Essential International Travel Gears To Pack for Travelling


Essential International Travel Gears

International traveling can be for different reasons. Whether you are heading to the sandy beaches, taking a trip to attend a business conference or simply embarking on a relaxing vacation, one thing is for sure, you and your gears are going places!

Fortunately, the latest trending gears innovated allows you to live and travel with ease. In this post, you will be able to see the essential travel gears that can make it possible for you to reduce the luggage you carry, minimize stress and ultimately travel smartly.

What does it take?

You hate packing. It’s understandable. In fact, many people dislike it. Mainly because you are afraid to forget something essential or simply pack too much, yet you are only going for vacation. I have traveled a lot around the world for various reasons, enough to determine the things that I need.

But all these times, I have encountered different experience, both frustrating and exciting moments. Ideally, you need to know the gears to carry when traveling. This is also dependent on nature of your trip.

You need several items when traveling. In fact, the more you have them, the better for you. And then again remember you can never carry everything with you.

Anxiety often occurs when traveling. The flight is about to depart, and the traffic jam on your way to the airport is crazy! You never know what you might leave behind and how essential it could eventually be when traveling.

So how do you ensure that at the very least you carry or include the essential gears in your traveling bag? Don’t panic. You are about to learn all about it, what to pack and how necessary it is, whether for short or long-term.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned international traveler or just an occasional one. The suggestions given herein will ultimately help you to know what item you should never leave behind. Let’s start!

1. Electric adaptor

travel adaptors

Don’t be surprised to learn that not all countries use two-prong plugs. Carry along at least two electric universal adaptors any time you are thinking of the vital things to carry for international travel

You don’t want to get to your destined country and then realize you can never charge your phone, laptop or other devices. It is really frustrating, trust me. If you have never experienced, never take chances. Not all hotel rooms have electric socket ports that are compatible with all your gadgets.

Most of these electric adapters are relatively inexpensive and come with four-plug configurations. Apparently, this is important because it gets you covered in as many countries as possible. If you are a frequent traveler, I would suggest that you invest in a few of these devices. They come handy when you least expect them to.

2 .Travel pillow, eye mask and earplugs

travel pillow

Traveling can be tiresome, flights can be long, and boredom may likely set it at any particular moment. You know those noisy passengers seated just a few seats from you but can’t stop conversing in high tones? Those kids who will cry for hours while on board?

The experience is irritating. It’s the moment you realize that perhaps you need a serious destruction from all the happenings.

But what do you do instead? Maybe take a nap, or listen to music from your gadgets if need be. If you have to sleep, you’ll only do so when in a comfortable position.

That’s why it is necessary to carry a travel pillow.  Luckily, it is not bulky, hence easy to carry. Just position it well when taking a nap and trust me you’ll sleep like a baby! No ensuing neck pain.

The flight lighting may also be a case of concern. A long flight will mean that you’ll definitely feel uncomfortable with the lights. In some instances, you can never sleep while on board.

That’s where an eye mask becomes critical. It bars the light from getting into your eyes and hence you can comfortably enjoy your nap.

Furthermore, you need earplugs too. In many occasions, due to change in altitude, ears tend to block from time to time when on board. Some passengers can also turn out to be noisy on the plane, and the best way to stay from these is by wearing your earplugs.

When you forget to carry them along with you, believe me, you will have the longest, most boring and horrible journey of your lifetime. Who wants that anyway?

3. Multiwheel cabin suitcase

Multiwheel cabin suitcase

For a very long time, many travelers have had the belief that a duffle bag is the best type of bag to have when traveling. Of course, the preference depends on an individual and the nature of travel. Duffle bags are suitable mostly for those who travel to explore the nature and related adventures. But if you have to travel in a classy way, and you want to something that would be ideal to carry all essential travel items for long-haul flights then you need to go for a Multiwheel cabin suitcase.

This bag is easy to maneuverer and hence you will be done away with hobbling from gate to gate. It is also spacious enough to carry all your essentials safely and in an orderly manner as you travel. Other than, this bag is classy and has a perfect size that can fit even in the small overhead bins like those most common in European carriers.

Additionally, you can convert it into a temporary seat simply by pushing the handle down, which can be helpful especially at the airport when waiting for your flight and all the seats available are occupied but you cannot stand anymore. Actually, they are that strong enough to withstand your weight when seated on them.

There is no better way of avoiding back pain when traveling than having this kind of traveling gear.

4. Passport wallet

passport wallet

Passport is one of the must have items for international travel. You will never be allowed to go beyond the immigration check desks at any airport if you do not have a valid passport.

But that’s not the point of interest in this case. A matter of concern here is how you handle your passport when you are traveling, and how to secure your passport.

Other than safeguarding your passport from imminent wearing out, having a passport wallet is a necessity.  You know you will be given several boarding passes when traveling. Keeping them in an organized manner, safely and appropriately where you can easily access them can be challenging. But if you have a passport wallet, consider your woes for this done.

But if that’s not enough, you must be aware that many countries, nowadays offer RFID passports. If you are a citizen of one of such countries, then having a security passport wallet becomes more than just a basic traveling gear for storing and organizing boarding passes.

A RFID-enabled passport through the chip on it contains all your personal information. You need to secure this data from strangers and hackers, don’t you? The RFID chip on the passport relay data through radio waves technology. Thus if not well secured, all your data can be accessed from a distance without your knowledge by a simple scan.

When you have a passport wallet, you prevent such instances from happening. As long as you place your RFID-enabled passport and close the wallet, your data can never be accessed by the notorious hackers as you travel around the world.

5. Digital Camera

digital camera for travel

We all need to capture the best moments of life for future reference. This is particularly when it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. One of the best ways of doing so is by taking still photos or recording videos of that particular event. Of course, most of the smartphones that are manufactured these days have camera features.

However, that would not be enough. That’s the reason carrying a digital camera is essential. Don’t forget that most of these cameras have high specifications than smartphones. They also capture quality images, worth remembering.

Cameras come in different sizes and prices. You know what works for you based on your size preference and budget. But the most important thing is to ensure that you carry it along with you. It will be of great significance when you least expect.

6. Anti-theft bag

anti theft backpack

There is high likelihood of putting all your must-have-in-flight traveling gears.  Many events that often arise when traveling especially at airports. A lot of events may take toll of you and lose concentration on what you carry. It is easy to lose your essential belongings, either from thieves or pickpockets.

So how do you prevent this from happening?

It is rather simple, just get yourself an anti-theft bag. Most of them have security features that prevent pick-pockets from stealing your belongings. Some of these bags also have RFID blocking features, which protect all your credit cards, debit cards an RFID-enabled passport from hackers and unauthorized scanning.

The locking zippers and chain link constructions together with hidden compartments make it impossible to steal or access something from it with ease. In addition, if you shop well, you may find some that have invisible but tough slashguards straps. They prevent notorious bag slashers from slicing your bag and get away with any of your possession.

As long as the bag is intact, your worries for any loss are over! It is a suitable international traveling  gear for putting your gadgets while on the plane and also when walking in crowded areas such as airports and busy streets.

Wrap up

Some things are very unpredictable, and when traveling, you can never be certain of what is going or not going to happen where you are or where you are not. As a matter of fact, you can never be ready for all the worst-case scenarios, but at the very least you can afford the peace of mind by taking little planning and having basic traveling gears into consideration.

It should also be understood that there are so much you can have in your international travel packing list for gears that you may need for the journey and to have all of them may be an impossibility. However, making sure that you efficiently use what you already have, can go a long way to make your journey comfortable, hassle-free and enjoyable.

Above all, you need to get the right brand or model of the particular gear for international traveling. Most of these gears are available in the market but perhaps if it’s your first time to purchase any of them, you need to be keen when shopping for each. So you don’t get counterfeit or low-quality brands. author Richard Bernhardt
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