5 Best Telescopic Pool Poles in 2021


Best Telescopic Pool Poles

When is the last time you cleaned your swimming pool? Every pool owner agrees that pool maintenance is not an easy chore. Automatic pool filters are powerful but can’t do all the pool maintenance tasks. You need to use telescopic pool pole for some manual tasks, especially for skimming, brushing, and vacuuming your above ground pool.

This article features the 5 best telescopic pool poles, the reasons why you need one, and the buying guidelines.

Why Do You Need a Pool Pole?

A pool pole is a handy tool for manually cleaning the pool’s surface, bottom, and walls. It is made of a telescoping pool in which a pool net, brush, skimmer, vacuum, or rake is attached. This tool allows you to clean, skim, vacuum, or scrubs the deepest and the shallowest part of the pool without having to get in the pool.

Getting that floating leaf or other foreign objects out of the water is extremely convenient with a telescoping pole. It removes bigger foreign objects that the automatic pool filters can’t handle. Plus, when you accidentally dropped something, such as glasses or keys, the pole can serve as your hand.

Pool poles are also an excellent way to work those muscles out while doing something productive. These tools are worth an investment.

Our Top Recommendation for Telescopic Pool Poles

Telescoping pool poles vary in features, price, and quality. Which one is real as advertised? We have chosen the 5 telescopic pool poles and reviewed each one of them.

1. Skimlite 9018 – 3 Piece Pool Pole

Skimlite 9018 3-Piece Dual Locking

As the most expensive telescoping pool pole in the list, the Skimlite 9018 has the most promising features and quality. Made with two-piece lightweight, high-grade aluminum, it is stable and sturdy. The poles extend from six to 18 feet each of which comes with three heavy-duty dual-locking mechanisms.

The external and internal locks secure the pole when doing rigorous tasks. Even when it is extended at the longest length, the pole doesn’t slip back. The single lock is intended for quick and less tedious cleaning tasks. Another best feature of the Skimlite 9018 is the patented internal locking cam made with a unique cam plug and replaceable cam or shoe.

The easy to grip handles are made with rugged construction for more secure handling. Although it is aluminum, it is lightweight for more comfortable and convenient use.

  • Sturdy made with high-quality aluminum
  • Lightweight built and a rugged handle for convenient use
  • Extends up to 18 feet with three locking mechanisms
  • Replaceable cam lock
  • The most expensive pole in the list

2. Stanley Telescopic Pole – With External Locking Cam and Smooth Finish

Stanley Telescopic Pole Horizontal

The Stanley pool pole is also made of two poles that extend up to 16 feet and collapses down to 8.5 feet. Each length easily adjusts and is secured by external locking cams that can be twisted left to lock and twisted right to unlock. Each external cam is covered with tough ABS cam sleeve and handle for a secure grip and use.

Made of black anodized aluminum with a smooth finish, it is sturdy and suitable for standard pools or spa maintenance. The poles have one-millimeter thickness making up a three-pound weight construction. It does not bend and fits all standard-sized attachments such as fine mesh pool net, pool brush, and vacuum head.

  • Twist left to lock and right to unlock
  • Durable construction made of black anodized aluminum
  • Comfortable grip with a smooth finish and ABS cam sleeve
  • Fits various attachments for multi-functionality
  • Attached stickers slowly come off into the pool
  • The locking cam often gets stuck
  • Length adjustment might be difficult

3. JED Pool Tools – Anodized Telescopic Pole

JED Pool Tools 50-560-16 Professional Deluxe

Another pool pole made of anodized aluminum and extends up to 16 feet is the JED Pool Tools Professional Deluxe Pole. It is a 2-piece telescopic pool pole that lengthens out from eight to 16 feet. The large external cam secures each length and serves as a comfortable handle. It is similar to the Stanley pole only with more detailed, rigorous built.

The locking mechanism has a meticulous construction. The 0.49-wall thick tubing is complemented by sliding lock ring, cam nut, 1 1/4 outer black pole and more. The inner and outer poles have commercial-quality 1.24-millimeter thickness. Compared to the older JED Pool Tools pole model, it has a thicker aluminum wall.

The JED Pool Tools Professional Deluxe pole has a smooth, sturdy texture. It weighs 3.47 pounds and fits most standard accessories. It also pairs perfectly with various JED tools.

  • Anodized telescopic pole for more durability and comfortable use
  • Large locking cam made with intricate parts
  • 50% thicker aluminum wall
  • Fits standard attachments and pairs with different JED tools
  • A little bit heavier
  • The black finish gets damaged and scratched easily
  • Doesn’t have good aesthetics but is functional enough

4. U.S. Pool Supply Professional – 12 Foot Blue

U.S. Pool Supply Professional 12 Foot Blue

For pool owners who have a tight budget, this U.S Poll Supply Professional pool pole is the more affordable choice. For its functionality and strength, it is quite a good deal. The two-piece telescoping pole extends from six to 12 feet with an external locking cam to hold the length.

As a premier telescopic pool pole, it is an inexpensive way to jumpstart any residential above-ground and in-ground pool maintenance. The poles are made with blue anodized aluminum with a ribbed design to add aesthetics, grip, and strength. It also works as a pool hand leaf skimmer and attaches to different heads for more versatility.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Heavy-duty made of anodized aluminum
  • Functions as a hand leaf skimmer
  • External locking cam to secure the length
  • Easily attaches pool brushes, rakes, skimmers, etc.
  • Easy to turn and comfortable grip
  • Suitable for small pools
  • Extends only up to 12 feet
  • Locking mechanism easily comes loose
  • Lightweight, easy to use especially by elderlies

5. Swimline Anodized Pole

Swimline 3-Piece Anodized

Last but not least, the Swimline 3-Piece Anodized Telescoping Pole comes at a mid-range price with notable features. It is made with three-piece blue anodized aluminum that stays strong even through tough pool maintenance jobs. The poles extend up to seven feet and 21 feet when fully extended, one of the most extended distances a pool pole can continue to.

Three pieces of external locking cam secure each length. It is compatible with a standard leaf skimmer net, rake, brushes, etc. The tightening mechanism is pretty decent, and the pole bends in the water to do vacuuming tasks.

  • Suitable for large, in-ground pools with a 30,000-gallon capacity
  • Made with heavy-duty anodized aluminum
  • Extends up to 21 feet
  • 3-piece external locking cams secure the lengths
  • The pole slips a bit even when tightened
  • The handle falls off when pulled with least force

What to Look For Before Buying a Telescopic Pole for Swimming Pool?

We have chosen the best-selling telescopic pool poles because of their construction and features. Here are the things that we considered for our choices:

1. Two-piece or three-piece poles

The pool poles may come in two or three pieces that spread out to various lengths. Usually, the three-piece pole extends at a longer range than the two-piece pole does. Pool owners recommend the three-piece pole for larger pools and the two-piece pole for the smaller poles and lighter cleaning tasks.

2. Material

Do not buy pool poles made of plastic material as they are flimsy and easily bend or crack. Look for aluminum construction as it tends to last for more years. It has to be thick and robust, but lightweight enough to prevent muscle strains and discomfort while using it.

3. Features

The most important feature that you should look in a pool pole is the adjustable length. A sturdy locking mechanism should secure this length. Additionally, it should attach different cleaning accessories such as the pool net, rake, vacuum, and brush for more functionality.

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