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best smart lock for airbnb

Using Airbnb to rent your home while your away is a great way to make some extra money. You benefit from cashing in on what would be an empty place, and a grateful tourist gets cheaper accommodation with all the creature comforts of home.

Security is of course of the highest concern both for you as a landlord and your guest. Smart locks give you the ability to keep your place secure, minimize the need for physical keys which a renter could lose, or even worse copy and then return later.

Technology in smart locks, like Schlage Connect or Sense brands, can unlock your house using a mobile application and provide a passcode which can be reset for each guest. Also, for your guests, it means they don’t have to worry about getting locked out or losing the only set of keys and paying a hefty fee for a locksmith to come out.

Additionally, reporting features mean you can know when people are coming and going and if your door is left unlocked.

Our Top Recommendation Smart Lock for Airbnb

We have reviewed and chosen the smart locks on the market and tested them to make sure you are not only getting the best value for money, but also a piece of mind to leave your house in the hands of strangers.

So without further ado here is the best smart locks for Airbnb:

Product NameConnectivityIntegration Apps / Other DevicesKeypadWater ResistantPrice
Samsung Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door LockRFID, IR, BluetoothSmart HomeYesYesCheck Price
August Smart Lock Pro + Connect 3rd GenerationWi Fi, BluetoothAlexa, August AppNoYesCheck Price
Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Door Smart LockBluetoothLockly AppYesYesCheck Price
Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen KeypadBluetoothAlexa, Yale AppYesYesCheck Price
Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt with Camelot TrimWi-FiAlexa, Google AssistantYesYesCheck Price
Schlage Z-Wave Connect Century Touchscreen DeadboltBluetoothSchlage AppYesYesCheck Price

1. Samsung Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock

Samsung Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door LockThe Samsung Push Pull lock is an award-winning design which is loaded with features. The keypad can be programmed with up to 31 codes. Also, you can use RFID ID tags or even fingerprints, which gives you a wide range of entry and exit options.

You can even set a double authentication mode where a user must enter both a passcode and their fingerprint, to make this Airbnb smart lock best in class for security features.

Samsung’s sleek design with black and brushed steel will complement any door and gets top marks from us for really delivering a high-end look which will class up your Airbnb room.

Though a major drawback is that installation is costlier compared to the other locks, as it does not sit on top of an existing deadbolt. A lock is a complete unit both inside and out, so you will need to pay for it to be installed, rather than merely attach it yourself.

The unique locks technology means the handle can either be turned or be pushed and pulled. This is particularly useful in an emergency scenario, for example, a fire. Also, it has an auto-lock feature to keep children safe in the house and stop them from getting out.

This lock is head and shoulders the rest of the class for safety features. Built into the lock is a movement monitor, which can detect when someone is within half a meter of the lock using an inbuilt infra-red sensor. The Samsung lock will automatically wake up, and trigger an alarm if it detects movement close to the lock but there is no attempt made to access it within 60 seconds.

The lock also has a further anti-burglar feature, which triggers an alarm when the lock is activated from the inside when you and your family are away. This is our recommended smart lock for Airbnb hosts with high-end properties.

  • Multiple safety features
  • Inbuilt alarm
  • Dual system identification
  • Lots of great additional features
  • Relatively expensive
  • Too complicated for most normal households

2. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect 3rd Generation

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect 3rd GenerationThe August Smart Lock 3rd Generation uses keyless technology. The Smart Lock is connected to a mobile application, which will open the door as you approach it.

This is perfect for Airbnb host which is spend most of the time outside, because you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere only by using your phone, as the August connects to Wi-Fi.

A fantastic feature if someone has forgotten their keys for example and you want to let them in. The mobile application can also deliver a continuous feed letting you know when your door is unlocked and if there is a potential intruder.

In terms of design, the lock is small, discrete and very sleek, particularly attractive to the eye as it does not have a keypad or any buttons on the surface. Compatible with all virtual assistants from Google to Alexa you can even directly use your voice to lock and unlock the door remotely.

Unlike Samsung, the smart lock installs with a standard deadbolt and sits inside the door. So, to a passer-by, they won’t see any difference to a regular lock. Making it easy to install using your existing lock, rather than having to carry out a costly installation process.

The August Smart Lock’s Z wave technology lets you easily connect to your existing Wi-Fi system and home security systems if you have one. A great choice for those with lots of foot traffic through their house.

  • Constant tracking
  • Sleek and smart design
  • Easiest smart lock to operate and install
  • Compatible with all voice assistants
  • You need to have the app to use the lock

3. Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Door Smart Lock for Airbnb Room

Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Door Smart LockWith its patented keypad design. The Lockly Bluetooth Keyless door entry system gets top marks from us for its innovative design and presentation.

Traditional keypads can be dusted for fingerprints showing which combination of numbers you regularly use. If like us, you prefer to use the same pin for some items, so it makes it easier for you to remember.

The Lockly offers an ingenious solution. The numbers change place every time to re-use the keypad, so even looking for fingerprints will provide no pattern to your keystrokes, this guarantee safety for your Airbnb room.

The Lockly has a multi-entry system, like a mix between the Samsung and the August. You can unlock the door using an app from your phone, or type in your passcode on the keypad. If for any reason the keypad cannot access the internet through Wi-Fi, you even have offline passcodes that can be used instead.

However, you also have the added benefit, of still being able to unlock the Lockly using a traditional key, so the smart lock can even be used like it’s a conventional deadbolt.

Again, like the August, it offers a universal fit function, meaning that it can be integrated with most popular deadlocks. Installation can be done by you and should take no more than 10-15 minutes. We love the Lockly’s versatility and suitability for many different entry types, and it’s our pick for a mid-range entry level system.

  • Multi entry system
  • Still takes traditional keys
  • Unique keypad design prevents people from stealing your code
  • Offline pin use
  • Reviews point to the lock being challenging to install

4. Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Keypad

Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen KeypadYale locks are synonymous with security, having been around since 1846. So, you would expect a system that is secure, easy to use and aligned with the quality that Yale, which makes their locks the most used worldwide.

The design is simple and sleek in brushed nickel and using a multiple entry system which is like Lockly. You can open the lock using a smartphone application, keypad, or merely using a traditional key. Something which will suit multiple users, for example, those who have children or incidental users like cleaners.

The lock stores up to 250 codes so you can assign different codes to different people and know when they are used, using the smartphone app. Also compatible like many of the other locks with Z-wave home security systems, a technology which is used in thousands of products and the most popular alarm systems like Honeywell.

The lock is easy to install and fits in seamlessly with existing deadbolt systems, which will probably be a Yale as well. Another great entry-level system, with a simple design and backed by a world-leading brand — no frills just pure functionality.

  • Multi-lock system
  • Traditional keys give peace of mind
  • World leading brand and quality
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Weak signal receiver to connect with Z-Wave or Wi-Fi

5. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt with Camelot Trim

Schlage Sense Smart DeadboltSchlage is another recognized brand for locks. The Schlage Sense is their highest specification modeling their smart lock range. With a sleek brushed steel design, the Schlage gives a quality high end look to any door.

Like previous models like the Yale, the Schlage provides a multiple entry system, and can even be locked and unlocked anywhere, if you buy the separate Wi-Fi Adapter. The lock can also be paired with your mobile as a Bluetooth smart lock and unlocked using an application, by entering your pin through the keypad or merely unlocking the deadbolt using a traditional key.

The technology can be paired to a Smart TV or device, meaning you can unlock the door from anywhere in the house, giving the user maximum convenience and comfort.

You can create and manage up to 100 codes, including limited time use guest codes which expire after a set date. The touchscreen is also fingerprint resistant which means you don’t have to worry about smart thieves dusting the keypad for fingerprints and figuring out your entrance code.

The lock is a universal fit and guaranteed to fit standard doors. A high-end model for owners who don’t mind spending a bit more for additional piece of mind and functionality.

  • Quality manufacturer
  • Multi entry system
  • Unlock anywhere
  • Easily pair with smart devices
  • Price
  • Reported software malfunctions

6. Schlage Z-Wave Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage Z-Wave ConnectThe Schlage Connect is the little brother of the Schlage Sense, second one down in terms of specification. There are some clear differences in design which is not quite as sleek. Also, the keypad is not as resistant to prevent you from leaving fingerprints and smudges. However, I all other respects the locks are quite similar to some of its features that you cannot get in the Sense.

The lock has built-in alarm technology, which you can set to activity, tamper or forced entry. Letting you know about potential threats and when someone is coming or going. Though the Connect does not offer a compatible Wi-Fi Adapter.

The Connect provides the same multi-entry system as the Sense and other models in this class. Meaning the door can be accessed using a pin through the keypad, an application on your phone or a traditional key, giving you the security of not having to worry about being locked out, if the lock runs out of power or there is a software malfunction.

Just like the Sense, the Connect can be connected to any Smart Device in the home and is also Z wave compatible which means it works with all major home alarm systems. The lock is universally compatible and easy to install.

Though the Connect is supposedly lower specification, we can’t see too much difference, and this is a great mid-range choice for any homeowner.

  • Multi entry system
  • Inbuilt alarm technology
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most smart devices
  • Possible issues in high humidity environments
  • Short battery life

Things You Must Consider When Choosing Smart Deadbolt to Protect Your Airbnb Room

Smart locks are a significant expense, and they can make your life easier and that of your Airbnb renter. But before choosing the right lock, we have seven key areas you will want to keep in mind before making your final choice.


Higher end smart locks will be easy to integrate with your smartphones or home hubs. This functionality is great but can provide added complication for your guests when they are checking in to your property.

Also, essential to bear in mind how good your home Wi-Fi is, as the last thing you want is a guest calling late at night because their loss of connection means they can’t get in the house. But remote unlocking means you can always unlock the door for them if they get into trouble or lose their key.

Apps for Control the Smart Lock

The application that you use to control, your Smart Lock is crucial. You use this to assign pin codes to your guests, keep an eye on when the door is locked and unlocked, and get notified when the lock is running out of battery.

Also, your guests will be using the same app, so make sure that your smart locks app is easy to use and technology friendly. Alongside clear arrival instructions, this means a minimum amount of stress for you and your guest

Easy of Access

Smart Locks can be accessed in a variety of ways. Fingerprint, keypad, distance sensor, application, and traditional key. The more ways a guest or you can access the smart lock, the less likely there will be problems for either of you.

Smart locks either have keypads or they don’t and have applications, or they don’t. But perhaps having access to a traditional key in a secure lockbox, means that even if there is a power malfunction, the software has a glitch, or the smart lock stops working. Then your guest will still be able to get in using a key.


Just like the ease of access, a smart lock that dies because you have run out of battery means you may have to make an inconvenient round trip to let your guest. Choose a smart lock that has a long battery life and have a battery level indicator on its application. So, you know when the battery is low.

Integration with Other Devices

Being able to integrate your smart lock with a home alarm system is crucial for security. Most major locks using Z Wave technology which is the industry standard for home security. In terms of syncing up your smart lock to a smart device.

So, for example, you can let someone in while you are watching TV, it is nice to have but not essential. You will pay for this added functionality; think about how much you will need to use it.


Easy installation is crucial. Some locks require a carpenter which means you could end up paying almost as much for the lock to be installed as the smart lock itself.

Ideally, you want a lock that is compatible with standard door sizes and can be incorporated with your existing deadbolt system. Choose a lock you could install with a screwdriver and then has positive reviews for ease of installation particularly if you don’t fancy yourself as a handyman.


Smart locks are a significant investment and need to stand the test of time. Check review not just for external weatherproofing, but also that the internal circuitry stands up to use over time, and the batteries are not liable to leech power.

With some locks reporting difficulty in high humidity environments, make sure you read into the durability of not just the lock, but also the housing and accompanying circuitry.

The Benefits of Using Smart Door Lock for Airbnb

Using a smart door lock for an Airbnb is a no brainer. You get the option to provide your guest with multiple possibilities of entry and don’t run the risk of your keys being copied or lost.

Remote access unlocking means that you can help your guest back in if they suffer a mishap. Also, anti-tamper and theft technology means your smartphone application can keep you updated about the comings and goings of your guests or other members of your family.

Also, this gives your guests the confidence they need, and their stuff is safe and secure. Smart locks provide you what no traditional lock could. The ability to lock and unlock your property remotely and get a piece of mind wherever you are in the world, through your smartphone.

The Verdicts

Choosing a smart lock is a balance or price, functionality and security. We feel that offering multiple entry options is crucial for you and your guests, just in case of electronic, Wi-Fi or mechanical mishap. With that in mind, we chose the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt with Camelot Trim.

This lock offers keypad, traditional key, and remote entry. As a top of the line system, the design is sleek, and the anti-fingerprint keyboard gives you absolute assurance that no one will steal your passcode. We felt this lock was a perfect blend of functionality and ease of use for both you and your Airbnb guests. author Richard Bernhardt
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