehicle like in-terms of how they move. Their drive system is designed in such a way that the user engages it by squeezing something known as a bail which then propels the mower forward. These mowers are good snow throwers and breakers.

It is ideal for individuals who prefer effortless lawn mowing rather than using their effort to push the mower around the lawn.

How to Operate Self-propelled Lawn Mower

Once you press the bail, the mower will not only start moving forward, but this action will also activate the blades to start spinning.

Since the mower has started moving, the operator will only direct or guide its movement. The blades will immediately cease spinning, and the mower will stop moving if you stop your grip or release your hand from the bar.

These mowers come in variable and single speed models. These kinds of mowers can also be a rear, front or all-wheel drive. It is simple to use these mowers that have front wheel drive system because all you have to do to turn the mower is by merely tipping and raising the front wheels a bit and the mower will be good to turn.

If your lawn is flat, then you should consider buying a self-propelled mower with front-wheel drive.

When looking at this mower you can find three options based on power source: corded one, battery powered (cordless) or gas-powered mowers that are self-propelled.

  • These mowers will help you save not just energy alone but time also. You do not have to push it in order for it to move
  • Their performance is outstanding whether your lawn is flat, steep or rugged. It is the best lawn mower for uneven ground.
  • These mowers can trim grass even in large lawns of up to 1.5 acres without experiencing problems using it
  • More expensive than the non-self-propelled machines.
  • More noise comes from the machine
  • Needs quite extensive maintenance

Protips: When looking for a mower for your yard or lawn, you should first decide whether you need something that will be propelling itself or something that is light and easy to push.

Grass cutting on the lawn can be easy and quick if the mower you use is easy to maneuver around your yard and has outstanding grass management techniques.

3. Hover Mowers

hover mower

This evolutionary mower which invented by Karl Dahlman in 1964 has a unique way to cut the grass since it uses air cushion to make this works.

With this mower, you can move the from one side to the other very easily making them ideal for use in any positions within your lawn. This is due to the air cushion makes the mower a little bit lifted up from the ground.

How does a hovering lawn mower work?

A thing for sure, they work differently from rotary lawn mowers and other types of mowers that move on wheels.

The unit of the mower gets lifted up from the ground the moment some air is pushed through the blades by the impeller. The grass only touches the blades as the rest of the mower remains afloat on the grass therefore making it easy to move the mower from one point to the next.

Most of its parts are made from plastic material which is the reason why they are very light. The only downside about hover mowers is the fact that they do not perform well when it comes to trimming flower beds or edges.

  • These are easily portable and maneuverable as they are light and can be carried easily when mowing or from the lawn to the store
  • They are a great pick for people looking for a mower that can help them on sloping lawns or lawns that have obstacles
  • Some of them are heavier than some wheeled mowers. However, a significant number of these mowers are light
  • With this mower, you are not able to create the attractive stripes for your lawn

4. Robotic Mowers

robot mowers

These mowers are yet to win the hearts of many lawn mowers because of some programming hitches that have been reported about them. This is a unit that will shave grass in the area that you have set it to do so.

If you have been looking for a mower that lets you sit and relax while it does the mowing then this you have the answer. What you need to do to use this mower is to place a wire within the area that you want the area to work on.

This wire will act as a boundary and the mower will make sure that all the grass within the set boundary is cut and manicured. This mower was made for individuals with busy schedules and people who cannot find time to do the mowing.

This mower is expensive and if you are on a budget and do not want to spend a lot of money on a mower then this is not the best option for you.

But if you are a person looking for a mower that can help mow your lawn without worrying about the price, then this is the best pick for you especially if you are always busy.

  • Time saving and you can always perform other tasks as the mower does grass cutting work on the lawn
  • These are the most environmentally friendly mowers. There is no use of gas or electricity
  • Comes with advanced technology which can helps save effort and energy
  • Storage of this mower is easy and has no problems. It is small and lights making it very easy to transport and carry to the store
  • This mower does not leave large and visible tracks on the lawn because of its small size and lightweight
  • It is expensive
  • This robot lawnmowers are slow and it cannot handle thick and tall grass without experiencing challenges. Because of its small size, it cannot handle thick and large portions of grass. The cutting widths are not large enough
  • The battery life of this mower is short therefore not able to mow on large lawns.
  • Getting spare parts is challenging, and it is also complicated to repair it if it gets damaged

5. Riding or Ride-on Lawn Mowers

riding mower

Zero turn lawn mowers or known as riding lawn mowers are designed in such a way that the operator sits on the mower and rides on the mower while it eats grass.

These mowers come with steering wheels so that the operator can maneuver easily, but compared to a walk-behind mower, ride on mowers lack grass cutting precision.

However, these mowers are still good mulching mowers that will leave your lawn looking stunning. One of the notable disadvantages of riding lawn mowers is their inability to perfectly work on areas on the lawn that have obstacles or bumps.

The other type of rideon mower that also works excellently is lawn tractor. The functioning of lawn tractors is the same as that of riding mowers but the only difference that exists between these two mowers is the design or structure.

A ride on mower is ideal for lawn owners who prefer using a mower that does not require them to use energy or push.

  • No matter the type of your lawn, these mowers will mow and manicure your lawns leaving them looking stunning without damaging grass.
  • The noise is much less than what is produced by some power mowers, electric mower, and some rear-roller mowers.
  • It is a good mower that does not damage grass and promotes lawn aeration for healthy growth of grass
  • It is not as good as some hedge trimmers as the cutting width or dimension is a bit narrow
  • The engine is not robust as it may encounter problems cutting thick and tall grass

General Tips Before Decide Which Variety of Lawn Mowers for You – Buying Guides

If you are planning to purchase a mower to support one of your lawn care activities, it is not only important to look for a mower that can get the work done but you should also consider other factors such as deck size, weight, and product registration details. You want a mower that you can easily find parts for repair just in case it breaks down.

Do not forget that the size of your lawn should also be a factor to consider in the long run as you do not want to buy a lawnmower that does not have the power to complete mowing after a few passes.

You now have the relevant information every lawn owner needs to have before going ahead to shop for a lawn mower. Make sure that the mower you are planning to buy suits you and has the important features that can enable it work to excellently even in unfavorable conditions. Get a mower that work best for type of your lawns and perfect for your lawn size.

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How to Become a Successful YouTuber in 2018 Wed, 09 May 2018 08:36:19 +0000 So you want to be the next big name on YouTube as a vlogger and making money on YouTube? If this describes you then there are a few things you must put into consideration in order to drive the viewer traffic to your YouTube channel and become popular on YouTube before you know it. This […]

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grow youtube channel

So you want to be the next big name on YouTube as a vlogger and making money on YouTube? If this describes you then there are a few things you must put into consideration in order to drive the viewer traffic to your YouTube channel and become popular on YouTube before you know it.

This article will take you through a step by step guide on how to get started on YouTube and become the next badass vlogger that you probably want to be right now as you read this.

First things first, how do you get started or what is the starting point when you want to grow your channel?

It is always important to start building your YouTube Empire from scratch and see yourself become the famous YouTuber you have always dreamt of becoming.

Here are some tips you should consider in order to become a popular Youtuber:

1. Identify a Name for Your YouTube Channel

It all starts with the name of your channel once you have created an account. Creating an account is as easy as a walk in the park and once you’re done with this step what should follow is a name for your channel.

How do you want to market yourself on YouTube and social media in general? The name should not just be attractive or unique but you should as well be able to give it a sophisticated touch that will make a statement on YouTube once you start using it.

Take your time and think about a name that suits your content or what you want to be on YouTube. It should be an easy to remember name that users can search and find you easily.

The username of your choice can either be something related to your channel or your personality. You should know that the name you choose will not just be used on YouTube but other social media platforms where you will be marketing your content.

2. Use of Keywords in Your Video Title

This is not only important when used in web content but they are also very important when used to create titles for your YouTube videos. It starts by finding out what your audience to be is looking for on YouTube.

If you want your contents to be easily discoverable on YouTube then you must be able to craft the best metadata which includes tags, keywords, description and title.

The types of words you use depend on the type of content you will be producing for your viewers. By now you definitely comprehend that successful YT channels do not just rely on high quality content or type of content alone but by use of keywords that make your videos discoverable on YouTube.

There are some very important tools you can always take advantage of when you want to learn how craft an engaging and easily discoverable title or metadata to help grow your channel.

These tools include Google Trends, YouTube trends and YouTube’s autocomplete search bar. Here you will be able to know how to use a proper keyword and how to promote your channel easily.

When describing your channel you must also inform the reader what it’s about and inform the viewer about other places they can find your content.

The last thing that comes after this is a call to action which may be requesting people to subscribe to your channel and take advantage of a special offer which could be an eBook or something you want to share with them.

Before we wrap it up on keywords usage, it’s also important to note that the titles you use must be snappy and precise giving a quick insight of your video’s content.

3. Promote Your Channel – Market Your Brand

Do not just rely on YouTube when it comes to reaching out to your viewers. There are also other social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat you can always market your YouTube channel.

YouTube isn’t the only channel you can always promote yourself on but there are several other platforms offering you a chance to meet your audience and tell them more about your brand.

Video thumbnail is also an essential aspect when it comes to marketing and promoting your video. By creating an attractive and easy to recognize thumbnail will help you to increase the Click-Through Rate (CTR) of your video.

But, avoid trying to increase your Youtube CTR using thumbnails or titles that are not relevant or mislead (aka clickbait). When your viewer realize that your video is not related with the thumbnail, they tend to close or end to view the video. Which mean average view duration will be very low, and Youtube are less likely to recommend that type of video for the users.

4. Increase your Subscribers – Keep Creating High Quality & Engaging Content for Your Audience

You should make sure that the quality of your YouTube content is top notch. Your videos should be high quality by ensuring that you follow some vlogging guides by the famous vloggers.

Gear up yourself with the recommended devices to help you create a good video, like use the recommended camera for making a Youtube video, use camera stabilizer if you vlogging mobile, etc.

Be sure also to create content that able to engage your audience, for an example if you are a travel vlogger, your viewers should be interested with all the things that related with your travel experiences, travel gears, or tips and trick while traveling and so on.

5. Understand Who Your Competitor is and Collaborate if Possible

You definitely want to be the best so you should be able to know what other vloggers like you are doing so as to be able to beat them and be the trending channel that’s a must watch.

Find if there are some platforms and opportunities that your competitors have not noticed and be the first one to use those avenues to increase the number of viewers subscribing to your channel.

Find out if there are special high ranking keywords that competitors do not use and include them in your title or metadata.

If there are other people doing what you are doing on YouTube or you know someone that has huge amount of subscribers in their channels you should collaborate with them. That will give you more chance to increase your subscribers once the it becomes viral videos.


In summary, the following is a complete list of what you should do in order to be successful on Youtube and become a famous vlogger.

  • Come up with your channel name or a name that people will use to find you on YouTube
  • Make sure that your titles are keyword optimized
  • Market yourself on YouTube and other platforms
  • Collaborate with other YouTubers
  • Create high quality and engaging content
  • Reach out to your audience and ask them to subscribe to your channel
  • Engage your viewers
  • Repeat again

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The Difference between 60Hz and 120Hz Monitor Wed, 02 May 2018 06:26:43 +0000 Computer systems and gaming consoles are simply useless without a monitor. Sure you can play games with a tablet or a mobile phones but gamers would agree that screen size matters. Hence, a gaming monitor is necessary. You may have scouted for gaming monitors in the past and found out that there are tons of […]

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Difference between 60Hz and 120Hz Monitor

Computer systems and gaming consoles are simply useless without a monitor. Sure you can play games with a tablet or a mobile phones but gamers would agree that screen size matters. Hence, a gaming monitor is necessary.

You may have scouted for gaming monitors in the past and found out that there are tons of options on the market. In addition, there are lots of factors to take into consideration so that you can be sure that you’re making a wise choice.

The Buzz About the Hertz – 120Hz vs 60 Hz

One of the most important factors that you need to check before buying a gaming panel is the refresh rate. Simply speaking, refresh rate refers to the number of times an image displayed on screen refreshes for every second. Refresh rates are express in Hertz (Hz) unit. Gaming and computer monitors are usually running at 60 Hz and 120 Hz.

It is important to note the number of Hz in monitors play a vital role in the quality of the image displayed in the panel. The higher the number, the faster the refresh rate is. Consequently, it reduces motion blurring resulting in a smooth frame by frame transition of frames and better picture quality.

60 Hz monitors have been dominating the market for decades. It may not be the best but 60 Hz panels were decent and average. However, with all the technological developments that we are experiencing, 120 Hz monitors have captured the spotlight.

The difference between 60 Hz refresh rate vs 120 Hz is simply very obvious. Considering the displayed image refreshes twice the speed now, it is expected to be able to handle games with high graphics without sluggishness.

Benefits of Choosing Higher Monitor Refresh Rates

Now that we all know what the “Hz” is all about, let us now go over some of the reasons why displays with higher refresh rates are better:

1. Reduced Game Latency

Gamers will go wild if they experience sluggishness and slow response time while they are in the middle of a game. More often than not, these problems are caused by low refresh rates values.

Take for example a monitor with a 60 Hz refresh rate. If you are playing Call of Duty or Sea of Thieves that requires 120 Hz refresh rate, you will end up with a slow and underwhelming gaming performance. This is because your monitor cannot cope with the requirement of the game.

In addition, you can visibly feel the difference when it comes to Screen Tearing. This phenomenon occurs when your video card is sending out frames way faster than what your monitor can handle.

This indicates that there is a difference between your monitor’s refresh rate and the game’s frame rate. As a result, you’re getting half frames that are not shown together or synchronized. Can you imagine how distracting can this be let alone on crucial moments of the game?

3. Enhanced Motion Resolution

Pixels are just part and parcel of the factors that affect how good the display of a monitor will be. The other half relies on how fast your refresh rate is. In fact, improving screen’s motion resolution is the most important benefit of higher refresh rates.

The most common consequence of low refresh rate is blurring. This is evident by the uncertainty of edges and details in a picture. This problem can be answered by selecting a 120 Hz panel.

Some may not even notice the difference but believe us, you eventually will. Hence, if made to select between a 60 Hz and 120 Hz monitor, don’t think twice and prefer the one with a higher number.

4. Improved Game Responsiveness

Input lag is greatly affected by the monitor’s refresh rate. For example, the input lag time of a 60 Hz IPS is 16.67 millisecond while that of a 120 Hz is 8.33. Make no mistake about it but the most notorious games can easily tell the difference of monitors with different refresh rates.

The difference may be very minute (just a few milliseconds), but it greatly affects the sensitivity of the game.

This major difference between 60 Hz monitors and 120 Hz panels is frequently a deciding factor why most hardcore games consider the refresh rate as the top factor in selecting a monitor. In addition, 120 Hz panels can easily handle higher frame rates with almost undetectable effects.

Do You Need a Monitor with 120 Hz Refresh Rate?

There is no definite answer to this question. It basically depends on what you are using your monitor for. For example, if you are simply using the screen for office stuff and viewing ordinary videos online, a 60 Hz monitor will be good enough.

However, if you are using a monitor to play video games or doing some video editing works, monitors with higher refresh rates are highly recommended. In addition, online streaming contents and gaming console displays require high refresh rates for optimum performance. Hence, in cases like this, monitors with 120 Hz refresh rates or higher is the smartest option.

Below are the some of the most popular content and other related resources and their corresponding refresh rate requirements:

Content Source Refresh Rate Requirement
Apple TV 60 Hz
Chromecast 60 Hz
Xbox One S/X 24 to 60 Hz
Bluray Players 24 to 60 Hz
PS4 /PS4 Pro 24 to 60 Hz
Personal Computers 60 to 240 Hz

Is 120Hz the Best Option for Me?

Sure, 120Hz is a very great option for a monitor. However, this is not the best in the market so far. Monitors with 144 Hz refresh rate were released on the market not so long ago.

Though it was an upgrade, it was not that much of an improvement. For others, they can hardly see the monitor differences between a 120 and a 144.

Hence, a more powerful 240 Hz refresh rate was introduced. Monitors with 240 refresh rates double the speed of a 120. It seems like having the performance of a dual monitor merged into one.

Motion Interpolation

Sometimes, it is hard to identify if your monitor is running at 60 or 120 Hz. This is because some monitors are using what they call as motion interpolation.

It is their technique to smooth-en the display to cope with the blurs and deficiencies resulting from an inadequate refresh rate. With the help of a software, the quality motion is enhanced and could look better. Though they might offer some fixes, its performance is simply not as good as the real refresh rate.


We hope that this article has answered your queries about monitor refresh rate differences and other questions. It is important to note that the price of a 60 and a 120 Hz monitor is not that significant at all.

Hence, if you are not sure which one to buy, it won’t hurt to settle for a monitor with a higher refresh rate. This makes you ready for whatever new feature or content format technology giants may throw at you.

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How to Reduce Lag and Increase Your Internet Speed for Gaming Wed, 25 Apr 2018 07:39:16 +0000 Imagine yourself in a gaming situation, you already aimed at an excellent head shot and pulled off the trigger at the appropriate time. Then three seconds later, is when you see your gunfire. ugh… I’m sure this kind of scenario makes you wince, it is so disgusting, to say the least. But of course, several […]

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Reduce Lag gaming

Imagine yourself in a gaming situation, you already aimed at an excellent head shot and pulled off the trigger at the appropriate time. Then three seconds later, is when you see your gunfire.


I’m sure this kind of scenario makes you wince, it is so disgusting, to say the least. But of course, several ardent online gamers usually have a similar feeling merely because of lags.

Lags during online gaming can be a disruption. In fact, in some instances, they can determine the difference in ranking high and last on the scoreboard.

Most definitely, online gaming is entirely dependent on the active internet connection. Therefore, any particular element that affects or interferes with this connection substantially contributes to lags.

The good news, however, is that as an online gamer, you can use several ways to ensure that you minimize lags and also maintain a stable gaming experience.

Tips to Help You Get Rid the Game Lag

Let’s explore some of these tips here and see how essential they can be in reducing delay during online gaming:

1. Check your internet connection speeds

You must ensure that your internet connection is of an ideal speed that would support seamless gaming.

Necessarily, an internet speed of about 15-20 Mbps minimum would be sufficient for an average gamer.

But you also need to take note of the fact that in many homes nowadays, you’ll find several devices that use the internet are connected to the bandwidth concurrently.

So when you stream movies online, browse and even work from home, the bandwidth will be strained by all these devices hence making gaming ineffective and full of lag.

For that reason, it would be appropriate to go for a higher internet speed of anything above 20 Mbp/s. It is what will enable you to have lag-free gaming even when all other internet related devices are also connected.

Besides that, you have to check the network latency. It is simply the element of how speedy the data packets move through the internet.

It is determined by the duration it takes for your gaming console to communicate with the gaming console.

Network latency is thus one of the many aspects that eventually leads to the high volume of lag since the many connections naturally suppress the internet’s feasibility level.

So you got to ensure that you reduce the latency levels as much as possible to enhance your online gaming since the data packets will always move faster.

And that is why it would also be vital to get a router that is specially designed for online gaming.

2. Use a router that specifically for gaming

Ordinarily, for best gaming experience, you need to make sure that you acquire an ideal router that is engineered for online gaming purposes

You’ll realize that most of the ideal gaming routers have excellent features that enhance the overall gaming experience.

One of the outstanding features that you’ll get from the gaming routers is QoS, which enables you to prioritize the volume of internet traffic on your console for high-quality gaming.

So that when you use it, you’ll be able to channel more internet bandwidth to your gaming console hence making it possible for it to use sufficient network and ultimately enhancing lag-free gaming

3. Configure other programs to use less bandwidth

You gaming PC and console could be having several applications that might be using internet bandwidth without your knowledge.

Programs such as security scans, chat messenger, and application updates among others can subdue the bandwidth hence increasing lag during gaming.

Understandably, you’ll realize that some of these programs need user permission to gain access. However, the rest could be running in the background necessarily without your approval.

In this case, it is pretty simple, just broach the task manager so that you’ll be able to see all the active programs or applications then cancel those that you feel are unnecessary.

This will undoubtedly allow for additional bandwidth suitable for gaming.

4. Put the Wi-Fi router within the ideal range

The router primarily supplies the wireless signals for the efficiency during gaming. And the exciting bit is that you’ll realize that some gaming consoles tend to be picky about these signals, specifically if there is a wall in between.

Sometimes your internet signals may appear strong even from a distance, but still, it can have a considerable impact on connection speed if your console is far away from the Access point.

To enhance efficiency and have lag-free gaming experience, ensure that the console is placed close to the router. The router should be put in a central Access Point to prevent cases of weak signals spots in the house.

Nonetheless, you may realize that despite the central and closer positioning of the router and the console, you still experience lag while playing.

In such a case, attempt to change your gaming position. You can as well modify its placement by placing it horizontally or even vertically, as long as it works perfectly.

Moreover, you can also check the router’s antenna and adjust them accordingly depending on the specific Access point.

This is fundamental in boosting the signals to enable the device to connect to the network even if it is positioned relatively far away from where you’re gaming.

5. Improve your line of connectivity

If your connection is not necessarily on a fibered network, it is vital that you carry out some elements that would enhance your connectivity.

Ordinarily, you may consider replacing your router immediately especially if its functionality is somewhat weak and has a conventional appearance.

You may also decide to monitor the ADSL light on your modem carefully. If you realize that the light keeps on blinking every time, it implies that the ADSL line configuration is unstable hence the need for fixing it.

Another approach to improving your connectivity is by reducing interference that would most likely emanate from sources such as wireless speakers, microwave ovens, and mobile chargers among others. Just make sure that move your modem away from these elements.

And finally, to eliminate the unnecessary noise on the phone line, you can as well use microfilters on that particular line from the wall jack to your phone or even modem.

6. Secure your wireless network always

The truth of the matter is that when you leave your wireless internet connection without protection, you’ll be subjecting it to a security breach.

Furthermore, your neighbors and other strangers within the vicinity will always find a doorway to enjoy your connection, in fact, free of charge.

In most cases, the routine use poses no harm but the moment they start downloading items, your broadband speed drowns and compromising the gaming speeds.

The ideal way of protecting your wireless network from freeloaders is by making sure that your password is strong and you also encrypt your network signals.

The Bottom Line

Everyone would wish to have the fastest internet connection for online gaming. However, not 100% of our problem caused by the internet connection speeds itself.

This day to have 50-100 Mbps connection speeds is very easy, plus with fact, average online games require internet speed of 20 MBps.

And since your home network is the one which transmits the internet speeds from your ISP, it is necessary to check your network settings, whether it is the hardware or the configuration.

Make sure there is no bottleneck in your home network that can reduce the internet speeds quality by check your modem or router. Best if you use a router which has designed to support gaming. Protection Status

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Be Informed: All You Need to Know About 4K UHD vs HDR Thu, 19 Apr 2018 15:48:51 +0000 It was not too long ago when people go crazy over Full HD televisions that promised to bring a different level of clarity to our viewing experience. Flaunting 1080p resolution, it did not take too much time before people started scraping old cathode ray tube TV’s and bought a flat screen Full HD 1080p TV. […]

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It was not too long ago when people go crazy over Full HD televisions that promised to bring a different level of clarity to our viewing experience.

Flaunting 1080p resolution, it did not take too much time before people started scraping old cathode ray tube TV’s and bought a flat screen Full HD 1080p TV.

However, since the only constant thing in this world is change, the dominance of Full HD TV is coming to an end.

There is no one else to blame for this but the increasing popularity of 4K TVs. What is 4K resolution and why are TVs with this feature selling like hotcakes? This article is packed with all the things you need to know about 4K TVs and HDR.

What is 4K Resolution?

By now, you must be already aware that the clarity of the image you’re seeing on your screen, no matter how small or huge it is, depends mainly on its resolution.

This number indicates how many pixels or “colored dots” make up your screen. The higher the number, the more vivid the display will be. Case in point, the Full HD 1080p TV has 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

We were very contented with Full HD TVs until 4K HDR TVs were released on the market. Also known as UHD or Ultra HD TVs, it offers a resolution four times better compared to regular HD TV.

In fact, it has 3,840 x 2,160 pixels which are significantly higher compared to that of a 1080p model. It follows that between Full HD and UHD, the latter is expected to have more defined and detailed display compared to the former.

Frequently Asked Question Regarding 4K TVs

We are sure that the information above is quite too much to process especially by individuals who are not tech-savvy. To make things clearer, here are some frequently asked questions about 4K TVs and our take on each one of them:

1. Is 4K different from Ultra HD?

We might need to play with some words on this one, but to cut the chase, 4k and Ultra HD are referring to the same specification of a television.

However, technically, they are two different terms. Ultra High Definition or UHD refers to a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. On the other hand, 4K is simply a term to reiterate that Ultra HD TVs has four times the number of pixels as the regular 1080p Full HD TV.

2. Am I Getting Better Quality with 4K TV?

The answer is a big YES! 4k UHD TVs are known to be more superior compared to the Full HD OLED TV or even QLED TVs.

Thanks to its amazing color depth and black levels, 4K TVs picture quality is simply stunning. In addition, you get to play 4k videos, 4k movies, and 4K content without distorting the quality.

3. Can I Play any Video Format from Different Sources?

The generic answer is yes, you can. However, you cannot expect the same picture quality and peak brightness.

Only contents that came from native 4K sources will be viewed in 4K resolution. Sources with 1080p resolution or less will be viewed as it is unless your TV has an excellent upscaling capability.

Upscaling is a feature of TV that allows it to play lesser resolution sources and make it appear as if it was a UHD content.

4. What are Native 4K Resolution Sources?

To be honest, there are limited native 4K sources but they are growing really fast due to demand.

As of now, the most popular sources of 4K contents are 4k streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon through Fire TV. Amazon prime videos offer a wide selection of 4K movies and TV series for you to choose from. You may also access 4K content through 4K Bluray Players and Apple TV.

5. Can I Stream 4K Contents with Regular Internet Connection?

For sure yes, but depends on the internet speeds on your location, to able to stream 4K contents you need to have at least 14 Mbps connection speeds.

If your connection falls short below this limit, the picture quality will slide back to Full HD regardless if you’re viewing Apple TV 4K videos. On the other hand, this will not be a factor if you are using UHD Bluray Player as this device does not rely on the internet speed.

6. What are the ports included in a 4K TV?

The ports of 4K OLED TV are not too different compared to that of a regular 1080p. HDMI 2.0a port is always there but may vary in quantity from one model to another. It is a must to use HDMI port when using your Ultra HD Bluray Player to view the contents in 4K displays.

7. Is it possible to create your own 4K Videos?

For sure yes, it is possible. Considering how advanced the technologies are now, and will be, you can record a 4K video using your mobile phone. Examples of which are iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8, LG V30, and many more.

Also, some camcorders and digital cameras are 4K video capable. Just prepare your credit card for mobile devices with this feature may come with a hefty price tag.

8. Is 4K TV good for large rooms?

Yes and no. Since 4K TVs come in large sizes with billions of pixels packed in the screen, it is perfect for a relatively huge room. The downside, however, is that you have to be closer to the television to see the difference of 4K TV. The moment you move several feet away, the details of the image starts to fade until the difference of 4K and 1080p becomes undetectable.

Table Comparison of 4K UHD vs HDR

To better understand how powerful 4K TVs are compared to the regular 1080 Full HD TVs, we have prepared a tabular summary for you below:

Feature 4K Ultra HD TV 1080p Full HD
Picture Quality 3840 x 2160 1920 x 1080
Sources of Content Not much for now but grows exponentially due to increasing demand Almost unlimited
Sizes Available 40 inches to over 100 inches (imagine that??) 32 to 55 inches only
Price Relatively expensive Relatively affordable

Arguably, 4K TVs are way better in terms of quality and features compared to 1080p. Despite having limited content sources and high price, it remains to be the best option. Now more than ever, viewing Ultra HD premium contents is possible.


If you think having a 4K TV is already the best viewing experience you will ever get, think again. The wonders of technology don’t end there. Have you heard about HDR TV? Yes, you have seen nothing yet. Wait until you discover how 4K HDR TVs will rock your world.

So what exactly is HDR? If you have seen an HDR logo in your TV box, it means that your TV has High Dynamic Range capability. This allows the TV to offer the highest level of color contrast and thus displaying a realistic image.

Compared to just Ultra High Definition, High Dynamic Range is a huge leap.

Contrast is a very important aspect in determining whether a TV is good or not. It is best explained by how bright the whites are and how dark the blacks were.

The bigger the contrast, the more realistic the displays will be. Standard dynamic range TVs regularly runs with 300 to 500 nits (cd/m2) while that of an HDR goes way over thousands. That is definitely a remarkable difference.

But I have already purchased a 4K TV. Does this mean I already have HDR capabilities? Sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is no. Not all 4K TVs have the capacity to play HDR contents. Unless it is specified, regular 4K TVs may just run in SDR or standard digital range.

Is 4K HDR TV enough to view HDR Content?

Absolutely not. If you want to enjoy true HDR contents, you also need to have an HDR capable player for both movies and games.

Xbox One S and Sony’s PS4 Pro are just among the first consoles which offer HDR compatibility. Microsoft won’t allow being left behind and promises that their soon to be released Project Scorpio Console will be HDR compatible as well.

HDR in Gaming

HDR in Gaming

You may want HDR quality displays for your favorite movie but in a gamer’s perspective, HDR in gaming is bad ass. Therefore a 4K HDR TV is a must for gamers. As mentioned, there are a number of consoles that offer HDR content for a top-notch gaming experience.

  • Xbox One X/S
    Microsoft gained a little edge when they initiated the addition of HDR compatibility to Xbox One X and S.Connected via HDMI 2.0a, it supports not only 4K but HDR10 as well.

    Unfortunately, Dolby Vision is not yet part of the partnership. The best part of all is that Microsoft decided to put a built in Bluray drive in this gaming console.

  • Play Station 4 Pro
    Play station 4 Pro is another gaming console that supports the HDR and 4K format. Even with the old version of PS4 HDR was already available.However, it was only on the Pro version where the 4K Ultra HD capability was added.

    Home theater fanatics may find it a bummer knowing that unlike Xbox One S, PS4 Pro does not have a built-in Bluray drive.

When it comes to movies and TV series, there is only a handful of available HDR contents. Even Amazon and Netflix are just starting to add more HDR contents.

However, with the use of 2 major HDR players namely Dolby Vision and HDR 10, viewing HDR will be within reach.

Dolby Vision HDR is a proprietary HDR Video format developed by Dolby Surround used not only for home theater but for commercial purposes as well.

Dolby Vision’s competitor, HDR10, performs almost the same until the release of HDR10+. Compared to its predecessor, HDR10+ runs a dynamic metadata that offers better image quality and peak brightness.

Regardless of the source, both HDR10 and Dolby vision elevates your HDR viewing experience.

Aside from Dolby Vision and HDR10, another player is entering the HDR arena. Hybrid Log Gamma or HLG is an HRD format spearheaded by NHK and BBC.

They function almost similarly. The only difference is that Hybrid Log Gamma does not run using metadata. This functionality could either be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how the manufacturer will use it.

Is your TV really HDR capable?

A simple print on the box saying it’s an HDR capable TV is not enough. To avoid misleading the customers, UHD Alliance composed of multiple TV manufacturing companies was created to establish standards for HDR Video capable TVs.

According to UHD alliance, the following criteria must for a TV to be an HDR TV:

  • Not less than 3840×2160 resolution
  • Built with 10-bit color depth ( should have 1,024 shades of primary colors )
  • Capable of contrasts higher than 1,000 nits for LED TVs and 540 nits for OLED TVs

Once a product pass through the UHD Alliance meticulous evaluation, it will be certified with an Ultra HD Premium label.

ultra hd premium
ultra hd premium

HDR Bluray Players Are Sprouting Like Mushrooms

To gain access to more contents aside from the usual HDR providers, HDR Bluray players are also available in the market. These are top of the line products that promise the much coveted true 4K HDR experience.

Though there is only a slew of products available in the market right not since this technology is still in the infancy stage, their number is growing faster than expected.

So start stacking your Bluray discs and get the popcorn ready coz your movie experience will be a great one.

The Future of Television

With the advent of more technological advancement, 4K TVs and HDR capabilities are the best that we have so far. However, you need to brace yourselves because we have seen nothing yet.

Believe it or not, 8K TV is already in the works and may come out in a matter of 2 to 4 years. Just imagine how stunning the display would be. Not to cut the popularity of 8K TVs short long before it was released, the possibility of having 16K TVs is not impossible after all.


HDR looks like your usual three-letter word but in fact, it is more complex than what you can expect.

I know that that most of the topics mentioned in this article are new to you. But isn’t it exciting to know that the TVs that we are enjoying right now have a lot of rooms for improvement.

Sure, 4K and HDR formats are significant improvements. But with the inception of 8K and 16K technologies, the best is yet to come and we can do nothing but sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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