Buying Guide for The Best Radon Detectors To Go For in 2018

best radon detector

As a homeowner, any element that poses a health risk is something to worry about. Radon gas is one of these features that can deprive you of your peace of mind in your home.

It is a real health deathtrap and according to Environmental Protection Agency, radon results to over 21,000 deaths annually, and ranks second after cigarette smoking in causing lung cancer.

Unfortunately, its effects are undetectable until that moment that uncontrolled damage is done.

So what’s the best way to deal with it? While it’s a fact you can never entirely get rid of radon in your home due to its permeating nature, interventions can be undertaken to ensure your home is within a relatively safe range.

And this is where the radon detector become handy. But then question abounds is how to determine the best radon detector.

In this article, we will discuss all the fundamental aspects revolving around the suitable radon detectors to have in your home.

Additionally, we will also review some of the best recommendations in the market. Hopefully, it will make your selection process much easy when purchasing, especially if you’re a first-timer.

Types of Radon Detectors

These test kits are unique but are designed to serve a similar purpose. However, we’ve got different types radon detectors that you may come across today.

Let’s describe them to understand more information regarding what each type entails;

1. Short-Term Radon Test

These are designed to test radon gas within a relatively short duration. They are ideal if you need to know the rough estimate radon within your home after about two to seven days.

They are the options that many people often go for first when in need of getting a rough idea of the levels of this noble gas before taking particular actions.

Additionally, they are often inexpensive to acquire. However, the brands vary hence leading to variations in results as well as the information that you obtain.

2. Long-Term Radon Test

These are options intended to measure radon levels in your homestead over a reasonably long duration, typically between seven to ninety days or thereabout.

They are ideal because you get to know precisely how possibly the levels spike in various seasons, weather conditions or even temperatures.

The ubiquitous nature of this gas makes this particular test kit suitable for you if you need to determine a long-term solution to the problem.

In fact, the long-term home radon detector gives the most concise and reasonably accurate readings of all the available test kits.

However, it is not an ideal option to go for if you’re after more pressing needs, for the obvious reason that it takes longer to give you the needed results.

3. Digital Radon Detector

It is a type of radon test kit that provides you with continuous and consistent readouts. You do not require to take the samples to a lab to get the gas levels.

This type also has the ability to provide short-term and long-term results. Furthermore, this test kit is essential in determining the efficacy of radon mitigation mechanism.

4. Alpha-Track Radon Detector

It is arguably one of the most popular radon test kits on the market. They are ideal choice to go for because you get long-term solutions for dealing with the radon needs.

These kits are made using a polycarbonate plastic sheet, which collects particles from the air. Tiny marks are made whenever the alpha particles come into contact with the plastic sheets.

The marks can then be analyzed by lab technicians to determine the levels of radon gas in that specific location.

In the same case, the lab analysts will be able to tell the radon levels by counting the pockmarks that are available on the polycarbonate sheets.

5. Charcoal Radon Test

This option provides short-term solutions to radon detection. They are typically affordable and takes anywhere between two to seven days to give the results.

They function in such a way that the charcoal absorbs the radon atoms from the air after which the charcoal is taken for further lab assessment.

The speed at which the charcoal absorbs the atoms in the air is what denotes the levels of radon present.

Aspects to Consider in a Best Radon Gas Detectors

Given the currently we have a variety of products that can be used for testing radon, it would merely be ideal if you pick something good and valuable.

Ordinarily, this is only possible if you’re familiar with these products. Otherwise, it becomes a little bit confusing.

But all the same, I’m here to guide you on how to do it. So let’s look at these factors one by one;

1. Accuracy

It is arguably one of the most fundamental elements to look in a home radon detector. In most cases, the long-term radon test kits tend to be more accurate.

It is probably because the long-term radon detectors can test over an extended period. Therefore, it becomes easy to give comprehensive information regarding different seasons and weather.

Short-term radon detectors on the other hand majorly provide a rough estimate to give you an idea of what the radon levels in that specific area could be.

The moment you can get accurate information from this tool, it becomes easy to make certain life-changing decisions based on the readings.

User-error can also cause considerable inaccuracy in these test kits. It is thus essential that you carefully read and follow the instructions on the manual to avoid this kind of inaccuracy.

2. Usability Of Radon Testing Kit

This is necessary for ease of use. In most cases, these gadgets tend to require some technical knowledge especially if you want to understand the readings.

The other aspect that determines usability is whether or not you can be able to use them as required and get accurate results.

If you can’t use it correctly, then it would be vital to engage a professional who understands various elements regarding the tool. This becomes important as a way of enhancing accuracy levels.

3. Ease of installation

It is also another critical factor that you have to look into when picking the best radon meter. The complexity of installing it inherently vary depending on the particular type.

Often, they come with user manuals that enable you to install them at accordingly for better results.

Due to some unavoidable technicalities, you may find other a little bit difficult to install. But still, to avoid possible tampering with the accuracy, it would be suitable to contact an expert and help you in fixing it where it is supposed to be.

It is also important to understand that you can only get better and more accurate results if you fix it in some particular spots within the homestead.

4. The price

Ultimately, you’ll have to purchase if you’re really in dire need of a digital radon detector. The cost, therefore, becomes a significant aspect to consider.

While the price varies depending on the type of radon test kit you’re purchasing, it is also essential to know the qualities that worth a particular test kit.

If you want one that typically offers basic short-term readings, the most appropriate one in regards to price is probably the charcoal radon kit detector.

They are inexpensive, easy to use and provide results within a short duration hence making it easy to solve your radon detection needs as quick as possible.

On the other hand, the long-term digital radon detector is usually a bit expensive. But the features and quality are indeed worth the cost.

So primarily, the amount you’d spend on acquiring this kit is determined by the particular type you’re interested in purchasing.

Top 3 Recommended Radon Gas Detectors

In this section, we’re interested in showing you some of the best radon test kit reviews based on the tests that we carried out.

1. Corentium Home Radon Detector by Airthings 223

Corentium Home Radon Detector

It is arguably one of the best tools for detecting radon in homes. It features an LCD screen that allows you to read both short and long-term radon levels.

It is resistant to a wide range of environmental and physical conditions including weather, dust and electromagnetic interference among others.

This kit is easy to use and provides accurate results, both short and long-term, therefore, enabling you to make an informed decision.

It is highly portable and has longer battery life. The best part of this kit is that once you’ve started using it, you can reset it as many times as you wish to commence another measurement.

Although it is quite pricey, the features and the quality it presents are worth the amount you spend.

2. Safety Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector – HS71512

Safety Siren Pro Series3

This radon detector kit from Family Safety Products, Inc is also regarded among the best in the market. It features a numeric LED display screen and carries out a self-test after every 24 hours.

It is easy to use, portable and easy to read. This kit also meets the standards of US EPA performance criteria making it ideal for detecting radon kits in your home.

Additionally, it tends to update the air samples after every hour. This helps in enhancing the accuracy of the ultimate readings.

Nevertheless, you also happen to get both short-term and long-term readings when using this particular digital radon detector.

3. Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon Monitor Detector

Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon

This radon test tool is engineered with advanced technology that makes it one of the best on the market presently.

Its sensitivity is 20 times higher than the other competitive radon detector kits. This is, as a result, its accurate detection unit and the dual structured pulsed-ionization mechanism incorporate exclusive technology.

This kit also relays data in about one hour or less. It thus relieves you from the need to wait for results for longer days.

It is convenient in regards to data logging, offers graph displays for easy analysis, has an alarm setting and supports Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones.

It is ideal always to identify the best place to put radon detector for effective results. However, the best part of this Radon Eye RD200 is that it can be placed anywhere and still gives accurate results.

It is always essential to carry out radon tests in your home at least after every two years. This will make it easy for you always to ensure that you’re living within the EPA recommended radon levels.

For that to be possible, you have to purchase the best quality radon detectors like the ones reviewed above. They have a reasonably long lifespan hence allowing you to test and retesting your home.

Furthermore, it ultimately becomes cheaper alternative if you’re always into testing and detecting radon levels in your home when you buy top radon detector kits.

Hopefully, we’ve guided you into picking an ideal radon meter to help you in solving your needs and possibly give you the necessary peace of mind.


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