Buying Guide for the Best Filterless Air Purifier


Best Filterless Air Purifier

Getting a filterless air purifier is one of the first upgrades you should do to your home. It is a low maintenance long-term investment that keeps everyone in good health.

An air purifier does a lot of things: it removes airborne bacteria, virus, and germs, smoke dust, odor, allergens released by plants and animals, and cigarette smoke. It can also circulate the air even though it is not as good as an attic fan.

We have compiled our top 4 picks for the best filter-less air purifiers out there. All items compared with our specifications chart, and each one has an overview below.

Our Top Recommendation for Filterless Air Purifiers

Product NameArea Coverage (sq. ft.)Dimensions (inches)Features
Airfree Air Purifier Onix30006508.4 x 8.4 x 10.4Completely silent, zero maintenance, compact size
Ivation Ozone Generator Air Purifier3,50012.5 x 11 x 15Cherry wood exterior, uses activated oxygen to deodorize
Envion Ionic Pro 90IP01TA01W Turbo Ionic Air Purifier5007.5 x 28.5 x 9.5Uses less power than a fluorescent bulb, easy-to-clean front blades
Airfree T800 Filterless Air Purifier1805.1 x 5.1 x 12No use of ions, ozone, or UV light, compact size

1. Airfree Air Purifier Onix3000

Airfree Air Purifier Onix3000If you are always traveling and want an air purifier that can fit in your bag, the award-winning Airfree Air Purifier Onix3000 delivers impressive power for its small profile.

This unique purifier does not emit different levels of ozone, ions, and UV light. Instead, it uses the brand’s patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology which heating the air contaminants to destroy them. The technology has been tested at ISO 17025 laboratories in 6 different countries.

This provides a 100% purification percentage for its prescribed coverage area. It works by the air entering the machine, and the pollutants get killed by heating it to 200 C. The air is immediately cooled and then released back.

You will also save money in the long run with this purifier. Not only that it does not need filter replacements, but it also has a low power consumption which is rated at 51W. The machine will also aid in sleeping. Aside from cleaning the air you breathe, it is completely silent and has a harmonic night light not to interrupt your sleep.

For those who need to purify a small room using a one-of-a-kind machine, this is for you. It may not be for conference halls or event rooms, but it is ample for the average household user.

  • Inconspicuous, zero noise, and adapting night light
  • 100% purification efficiency
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduces ozone emission
  • Small coverage area

2. Ivation Ozone Generator Air Purifier

Ivation Ozone Generator Air PurifierIt is important too that the air cleaner or purifier you buy looks good and matches the decor of your house. The Ivation Ozone Generator Air Purifier has a stainless steel cabinet and a cherry wood exterior that makes it a statement piece in your home.

It releases negative ions to purify the indoor air of up to 3,500 sq. Ft, which makes this the top-rated filterless air purifier in this list in terms of coverage. You will immediately notice how more crisp and clean the air is every time you breathe in.

The machine also keeps dust at bay for those with sensitive skin, as well as deodorizing your room. This can be attributed to its release of activated oxygen with powerful oxidizing properties at 360 mg/hr.

It has two mechanical knobs which are better for fine-tuning the settings. There are also LED indicators so you can operate the machine without light. You need to insert the ceramic plate in the machine before you can start using it.

Also, you do not have to worry about the machine to malfunction after days of straight use. It is designed to handle all-day use.

  • More powerful motor and quieter fan than its predecessors
  • Releases either negative ions or activated oxygen at 350 mg/hr
  • Attractive and robust design
  • The ozone generator is still too strong even on the lowest settings

3. Envion Ionic Pro 90IP01TA01W Turbo Ionic

Envion Ionic Pro 90IP01TA01W Turbo Ionic Air PurifierFor those looking for a stationary purifier that captures 99.9% of all pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and irritants in the air in less than 60 minutes, this one’s for you.

The Envion Ionic Pro 90IP01TA01W Turbo Ionic air purifier is an easy-to-clean machine due to its front-loading blades. Since you would not require a filter replacement, this machine is low maintenance.

It is also has a low power consumption which is rated the same as a night light and less than a compact fluorescent bulb. The sleek vertical design of this machine makes it easy to fit in any room and has a more efficient dispersion spread.

This is ideal for those living with people with skin and breathing problems. Having a clean air avoids asthma or allergies episode which could lead to buying costly skin lotion and medicine.

  • Front-loading blades are easy to clean
  • Captures 99.9% of contaminants in less than an hours
  • The sleek design makes it easy to fit in tight spaces
  • Not a High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting or HEPA filter

4. Airfree T800 Filterless Air Purifier

Airfree T800Just like the first purifier in this list, the Airfree T800 Filterless uses the patented Thermodynamic TSSTM Technology which does not use negative ions or UV light.

Instead, it heats up all captured contaminants and kills it effectively in a smaller room. It is completely silent which makes it perfect for confined spaces.

No need to worry about maintenance cost this machine has zero to minimal. No need for filters and it is easy to clean which makes this a good pick for those looking for their first air purifier.

It is both portable and durable which makes it an excellent travel companion. The machine is designed and made in Europe and has been tested for “real life” usage by world-renowned institutions and ISO 17025 laboratories in different countries.

This is a good pick for those living in a studio type apartment or for your small office cubicle. Usually, this machine is paired with a purificator with larger coverage and placed in the common area while this machine is for a separate room.

  • 100% efficiency
  • Portable and travel-friendly size
  • Silent and energy efficient
  • Small coverage area

Everything You Need to Know About Filterless Air Purifier

Here are some useful explanations to help you better understand what makes a non filtered air purifier different and safe.

How do these type of purifiers work if they don’t have filter?

A filterless air purifier is a machine that directly disables allergens and irritants in the air of a certain amount of area. There are three types which are air quality ionizer type, electrostatic precipitator type.

The first type works by having two separate electrically charged plates: one attracts and disables the contaminants by sucking the air via a fan while the other one charges all particles going in which cleans it. The second one is a more powerful type compared to the first while the third type uses UV light to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores.

What is the difference between filterless and filter air purifier?

Simply, a filtered air purifier works better in purifying the air that its filterless counterpart.

A filtered air purifier by sucking in the air. This filtering it using a filter and releases back the clean air. It is more efficient and powerful than its filterless counterpart since the contaminants are physically removed.

As said earlier, a filterless air purifier removes the contaminants electrically which sometimes do not catch the smaller contaminants. Unless the filter is washable and reusable, you need to replace the filter now and then just like an air conditioner or a vacuum machine. This requires more maintenance and is more costly than a filterless air purifier.

Is a filterless air purifier safe?

Yes. While not as efficient as a filtered air purifier, a filterless one still does its job in removing airborne pollutants using a low cost, low maintenance, and compact machine.

If you are looking for an air purification machine for a smaller room and do not want to overspend, a filterless air purifier is your option.

The Verdicts

The experience of filterless air purification at home is different with each item in this list. For a small room, you can choose either of the two Airfree air purificators. They heat up the captured air to destroy all contaminants.

However, if you are intending the machine to be used in a larger area, the Ivation Ozone Generator Air Purifier is the right choice since it has a room coverage of more than 3,000 sq. Ft. The Envion Ionic Pro 90IP01TA01W Turbo Ionic Air Purifier is better for an office setting where space is limited.

There you have it, a comprehensive buying guide for the best filterless air purifier for you. Remember that each has its ideal usage and setting and the best one will depend on your lifestyle and needs. author Anastasia Russell
Anastasia is a 26-year-old blogger who always motivated to observe the ways humans interact with technology. She is currently undertaking a master degree program at the Uppsala University specializing in Human-Computer Interaction & Design Program.
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