How to Become a Successful YouTuber in 2019


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So you want to be the next big name on YouTube as a vlogger and making money on YouTube? If this describes you then there are a few things you must put into consideration in order to drive the viewer traffic to your YouTube channel and become popular on YouTube before you know it.

This article will take you through a step by step guide on how to get started on YouTube and become the next badass vlogger that you probably want to be right now as you read this.

First things first, how do you get started or what is the starting point when you want to grow your channel?

It is always important to start building your YouTube Empire from scratch and see yourself become the famous YouTuber you have always dreamt of becoming.

Here are some tips you should consider in order to become a popular Youtuber:

1. Identify a Name for Your YouTube Channel

It all starts with the name of your channel once you have created an account. Creating an account is as easy as a walk in the park and once you’re done with this step what should follow is a name for your channel.

How do you want to market yourself on YouTube and social media in general? The name should not just be attractive or unique but you should as well be able to give it a sophisticated touch that will make a statement on YouTube once you start using it.

Take your time and think about a name that suits your content or what you want to be on YouTube. It should be an easy to remember name that users can search and find you easily.

The username of your choice can either be something related to your channel or your personality. You should know that the name you choose will not just be used on YouTube but other social media platforms where you will be marketing your content.

2. Use of Keywords in Your Video Title

This is not only important when used in web content but they are also very important when used to create titles for your YouTube videos. It starts by finding out what your audience to be is looking for on YouTube.

If you want your contents to be easily discoverable on YouTube then you must be able to craft the best metadata which includes tags, keywords, description and title.

The types of words you use depend on the type of content you will be producing for your viewers. By now you definitely comprehend that successful YT channels do not just rely on high quality content or type of content alone but by use of keywords that make your videos discoverable on YouTube.

There are some very important tools you can always take advantage of when you want to learn how craft an engaging and easily discoverable title or metadata to help grow your channel.

These tools include Google Trends, YouTube trends and YouTube’s autocomplete search bar. Here you will be able to know how to use a proper keyword and how to promote your channel easily.

When describing your channel you must also inform the reader what it’s about and inform the viewer about other places they can find your content.

The last thing that comes after this is a call to action which may be requesting people to subscribe to your channel and take advantage of a special offer which could be an eBook or something you want to share with them.

Before we wrap it up on keywords usage, it’s also important to note that the titles you use must be snappy and precise giving a quick insight of your video’s content.

3. Promote Your Channel – Market Your Brand

Do not just rely on YouTube when it comes to reaching out to your viewers. There are also other social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat you can always market your YouTube channel.

YouTube isn’t the only channel you can always promote yourself on but there are several other platforms offering you a chance to meet your audience and tell them more about your brand.

Video thumbnail is also an essential aspect when it comes to marketing and promoting your video. By creating an attractive and easy to recognize thumbnail will help you to increase the Click-Through Rate (CTR) of your video.

But, avoid trying to increase your Youtube CTR using thumbnails or titles that are not relevant or mislead (aka clickbait). When your viewer realize that your video is not related with the thumbnail, they tend to close or end to view the video. Which mean average view duration will be very low, and Youtube are less likely to recommend that type of video for the users.

4. Increase your Subscribers – Keep Creating High Quality & Engaging Content for Your Audience

You should make sure that the quality of your YouTube content is top notch. Your videos should be high quality by ensuring that you follow some vlogging guides by the famous vloggers.

Gear up yourself with the recommended devices to help you create a good video, like use the recommended camera for making a Youtube video, use camera stabilizer if you vlogging mobile, etc.

Be sure also to create content that able to engage your audience, for an example if you are a travel vlogger, your viewers should be interested with all the things that related with your travel experiences, travel gears, or tips and trick while traveling and so on.

5. Understand Who Your Competitor is and Collaborate if Possible

You definitely want to be the best so you should be able to know what other vloggers like you are doing so as to be able to beat them and be the trending channel that’s a must watch.

Find if there are some platforms and opportunities that your competitors have not noticed and be the first one to use those avenues to increase the number of viewers subscribing to your channel.

Find out if there are special high ranking keywords that competitors do not use and include them in your title or metadata.

If there are other people doing what you are doing on YouTube or you know someone that has huge amount of subscribers in their channels you should collaborate with them. That will give you more chance to increase your subscribers once the it becomes viral videos.


In summary, the following is a complete list of what you should do in order to be successful on Youtube and become a famous vlogger.

  • Come up with your channel name or a name that people will use to find you on YouTube
  • Make sure that your titles are keyword optimized
  • Market yourself on YouTube and other platforms
  • Collaborate with other YouTubers
  • Create high quality and engaging content
  • Reach out to your audience and ask them to subscribe to your channel
  • Engage your viewers
  • Repeat again author Anastasia Russell
Anastasia is a 26-year-old blogger who always motivated to observe the ways humans interact with technology. She is currently undertaking a master degree program at the Uppsala University specializing in Human-Computer Interaction & Design Program.


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