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PassTools.com is a leading online platform that informs people about various contemporary tools, gadgets, kits and gears that would improve and maximize your life.

This website covers three major domains; Travel gears, Gadget & Technology and House Essentials that are used for various purposed within or outside the house.

Our focus is to provide relevant information that would enable the readers to understand and know the essentials that they need and would make their life relatively comfortable and convenient when at home or away from home.

The focus is on educating and inspiring our readers through wide range articles and detailed reviews of a variety of all the categories of items revolving around the particular subject matter. Additionally, we also provide high quality images that make it easy for readers to identify the actual items and appreciate readership.

One of our core values is truthfulness, which we observe with the seriousness it deserves. Thus, we cover precisely what we desire our readers to know upon researching without influence from outside forces or bias towards any party.

Our editorial team consists of enthusiastic travelers, gadgets minded and geeks IT minded who expert in doing deep researchers to provide credible information about different gadgets and home essentials in the market based on the results that they obtain.

All the items that we select to review here are not necessarily popular models but rather look into brands that suit your needs and is worth the purchase price.  Our motivation is to ensure that you get the best for your use and convenience.

We hope that you will learn and enjoy reading PassTools.com. Nevertheless, we get gratitude from your feedback and thus you may feel free to contact us, leave your comment below each article and interact with us via our social media platforms.

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Staff and Contributors


Tim Pearson

Tim is the founder of PassTools he is in charge of providing detailed information and contribution about the content on this platform. He is also in charge of editing the content, both written and graphics as well as administration of the day to day processes.

Hi his passion for traveling has made it possible for him to shun his trained career path and rather engage in offering information surrounding travel and travel gears.



Martin Dodson

Martin writes and research for PassTools Gadget and technology section. His understanding for various gadgets and technology is beyond reproach, and he derives this from his desire to always learn every nitty-gritty regarding a specific device in the market.

Martin’s curiosity and love for gadgets and technology is what drives him to ensure that he builds a better understanding of a particular products that he looks into.



Brittany Kelley

Brittany is the executive editor of home essentials category. Brittany is the third born in a family of four and the only girl in their family. It is this state that made her develop love for a number of household activities since she could stand in for her mother, who was an educationists, whenever she was away.

She later developed interest in gardening, creating some of the highly regarded gardens within their homestead that would see her get applause from her parents and male siblings. Until today, she spent most of her free time attending to her garden and learning more about ways of improving and getting the most out of the venture.

A mother of two sons, Brittany also has unprecedented love for household essentials given that she is a “work-from home” mother. Her desire to make her compound and house in general in order is what drives her to research and write more about home essentials.